Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

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Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper is a 2004 direct-to-DVD computer animated musical fantasy film.


  • But she's dead, Your Highness. The imposter must've escaped. [Anneliese: No, Preminger.]

Queen Genevieve[edit]

  • Guards! Take him!


[Erika and Julian are outside the dress shop]
Erika: [excited] I don't believe it! The princess sent for me!
Julian: Oh, actually...
Erika: I'm gonna sing at the castle! Me!
Julian: Uh, I came because...
Erika: But I'm not ready. I have to rehearse.
Julian: Uh, if I could just...
Erika: I better change my dress. Oh, what am I talking about? I only have one dress. Wait. Isn't that why you're here?
Julian: I'm sorry, but no. The princess is missing, and I need you to help me find her.
Erika: Me? What can I do?
Julian: Pretend to be Princess Anneliese.
Erika: [gasps in surprise] Are you out of your mind?
Julian: Just listen. I suspect Preminger, the queen's advisor, has taken the princess off somewhere so the royal wedding will be cancelled.
Erika: That's awful!
Julian: If you pretend to be the princess, just for a short while, I can trick Preminger into revealing where he's hiding her.
Erika: Pretend to be royalty? I could get thrown in prison, or worse.
Julian: As can I, but-
Erika: She's in real trouble, isn't she? [Julian nods] A girl like me. Count me in.

[Erika is sleeping in Anneliese's bed when she wakes up]
Erika: I thought I was dreaming, but I'm not. [Wolfie stretches in Serafina's bed; when he hears a knock on the door and barks] Shhh! Wolfie! We've gotta, you know, act like we live here. We can't give ourselves away. [Wolfie acts natural] Be a princess, be a princess. [clears throat] Come in.
Maid: [comes in with Erika's breakfast] Did I hear a dog, Your Majesty? Should I call the royal dog catcher?
Erika: Uh, no. No dog. [chuckles] Everything is fine.
Maid: [puts down the tray with Erika's breakfast on her bed] Your breakfast, Your Highness.
Erika: Really? In bed?
Maid: As always.
Erika: Oh. [laughs] Yes, of course. Thank you. [looks down at her breakfast] Look at all this food. Want some?
Maid: Oh, I-I-I couldn't, Your Highness.
Erika: But there's enough to feed an army. [picks up a cookie and gives it to a maid] Come on, take some.
Maid: [takes the cookie from Erika] Uh, thank you, um, milady. I'll draw your bath. Would you like bubbles, mineral salts, or lavender oil?
Erika: Everything!
[As the maid walks away, Erika starts to eat her breakfast]

[Erika is pacing back and forth]
Erika: How am I gonna do this? Everyone will know I'm a fake. They'll throw me in the dungeon in two seconds flat. Oh, Julian, where are you? Why aren't you here?
Preminger: [comes in] Your most beautiful Highness. [Wolfie jumps down from the bed and barks at him] What's this stupid cat doing here?
Erika: He belongs to me.
Preminger: Oh, he's yours, is he? Well, a thousand apologies, my lady. Such, canine, feline. What happened to the other one?
Erika: Uh, she's around here somewhere.
Preminger: I see. So, that you're apart. The queen has sent me to escort you to meet the king.
Erika: Uh, thank you.
[As she takes Preminger's arm, Preminger himself and Erika walk out, with Wolfie following them]

[Erika and Dominick are sitting watching the sunset]
Dominick: Breathtaking.
Erika: [sighs] The prettiest sunset I've ever seen.
Dominick: There's something about you. You're honest. No pretenses. I like that. [stands up] Until tomorrow, Your Highness. [kisses Erika's hand]
[As Dominick walks away, Erika becomes saddened. Wolfie hops onto the bench]
Erika: "Honest"? "No pretenses"? Oh, Wolfie, Julian and the princess are still missing, and I think I'm falling in love with the king.

[Anneliese, Preminger, and Serafina arrive outside the mines]
Anneliese: What are we doing here?
Preminger: Taking a little side trip, princess.
Anneliese: [realizes, angrily] You were behind this!
Preminger: Very clever planting a double to fool the queen, but not quite clever enough. Checkmate! I win. [pulls Anneliese by her arm into the mines]
Anneliese: Serafina!
[Serafina follows Anneliese and Preminger into the mines as Hervé watches on. Preminger pushes Anneliese down]
Nick: Nice to see you again, Your Highness. [to Nack] Watch your step.
Anneliese: I don't understand, Preminger. Why would you do this?
Nack: To be king. [gets punched in the shoulder by Nick]
Anneliese: And how would you get to be king?
Preminger: Still underestimating me? Isn't that just like a royal?
Nack: He was going to marry you.
Anneliese: [surprised] What?
[Preminger and Nack get Anneliese up]
Nack: Now he's got a new bride in mind.
Preminger: Your mother is a very handsome woman. [laughs evilly]
[Preminger and Nack take Anneliese further into the mines, with Nick following behind. Serafina follows behind as well. Preminger opens the door and pushes Anneliese in. Julian is kneeling on the floor with his hands tied behind his back]
Anneliese: Julian!
Julian: [surprised] Anneliese?
[Anneliese starts to untie Julian]
Preminger: How sad they'll be when they discover you've died in a tragic accident.
Julian: They'll never give up looking for the princess.
Preminger: Oh, I think they will. When I show them this. [shows Anneliese and Julian the former's ring. He laughs evilly] Oh, that's funny.
[Anneliese finishes untying Julian. Preminger leaves and closes the door behind him. Julian pulls on the door handle, but is unsuccessful. He shoulder barges against it]
Julian: No good.
Anneliese: We have to stop him.

[Dominick and Ambassador Bismark approach the carriage]
Ambassador Bismark: What do they take us for? [opens the door] Fools? [Dominick gets into the carriage] Trying to marry you off to a mere pauper? [gets into the carriage]
Dominick: It doesn't make sense.
Ambassador Bismark: I should say not. The sooner we leave, [closes the door] the happier I will be.
[The carriage rides off]

[Julian is striking the rock walls with a pickaxe. The stone fragments come off the walls. A geode hits Serafina's tail]
Anneliese: [crouches down in front of Serafina] Sorry, Serafina. [notices the geode on the floor. She picks it up and opens it to reveal beautiful, purple crystals that were hidden inside]
Julian: [stops striking the rock walls with the pickaxe] It's hopeless. [puts down the pickaxe and sits down] I'm sorry, Anneliese.
Anneliese: [approaches Julian with the geode] Do you know why I didn't want to marry the king?
Julian: You weren't ready to get married.
Anneliese: [sits down next to Julian] No, I was in love with somebody else. My best friend. The man who taught me so much.
Julian: But I'm not a King. I can't give you what he can.
Anneliese: [shows Julian the geode] I think you're like this.
Julian: A rock?
Anneliese: Unassuming on the outside, [opens the geode to reveal the crystals] but a treasure within.
[Anneliese and Julian smile at each other, then hug]
Julian: We'll get out of here somehow. I promise.

[Erika is running through the dungeons when Dominick, who is wearing a knight's armor, grabs her]
Erika: [tries to break free from Dominick's hold] No! Let me go!
Guard: [catches up to Erika] Thought you could escape, did you? I'll lock her up.
Dominick: I'm to take her to the castle.
Guard: But...
Dominick: Queen's orders.
Guard: Oh, well, right then.
[As the guard leaves, Dominick takes Erika away]

[Dominick leads Erika outside]
Dominick: This way. [Erika stomps on his foot] Hey! [lifts up his helmet] I guess I deserved that.
Erika: Dominick? I need to explain.
Dominick: [takes off his helmet] I don't believe you're the person Preminger says you are.
Erika: You do love disguises, don't you?
Dominick: [nods] Come, we need to hurry!
[Erika and Dominick run off]


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