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Barbie in the Nutcracker (titled in Blu-ray Disc by Lionsgate/Artisan/Family Home Entertainment) is a 2001 direct-to-video animated film starring Kelly Sheridan as the voice of Barbie. Barbie tells Kelly a story about a girl named Clara, who have received a Nutcracker for Christmas. The story shows that if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible...


Kelly: [after trying the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy] Ohh! I'm never going to be able to get those steps right Barbie!
Barbie: [turns off the music] If we keep practising you will.
Kelly: But what if I freeze out there? In front of everybody?!
Barbie: You just need to find the courage to try. Like Clara.
Kelly: Clara? From the ballet?
Barbie: Uh-huh. You see, Clara lost her parent when she was very young. She and her little brother Tommy were being raised by their grandfather Drosselmeyer. He loved them, but he was very stern. [flashback in episodes of TMNT reviews in "Usagi Yojimbo", "Son of Return of the Fly II", "The Master Hamster", & "Attack of Big MACC", end of flashback]

Aunt Elizabeth: Clara!
Clara: Aunt Drosselmeyer!
Aunt Elizabeth: You're at least a head taller.
Clara: I thought you weren't coming this year!
Aunt Elizabeth: And miss a chance to visit you and vex my uncle?
Grandfather Drosselmeyer: You're already conspiring against me.
Aunt Elizabeth: Don't worry. I'll wait until your party's over... before I perform any mischief.
Clara: Where did you go this time? I want to hear all about it.
Aunt Elizabeth: Well, let's see. I met an Emperor, I sailed on a junk, I had my first rickshaw ride, and I hiked the Great Wall of China.
Grandfather Drosselmeyer: I'd appreciate it, Elizabeth, if you'd stop filling Clara's head with your stories. Just because you go traipsing all over the globe rather than stay put like a sensible person!
Aunt Elizabeth: There's a world full of wonders out there, Uncle, and Clara deserves to experience them. [doorbell rings, and Grandfather Drosselmeyer is about to say something, but is hushed] Your guests are waiting.
[He reluctantly leaves]
Aunt Elizabeth: Some people never change. But we can always hope.
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