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Barney's Great Adventure (also known by its promotional title Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie) is a 1998 American/British/Canadian on VHS/DVD musical adventure film based on the children's television series Barney & Friends, featuring the character Barney the Dinosaur. The film was written by Stephen White, directed by Steve Gomer, produced by Sheryl Leach and Lyrick Studios and released by Universal Pictures from 2002 to onwards and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment from 1998 to 2002 on March 27, 1998 in the United States and Canada at the height of Mickey, Minnie and Barney's popularity.

An adventure as big as your imagination.

Barney the Dinosaur[edit]

  • A towel, please. Thank you, Marcella. ( giggles ) Oh, thank you, Cody. It's so nice to have a shower after a long trip. Oh, right. I just love to pretend.
  • It's beautiful. Whoops. Uh-uh, sorry.
  • Ralphie, a little guitar music, please.
  • Well, actually, I think it it was a flea.
  • ( evil groans ) Huh? Oh, no! No! I gotta get driving lessons. Oh, I'm fine. Wait for minute. I don't know.
  • Well, don't give up. ( snaps ) When, the rain stops, we can look around some more, and then, maybe, we can find it.
  • Aw... cheer up, Abby. We'll find that egg.
  • Oh, that's ring number four. Only one more to go. Come back! Please! You can't our egg! No.
  • Right! Yes!
  • Okay.
  • Oh, I think we need your help. I'd like you to pretend that we can really fly. Let's all do it together. Ready? 1... 2... 3... Now! Thank you!
  • We're gonna hit... the haystack!

BJ the Dinosaur[edit]

Baby Bop the Dinosaur[edit]

Grandpa Greenfield[edit]

  • Eliza... the kids are here. Shake a leg now.
  • Much. Come on.
  • Yes. Don't worry. Everything will be okay. Cody. Tiger. Come on.

Grandma Greenfield[edit]

  • They're here? Oh, my goodness. George, do I look all right?
  • I know, Cody. You told us at dinner.
  • Well, I'm glad he likes it. Marcella, don't leave you little doll out there all night.
  • Now, Cody, I did notice at the table... that someone ate like a dinosaur tonight.
  • She's a bird-watcher, dear, and I think that she knows everything about eggs and birds. Why don't you on over there?
  • George, what is it?
  • My stars! What happened? All you all right?


[first lines]
[During this part of the song, we see a green minivan drive through the countryside and the title kicks in. In the minivan, a dad drives, a mom looks at a map, a girl holds Barney (as a doll), another girl stitches lanyard, while a boy plays on his GameBoy, and a baby sits in his seat, silently]
Marcella: Are we there yet?
Kate Newton: Your turn.
Colton Newton: No, not yet, Marcella.
Abigail "Abby" Newton: Oh, it's taking too long!
Cody Newton: [annoyed, to Abigail] What's your hurry?! They're dumping us for a whole week!
Colton: Oh, come on Cody, you're going to have a great time. You can help Grandpa with the farm chores, like, uh... "milking the chickens!"
Others: [laugh]
Cody: Get the doll out of my face!
[Marcella takes the Barney doll out of Cody's face, just as she and Abby are about to say...]
Abby/Marcella: Talk to the hand, cause the face ain't home leave a message at the tone: beep! [both laugh: What they were going to say was "Abby and Marcella can't come to the phone. Please leave a message after the beep... beep! If you are satisfied with your message, press one or hang up!"]
Cody: Oh, great! The good to do in town, and we'll probably miss it!
Grandpa: Delilah, the kids are here, shake a leg now!
Grandma: They're here? Oh, my goodness! Geroge.

Cody: Gee, no Barney. Maybe, you're NOT trying haed enough.

[Marcella and Abby keep closing their eyes, while Cody just crosses his arms and laughs. Suddenly, the shower turns on a little ominously. Cody becomes concerned. The tub sinks to the floor. Marcella and Abby open their eyes, and the water turns off. Cody cautiously and slowly reaches the shower curtain to open it, and Barney pops out of the curtains. Cody falls to the floor in surprise, and Marcella and Abby are amazed.]

Barney: A towel, please. [steps out of the shower, Marcella gives him a towel] Thank you, Marcella.
Marcella: He knows my name.
Barney: Oh, and thank you, Cody. It's so nice to have a shower after a long car trip.
Barney: All right. I just love to pretend.
Marcella: Hey, why don't we go play in the barn?

Cody: Okay, Barney, you're really here because my imagination, you're about to disappear.
Abby/Marcella: Cody!

Cody: I... do NOT... believe in you. [looks around, sees that Barney isn't there, and then laughs, but Barney then comes from behind him]
Barney: That's okay, Cody. I believe in you. [hugged him]
Cody: [grumpy] Barney the Dinosaur is NOT in this barn! [late at night after dinner] I'm telling you Barney's in YOUR barn!
Grandma: I know. Cody, you told us at dinner.
Grandpa: Several times.
Cody: Listen to me, Grandma, Grandpa. Barney the Dinosaur is in YOUR barn! Isn't he?
Bryce: No, Cody, anything!
Grandma: Now, Cody, I did.

Cody: I wish! WISH! I wish could have are real adventure this summer! Do things that no one else has DONE before! That would be cool! How's that for a wish, Barney? Barney? Barney? [turns around to see Barney has disappeared, and sighs; to himself] Man, I must be lose it!

Cody: ( sighs ) Whoa!!! No!
[pail shakes]
Cody: What's going on here?
[Barney whimpering]
Barney: Well! Uh, Um, To tell you the truth! I, Uh.
Marcella: Hey, maybe it'll Grandma will know.
Abby: Let's go ask her.
Barney: Oh, Okay. [Cody spins Barney around then his farmer suit disappear back to himself again] Wait for me! [Barney runs out of the barn after the kids]

( footsteps running )

Cody: Well, Barney has IT.
Grandpa: Right. Where's Barney?
Cody: I'll go find out. Make sure they DON'T GO anywhere.
Abby: You have to see this egg.
Marcella: What bird lady?
Grandma: She's a bird watcher, dear, and I think. She knows everything and eggs and birds. Why don't you children go on over there?

Abby: To take the egg to Ms. Goldfinch! hurry up.
Barney: Okay.
Cody: Wait! I want Grandma and Grandpa to see it right now!
Barney: Oh.
Cody: Grandma!

( evil thunderclaps to at once )

Barney: Come on, Agnes.
Marcella: We have much farther to go.
Abby: I don't think so.
Cody: I don't remember it looking like this last year.
Marcella: Maybe, we're lost.
Abby: Barney?
[Abby and Marcella, except Cody, shouted at Barney]
Barney: Look what I found! [Barney moves the branch up and the swan sign said Goldfinch] That way.
Cody: There is no that way.

Barney: Well, the egg is hatch, when all five of the rings light up. But, It'll only hatch.
Ms. Goldfinch: Hovering hummingbirds, You're right! There's three more to go! Oh, You better get that egg back to the barn right away.
Cody: Oh, Come on! You're dreaming if you think that.
Ms. Goldfinch: Cody, be careful!

Baby Bop: Excuse me. I said excuse me! Oh, that's better. I'm looking for my blankie. It's big, and it's really, really soft and it's yellow. Do you know? Where my blankie is?
All Crowd: NO!!! WE DON'T!!!
Baby Bop: Oh, well. Thank you. Okay, you can go on now.

Cody: It's got to be in one of those bags.
Abby: Let's split up. I'll go with Marcella.
Marcella: And you two go together.
Barney: Okay. Wait, this way.
Abby: Did you see an egg about this big, has stripes on it?
Man: No, no, no.
Marcella: Look, look in the bag. Turn it, turn it... [sighs]
Cody: Very colorful stripes around it.
Barney: Sure, have you seen that?
Cody: Yeah!
Marcella: Um, have you seen our egg? It's about this big.
Contortionist: No.
Abby: Mister, have you seen our egg? It has colorful rings on it.
Barney: Excuse me, could you help me out? I'm looking for an egg. I really need to find it.
Unicycle holding a sandwich: No.
Trampolinist: No.

Cody: Wait! NO!!!

( thunderclaps )

Barney: Oh, cheer up, Abby! We'll find that egg!
Abby: Cody.
Barney: The ring is number four only one more to go! Come back! No!
Marcella: Now, we're never going to get it back in time.
Barney: Yes!
Marcella: Okay, all aboard the log.
Abby: Okay.
Barney: Okay.
Abby: Make believe. Make believe.
Marcella: Flying with the wind I'm our hair.
Barney: Oh, I think. We need your help. I'd like you to pretend that we can really fly! Let's all do it together. Ready? One, two, three, now!

( music playing and chorus vocalizing softly )

Barney: But-- huh? Oh, no! Excuse me. I'm fine.

Hot Air Balloon Collector: Good luck!
Abby/Marcella: Oh, no! He let it go too soon!
Barney: Come on, Cody. Get under it!
Cody: No!
Marcella: Faster, Cody, faster! We got to get under it, Cody!
Barney: Hurry! Whoa!
Abby/Marcella: Faster! Go! Go! Go! Hurry!
Barney: Cody, you'd better watch it!
Cody: I'm gonna break the sound barrier!
Barney: That's it! Faster!
Cody: [screaming]
Barney: Faster!
Abby/Marcella: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Come on, Cody!
Barney: Okay, Get ready now! We're almost there, keep going! Okay, Abby. Okay, Marcella, catch it.
Abby: Go!
Barney: Come on!
Abby: Got it!
Barney: That's it!
Marcella: Yeah!
Barney: Way to go, Abby!

Grandma Delilah: What is it? Where it come from?
Barney: [chuckles]
BJ: Look out, below! Yahoo!
Barney: (chuckles)
Marcella: Cool!
Abby/Marcella: [laughs]
Barney: [chuckles again]
BJ: Hi, guys was that cool or what? Whoa!
Cody: Barney.
Barney: Yes, Cody.
Cody: I think.
Barney: The last ring is light up!

( music playing and chorus vocalizing softly )

Abby: Quick, Cody! You've got to put the back exactly where you found it!
Baby Bop: It's wiggling!
[all exclaim in astonishment]
Barney: It's cracking! It's everywhere! It's hatching!
[egg cracks]
Barney: Oh. [giggles]
[excited chatter]
Grandma: Oh, it's wonderful.
Abby: Hey, what are you doing?
Baby Fig: [coos]
Barney/Baby Bop/B.J./Abby/Marcella/Grandma: [laughs]
Cody: Barney?
Barney: Yes, Cody? Oh, thank you, Cody. I think you're pretty cool, too.
Baby Fig: [yawns]

Baby Bop: Good night, everybody! Say good night, Twinken!
[Twinken is waving goodbye before Barney and Twinken are about to transform into toy forms and Baby Bop and BJ are going to disappear]
BJ:: We'll see you later, guys!
Baby Bop: Bye-bye!
[everyone is leaving while we say goodbye]

[last lines]
Grandpa: ( laughs ) Barney, this is the-- [they realized Barney is gone] Where is he? Well, now they're both gone!
Abby: Well, Barney wouldn't just leave!
Grandma: No!!!
Baby Fig: ( garbled ) Barney.
[Everyone saw Twinkle and Barney now back to his doll form]
Baby Fig: ( coos )


  • Barney's First Movie Ever!
  • An adventure as big as your imagination.


  • David Joyner as Barney (costume)
  • Bob West as Barney (voice)
  • Trevor Morgan as Cody Newton
  • Diana Rice as Abigail "Abby" Newton
  • Kyla Pratt as Marcella Walker
  • Jeff Ayers as Baby Bop (costume)
  • Julie Johnson as Baby Bop (voice)
  • Jeff Brooks as B.J. (costume)
  • Patty Wirtz as B.J. (voice)
  • George Hearn as Grandpa Greenfield
  • Shirley Douglas as Grandma Greenfield
  • David and Edouard Larouche as Baby Fig Newton
  • Renee Madeline Le Guerrier as Mildred Goldfinch
  • Roch Jutras as Mr. Millet
  • Alan Fawcett as Dad (Mr. Newton)
  • Jane Wheeler as Mom (Mrs. Newton)

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