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Barrett Brown in 2007

Barrett Brown (born August 14, 1981) is an American journalist, essayist and satirist. He is often referred to as an unofficial spokesperson for the hacktivist collective Anonymous, a label he disputes. He founded Project PM, an online distributed think tank, to facilitate analysis of leaked information about the cyber-military-industrial complex. He has spent over a year in a Texas jail and faces over a hundred more in federal prison over charges that he provided a URL link to source material and threatened to investigate a federal agent.


  • Anyone who dismisses out of hand evidence that U.S. intelligence agencies still do some of the things that they now brag about having done not too long ago is not a skeptic, but a fool.
  • I, for instance, am a jackass, and this anguishes me quite a bit, or at least it would if I were not so fond of being a jackass, which has long been a hobby of mine.
  • The truth is that I am a sentient computer program and I fully intend to burn your cities to the ground.
  • I would love to debate any politician in any western state on the question of whether the rule of law ought to be respected in a world where even the most "respectable" governments establish intelligence agencies that routinely violate those laws at taxpayer expense and at no real penalty to anyone involved.
  • What an age of innocence it was, the Watergate era... way back in the halcyon days when the US could be contrasted with totalitarian regimes on matters of surveillance.

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