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Bartok the Magnificent is a 1999 direct-to-video spin-off in which he lovable bat Bartok goes on his own adventure and meets a pink snake, a dapper bear, Prince Ivan Romanov, and evil witch Baba Yaga trying to rule all of Russia. It is the prequel to the 1997 film Anastasia.

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Produced by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Hank Azaria. Written by Jay Lacopo.


Bartok: ♪ Bartok, the magnificent, ♪
♪ the specifically terrifically magnificent! ♪
♪ A mammal so inflammable he saved the day, thanks to B-A-R-T-O-K! ♪

Head Cossack: Are you Bartok the Magnificent?
Bartok: Uh, no. No, I'm not. I never have been. Although I hear he's quite gifted. A real talent.
Head Cossack: Silence!
Bartok: Alright, I'll just be quiet then. That's no problem for me to be quiet. I'll just shush it up.
Head Cossack: [points to Bartok's flag with his sword] What is that?
Bartok: [flies up to the flag and hides the letter "A" with red paint and replaces with an "E"] It's Bertok. Bertok the Magnificent. Uh, it's really quite different. I take my show in a whole nother direction.
Head Cossack: You are coming with us.
Bartok: Oh no, fellas, I really have a thing-- [The cossacks point at Bartok with their swords] Okay then, that'll be fun.


A young Grigori Rasputin makes a silent appearance among the crowd at the Romanov castle.

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