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Khartabil, 2010

Bassel Khartabil (Arabic: باسل خرطبيل; May 22, 1981October 3, 2015) was a Palestinian Syrian open-source software developer. He was detained without trial by the Syrian government in 2012 and was secretly executed in 2015. Human rights organizations claim that he was detained for his activities in support of freedom of expression, and the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considered his detention to have been arbitrary.


  • I don't get what is wrong with eating bad junky food all the time! benefits include dying earlier and saving at least 2 hours a day
  • activists who think they are making changes in their countries are not. the people on the ground are the ones who make that #Syria
  • deleted my Yahoo, Hotmail, flickr, digg and stumbleupon accounts one way forward to social freedom
  • Syrian Tweeps: there is a conf on human rights in silicon valley in 2 days let's use the hashtag #Rightscon to pressure them to unblock us
  • Enjoying Lebanese Internet :) I didn't think that one day would consider this as fast connection. but 30kbps is great comparing to #syria
  • Aiki lab is a place for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning.
  • Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects
  • want to start building an open source cross-social-networks prediction RESTful API using aiki
  • Got a legal approve from the Syrian government for Aiki Lab the first hackerspace in the Arab world. starting very soon in Damascus
  • Thanks to the way your brain is wired, you're likely to screw over your future in order to stay loyal to decisions you made in the past
  • scs-net filter (Syrian version of the great firewall of china) is blocking everything. why we can't get a good internet connection in Syria?
  • Anybody who sends human aid, please make sure that it reaches hungry and homeless people not to people who will rent BMW M3
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