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Below are quotes from both games in the Baten Kaitos series, released for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean[edit]


GIBARI "Damn... Those bastards!" "Destructive Power!" "Show me what you've got!" "I know fleas that are tougher than you!" "Here's a housewarming gift from me to you!" "It's all about pride" "Shut up and catch the fish!" "You're one tough kid to baby-sit!" "That's the first I'v ever heard you talk so much!" "Drop by anytime and I'll take you fishing!"

KALAS "Oh, my head! Not again..." "Sword style! "Y-You're a girl!" "I pity you for bothering me!" "Okay! I'll do it! Put me down!" "Who cares?" "Yeah. I promise, Giacomo." "Die!" "This is your death Giacomo!" "Giacomo's in there... I gotta get there...For Fee..." "I did it." "You can go now..." "Don't leave us... Don't leave me...You... You promised..." "I'm sorry Fee... I don't think I can make it..." "Can I... May I ask your name?" "We didn't summon you, you came to us." "We promised, remember? That we would go find the whale and... And you said you have a bunch of things to ask it too! Remember?" "My name is Kalas, and we are a team now. You and I." "Well, hang in there for me, okay?" "You'll find whatever you're looking for or find something to look for" "FOLON! AYME!" "You're gone aren't you?" "Oh no! I can't hear your voice!" "Is it really you?"

LYUDE "It's unthinkable! To act against the empire!" "For justice" "Extreme attack!" "You won't live to see the light of day!" "Show me a smile!" "You learn something new everyday." "We have lost a great deal... But you taught us how to believe in yourself"

Savyna "Get out of the way, maggots!" "Allow me to introduce you to lady death!" "Special attack!" "Destroy..." "I've been waiting..." "Look normal" "I don't like ghosts either" "Here's your first-class ticket to hell!" "Hm... I should cook." "Mission accomplished. All operations have been successfully completed."

Mizuti "The great Mizuti!" "Our kingdom!" "Us heroes, have so much to do!" "The Great Mizuti is invisable! Sort of... Not really with ghosts..." "Who lied to the great Mizuti!" "The Great Mizuti will be visiting your world someday! And we'll have extraordinarily adventures together!"

Kee (To Mizuti) "Instead of us all depending on just a couple of people, why don't we just all help out?" "Ever since we were little, you were always the one to take the lead... I wanted to help too..."



  • [activates self-destruct switch] "Humph...You're going down with the ship, boy. My father designed this battleship. Think of it as a nice roomy coffin. I'm sure it'll keep you warm on your way to hell! Ha ha ha...Ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Life is long when you live it, oh but so short when you look back...Farewell...Kalas..."


  • "It was you, in the heart of a dark forest...Holding someone tight...Crying...It was you, Kalas... I...I just...wanted to be with you...To be a any other...To hold each any other..."


Old Woman in Opening: "One day you will know who you REALLY are..."


Lord Baelheit:Forgive me... Daimon. Now we shall never... see the end... of your... st... ory...

What colour will your magnus be? Hm, hm, hm, hnn, hnn, hnn, hnn! Come! Be one with us!

What's this, another heart on our plate? Hm hm hm...splendid. We'll devour you with the rest!

You're all my slaves!