Battle of the Trench

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Combat between Ali ibn Abi Talib (left) and Amr ibn ‘Abd Wudd (right) during the Battle of the Trench.

The Battle of the Trench, also known as the Battle of the Confederates , was a fortnight-long siege of Yathrib (now Medina) by Arab and Jewish tribes. The strength of the confederate armies is estimated around 10,000 men with six hundred horses and some camels, while the Medinan defenders numbered 3,000. The battle began on March 31, 627. The siege was a "battle of wits", in which the Muslims tactically overcame their opponents while suffering very few casualties. Efforts to defeat the Muslims failed, and Islam became influential in the region. As a consequence, the Muslim army besieged the neighbourhood of the Banu Qurayza tribe, leading to their unconditional surrender. The defeat caused the Meccans to lose their trade and much of their prestige.


  • On the day of the battle of the Trench (i.e. Ghazwat-ul-Khandaq) the Ansar used to say, "We are those who have given the pledge of allegiance to Muhammad for Jihad (i.e. holy fighting) as long as we live." The Prophet, replied to them, "O Allah! There is no life except the life of the Hereafter; so please honor the Ansar and the Emigrants."
  • I saw the Prophet on the Day of (the battle of) Al-Khandaq, carrying earth with us and saying, "By Allah, without Allah we would not have been guided, neither would we have fasted, nor would we have prayed. O Allah! Send down Sakina (calmness) upon us and make our feet firm when we meet (the enemy). The pagans have rebelled against us, but if they want to put us in affliction (i.e., fight us) we refuse (to flee).


Battle of Trench took place in 5 AH. It started in the last week of Shawwal and continued till Ramadan. Salman Farsi RA gave the suggestion of digging the trench around the city of Madinah, these trenches were dug in 6 days. The miracle took place at Jabir RA’s house. Mount Dhubab (Also known as Mount Ra’yah) was the place where Prophet Muhammad PBUH was stuck under a large rock, which was broken down into pieces and emitted light. After seeing this light, Prophet PBUH congratulated Muslims for upcoming victory over Persia, Yemen, and Syria. It was the place where Masjid Ra’yah is located. To the south, Muslim Women and Children were attacked by Banu Qurayaza. Their houses were horsed by Banu Qurayaza. When Prophet Muhammad PBUH came to know that Muslim women and children are being attacked in the south, he sent the army to protect them, which also defeated the Banu Qurayaza there. Nuaym ibn Masud, who was well respected by the enemy tribes came to Prophet PBUH and told him that he had accepted Islam. Also offers his help to Muslims, Nuaym went to Confederates’ leader Abu Sufyan and warned him that Banu Qurayza is forming an alliance with Muslims again, this caused a big mistrust between these two groups and that also became a reason why 10,000 lost to 3,000. Prophet PBUH prayed and asked Allah to destroy the Confederates for good. Allah sent down a wind, possibly a storm which took away everything that belonged to enemy forces.

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