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Batwoman is a TV show based on the fictional character Batwoman, a costumed crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Catherine Hamilton-Kane: Batman gave up on us. It's been three years, Gotham. The Bat's not coming back.

Alice: Your father doesn't want you, Kate. He shipped you away and you show up without the proper postage. Sophie is the daughter your father always wanted, not you.

Mary Hamilton: So, I swear this began with me offering water and Band-Aids, and the next thing you know, I'm the Meredith Grey of Sherwood Forest. I'm sorry if stealing from my med school makes me a bad person.
Kate Kane: It doesn't. It actually makes you deeper than I thought.

Kate: Bruce gave me a great piece of advice once. 'Grow into the person you needed as a kid.

Kate: My dad was running from his pain, but I was running, too, toward everything that didn't want me. A military academy, a private army, my own father. I spent fifteen years searching for a place I fit, and I think I've finally found it. Some see fear, others hope. I see the freedom to be myself, to play by my own rules.

The Rabbit Hole [1.02][edit]

Alice: "Tell us a story," said the March Hare. "Yes, please do," pled Alice, and so the Dormouse began "Once upon a time, there were three little sisters."
Kate: What did you do?
Alice: You don't remember why we'd each have to get our own waffle when we came here?
Kate: Because you don't like to share.
Alice: Exactly. And you are my sister, Kate!

Kate: [voice-over] Maybe it was fate watching her drown in a river the way everyone assumed she had years ago, and maybe i was meant to stand by and watch it happen all over again. After all, my dad was right. Alice was a monster. She was a liar, a manipulator, a killer, but despite all that. She was still my sister.

Sophie Moore: Is this you?
Kate: What? This-this dude in the picture?
Sophie: The person in this picture dressed as Batman who saved my life the other night. Was that you?
Kate: Anyone who knows me knows I hate Batman.
Sophie: So does your dad. Which would make putting on the suit makes an incredibly reckless move.
Kate: Wasn't me. Beside, if I were going to save you in a dramatic fashion, I would totally dress as Wonder Woman.

Luke Fox: Did you get the suit wet?
Kate: Okay, so I couldn't find the auto-dry function.
Luke: Yeah, because that's not a thing.
Kate: $10.8 million suit. Kind of feels like an oversight. Just saying.

Kate: [narrating] Luke was right, Bruce. Gotham needed something to believe in. They wanted hope just as I started to lose mine. I spent half my life looking for my sister, and today, I found someone else, someone I didn't know or recognize. For the first time in fifteen years, I felt something other than hope. I felt doubt.
Alice: [narrating] It may have taken you years, sweet, darling Kate, but you found me eventually; even if I'm not the girl you expected me to be. I had my secrets just as you have yours. But do be careful, my dear sister. Putting on that suit and all the darkness that comes with it... makes you just as crazy as me.

Down, Down, Down [1.03][edit]

Luke: [holds up Desert Eagle] This is a Desert Eagle Mark IX .50 AE, one of the most powerful handguns in the world. It can literally blast a hole through anything. [shoots at the batsuit] Doesn't make a dent.
Kate: Yeah, it stings a little. Just for reference.

Kate: How do you know who he is?
Tommy Elliot: You mean Batman? [feigning surprise] Oops! Did I say that out loud?
Kate: How do you know that?
Tommy: Oh, because a few months ago, I paid a man to riddle me the answer. Gotta love the honorable Bruce Wayne for designing a fail-safe so he could never become too powerful in a super-suit. Such a great guy.
Kate: He's your best friend.
Tommy: Yeah, he was. The bestest. Nothing could be average with Bruce. Even had to have more dead parents than me.
Kate: Because he saved your mom's life?
Tommy: Oh, yeah. No, I am aware. Thanks to him, instead of collecting my inheritance, I was left wiping the spittle off of a jabbering madwoman's lips for 13 years.
Kate: You wanted him dead, why wait until he's in a bulletproof suit?
Tommy: Because Bruce didn't ruin my life. Batman did. Do you know what it's like to have the villain of your story be the hero of your city? He is a monster who left me anchored to a repulsive, gold-digging bitch, and now he's gonna die.

Alice: Beth is gone.
Kate: Then why save me?
Alice: Because I have plans for you, Kate. That and it's no fun torturing a corpse. Believe me, I've tried.

Kate: [voiceover] Your friend Tommy wants to kill you, Bruce, and since you're not here, it looks like I'm gonna have to kick his ass on your behalf. And send a message to anyone else who'd come after you, but to do that, I need to be honest with the city that I'm not you. I'm me.

Kate: [voiceover] I wasn't afraid of letting down the city. I was afraid of letting down you, Bruce. But whatever happens, whatever I face, it's worth it.
Vesper Fairchild: Okay Gotham, someone just dropped a bombshell on this city, and I mean that literally. The bat is back, just curvier and sexier. So the big question, what are we calling her? Batlady? Batchick? Talk to me Gotham, we need a name!
Sophie: Batwoman.

Who Are You? [1.04][edit]

Kate: [voice-over] A wise woman once said "hurt me with the truth, don't comfort me with a lie." Yes, Bruce, I'm quoting Rihanna. Because I'm not a liar, I have never hidden who I am. I came out when Brad Morrison taught all the kids at school that I was gay. I said "yeah... and?" Then punched him. Ever since then, I've been out and proud as long as I can remember. So how the hell am I supposed to wake up every morning and hide who I am?

Magpie: Do we have to be on opposite sides? Birds of a feather should flock together.
Batwoman: I'm allergic to feathers.

Luke: Maybe you angled it wrong.
Kate: Maybe it's broken.
Luke: It's not broken.
Kate: If it worked, I would've caught it.
Luke: Did you try flipping your wrist back with a snap...
Kate: You're batsplaining!

Kate: How did Bruce make living a double life look so easy?
Luke: Oh, he didn't. He was miserable.
Kate: Bruce Wayne? Guy had three Ferraris and slept with half of Gotham.

Kate: [voice-over] Lies don't make anyone comfortable, especially the one telling them, but no one said anything about this job being comfortable. If I'm going to embrace the Bat, then I'm going to have to embrace hiding a part of myself from the outside world. Living this double life is a sacrifice, but our city is worth it.

Mine Is a Long and Sad Tale [1.05][edit]

Luke: I'll look into whatever the hell she could be using the skin for if you remind me to clear my image search history.

Kate: Bruce doesn't have night-vision goggles?
Luke: Batman doesn't do goggles.

Alice: You're not asking the right questions, Kate. What is my evil plan? Who am I targeting next? How am i going to do it? When you really need to be asking why? Why am I like this?

Alice: Well, it all began with an unfortunate event of which I remember vividly. And, if given the chance again, I would take it back in a heartbeat. It was the simple, effortless thing that I had done so many times before. I woke up.

Jacob Kane: Where's Kate?
Alice: [infuriated] Where's Kate? Is Kate okay? Is Kate happy? Is she sleeping enough? Has she done her homework? Seen a doctor? Had enough to eat? Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate I am so sick of Kate!

I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury [1.06][edit]

Jacob: What's he wearing?
Kate: It's an old fashioned executioner's hood. Axe is a nice touch.

Sophie: Like the new look. Red suits you.
Batwoman: Goes with everything.

[Sophie looks at her hands handcuffed to the bed]
Mary: I didn't do that.
Sophie: Well, you better undo it.
Mary: Batwoman would kill me. Frankly, she's scarier than you.

Kate: Any suspects?
Luke: Well, if you exclude the law-abiding citizens of Gotham, that leaves... the other half.

Batwoman: The law's not perfect, I'll give you that. Doesn't mean you get to rewrite it in blood.
Executioner: You trust the law so much, why are you wearing that suit?

Tell Me the Truth [1.07][edit]

Luke: Can you trust her?
Kate: I used to trust her. With everything.
Luke: Then just be real with her.

Mary: He bailed. Kate bailed. If I knew it was attendance optional, I would've literally been anywhere else.

Julia Pennyworth: Wherever the Rifle shows up, he leaves death and destruction in his wake.
Kate: I know the type.

Kate: You credit your entire career to my dad?
Sophie: I credit him for stopping me from losing everything I worked for.
Kate: And instead you just lost me.

Kate: [voice-over] Batman was praised and revered, but Bruce Wayne not so much. No one knew the man beneath the cowl. You didn't let them in, Bruce, for good reason. Because even the people we love are still people at the end of the day. They act out of fear, pride, hope, pain, and sometimes, they let us down, but you know better than I do that no one can be a lone wolf forever. I have to let people in even if it's just one person and one small piece of myself at a time.

A Mad Tea-Party [1.08][edit]

Alice: If you are going to kidnap me again, do wait until I can dolly up into something with a little more flair.

Kate: Did you hire the Rifle to kill me?
Alice: Says the walking, talking, living girl.

Vesper: Tonight is the city's humanitarian gala which is Rich Person for 'Let's dress up and congratulate each other on being rich. And dressed up.'

Catherine: I've always wanted to see you work in your clinic.
Mary: How did you know about the clinic?
Catherine: I've always known.
Mary: How come you never said anything?
Catherine: The fastest way for you to stop doing something is for me to approve of it.

Kate: It's vintage.
Luke: Thanks. Not exactly my style. Or size. Oooh, is that blood? You really shouldn't have.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Two [1.09][edit]

This episode is Part One of a five-part crossover event called Crisis on Infinite Earths. For quotations, see the related page.

How Queer Everything Is Today! [1.10][edit]

Luke: Oh. Hey. Slam is Mr. March in the Annual Hunks of the GCPD calendar.
Kate: The handcuffs are a nice touch.
Luke: I got to say I can't really blame people for shipping you and Captain America.
Kate: Have we not had this conversation? I'm very, very, gay.

Sophie: You ever feel like you're hiding from the world.
Kate: I'm literally standing in a shadow.

Kate: Am I a fraud?
Luke: You still hung up on this Slam Bradley love affair?
Kate: Yeah. Whenever I put on this suit, I feel like I'm lying to our entire city.
Luke: Well, that's the job.
Kate: According to the multiverse, my job is to be a Paragon of Courage.
Luke: Right. Because a Paragon finder said so before the infinite Earths collapsed into a single space-time continuum. I'm sure it was all very exciting.
Kate: I live in shadows, I wear a disguise, and I let people believe that I'm dating Captain America. What part of that is courageous?
Luke: Kicking bad guys' asses to protect your city is pretty damn courageous.

Parker Torres: You're... that psycho.
Alice: Oh. Charmed, I'm sure.

Alice: You're not a hero!
Kate: It doesn't take a hero to know what pure evil looks like.

An Un-Birthday Present [1.11][edit]

Take Your Choice [1.12][edit]

Drink Me [1.13][edit]

Grinning from Ear to Ear [1.14][edit]

Off with Her Head [1.15][edit]

Through the Looking-Glass [1.16][edit]

A Narrow Escape [1.17][edit]

If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You [1.18][edit]

A Secret Kept from All the Rest [1.19][edit]

O, Mouse! [1.20][edit]



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