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Bayonetta 2 is a cinematic action video game for Wii U, the sequel to Bayonetta. In the game, the title character attempts to rescue her friend Jeanne’s soul from Inferno, but must also help a mysterious boy named Loki, all while dealing with new threats.

A note on names:

  • Due to revelations made in the previous game, Bayonetta is also known as Cereza; however, she will only be quoted as Cereza in scenes which feature her old self 500 years in the past, before she adopted the Bayonetta moniker.
  • The Masked Sage is eventually revealed to be a younger version of Balder from the first game, and for the sake of clarity will be quoted as Balder.
  • Finally, the central antagonist is first introduced as “Prophet” before being properly identified as Loptr, and in the game’s final chapter assumes the name Aesir; once again, for clarity, he will be quoted as Loptr.

Chapter XIV: The Witch Hunts does not feature any unique dialogue.

Records of Time: The End[edit]

Luka: The Legend of Aesir... A legend from the dawn of time. Nobody knows where the world came from. A struggle caused the Trinity of Realities to be split into three realms: light, darkness, and chaos. Obviously, our world was the one born from chaos. The three worlds all needed rulers. Most of all, ours. And the one that ruled the chaos became known as Aesir. Aesir spent the first eternity quietly looking upon the Earth from his holy mountain. Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world. However, Aesir pitied the humans for their naivety and lack of free will, so the power he wielded was split into two equal halves and entrusted each to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light, and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will... They could now choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. They awoke to their own identities. Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but now we were thinking reeds, and we took our first big step towards grand prosperity. The inheritors of the eyes of Aesir had been granted the power of creation.

Bayonetta: A Lumen Sage...? Cheeky. No one bothered telling me any of your kind survived. Well, at least you're the silent type. The last sage I met spent 20 minutes rambling on and on! [sees the Sage's glowing right eye] What!?

Balder: You will not escape this fate! We will perish together! My dear, sweet child... At last, you have fulfilled your promise to me... Fear not, for I am always watching over you...

Luka: But the Right Eye of Light was lost from the world forever, along with its possessor, the last of the Lumen Sages.

Prologue: World of Chaos[edit]

Mollie Anderson: The government has organized a team to investigate the continued reports of unusual weather and strong earthquakes occurring throughout the region. Officials are currently trying to determine the source of these phenomena as citizens nervously clamor for answers. Our special report on the regional disasters, "Nature Unleashed" continues after these messages.

Bayonetta: You know what I need? Some heels without guns. You don't mind if we make a quick stop, do you, Enzo?
Enzo: Do you know what day's coming up? Here I was shopping, minding my own business, then you show up and turn me into a damn porter. Seriously, Bayonetta! You still haven't paid me back for the car!
Bayonetta: Now now, is that any way to speak to an old friend? Besides, I did that job for you. For free I might add. Do I really have to tell everyone how you grabbed on to my leg sobbing like a schoolboy?
Enzo: This is why I can't have good things. You're some piece of work, you know that? If you weren't already lined up to go to Inferno, you'd be well on your way with all the shit you pull. Dressing up like a nun just so you can off some angels and keep the underworld happy. Hey, I'm talking to you! Shit... but if it's that or getting torn limb from limb for eternity in whatever circle of Inferno you witches go to if you break the contract... Fuggetaboutit. I'd off the fuckin' winged bastards all damn day. But what the fuck you wastin' your time trying to send some schmucks off to the afterlife for?
Bayonetta: Done and done. Let's go home, Enzo.
Enzo: Hey, wait a second!! I ain't done here!! If I don't get what I came for, I'm gonna be the biggest mutt in the city!!
Bayonetta: And what is it that you came to fetch, my dear?
Enzo: Real funny! I know better than to tell you a damn thing. I'll never hear the fuckin' end of it. [Jeanne speeds toward him on a motorcycle] Motherfucker!!
Bayonetta: You always know how to make an entrance, Jeanne. A rare sight to see you in the city.
Jeanne: Just had something I had to look into. Cereza, you haven't felt anything strange recently?
Bayonetta: Now that you mention it... I still haven't quite figured out how a broke, bumbling wise guy managed to turn himself into a semi-respectable family man.
Enzo: FUGGETABOUTIT!! And what's this "Cereza" shit? You're about as sweet as my nona's grappa, you know that? Some witch with amnesia goes around calling herself a weapon, and it turns out she really got stuck with a kid's nickname. That shit's rich, I tell ya what...
Jeanne: Our friends in Paradiso are far too quiet... I'm sure you've noticed. But they aren't the only ones...
Bayonetta: Pray tell.
Jeanne: Our friends down south seem to be a bit upset as well.
Mollie Anderson: And now in lighter news. The annual Holiday Parade is being held today. City police have closed off roads to prepare for the massive influx of merrymakers expected to take in this year's festivities, set to be headlined by a flyover from the military's aerial acrobatics unit "Platinum Stars." Authorities tell Channel 2 news that this year's parade may break all-time attendance records.
Enzo: Whoa, shit! The Platinum Stars! Crap! I need to hurry up and get Ed and Edna's presents, or I'm gonna get it!!
Jeanne: We'll talk later. I'll see you back home.
Bayonetta: Don't forget to pick up the things for the party.

Enzo: Whassa matter with you? I told you what I'm after. A jet! I want a toy jet! You know, the kind with wings... Flies in the sky? No. I'm not buying any damned angels. Yellow, blue, I don't care what color they are!! I learned my lesson with those bastards, you hear me!? Just a normal, damn jet please. You hear that!? I want one of those. The things flying in the air right now. There! That's the one! That's the biggest one you've got in the store, right? Wrap it up nice, will ya? It's a present, for God's sakes. [sees an out-of-control jet approaching the store] You know what, screw the pretty ribbon. Just hurry up and put it in the box, will ya!? Fuck the damn ribbon!!
Bayonetta: [to angels] You know, I try to avoid doing this in my Sunday best. At least your lot still knows how to make an entrance.

Bayonetta: This is why I never buy anything on sale...
Enzo: Didn't I say it!!? This is why I can't have nice things!! Dammit, car! Start already!!
Rodin: Right on time to deliver a little holiday cheer.
Enzo: Oh... Fucking wonderful. R-Rodin!? But I don't believe in Santa!!
Rodin: Watch your mouth, Enzo. Don't want anyone offin' you for sacrilege before you've paid your tab.
Enzo: Un-be-fuckin-lievable. [Rodin drives car onto side of a building] Motherfucker!!
Rodin: Bayonetta!
Enzo: I believe!!! I believe!!! I fuckin' believe!
Rodin: Beautiful...!
Bayonetta: Now it's time to be naughty.

Bayonetta: That was quick. Did you get everything!?
Jeanne: Forgot the caviar. Think they're still open?
Bayonetta: It's not Christmas without caviar. Let's finish this quickly, then.

Jeanne: Cereza! Cereza...
Bayonetta: Jeanne!?
Jeanne: No... This isn't how things end...
Bayonetta: Jeanne!! [to Gomorrah] I'm not one for pets who don't listen to their masters!

Loptr: Lumen Sage. Is revenge not all you desire? I know the one who destroyed your world. I know the one who destroyed your love.
Balder: Who?

Rodin: Dead witches get dragged to hell. It is what it is. Jeanne's gonna wander Inferno suffering for eternity. Them's the breaks.
Bayonetta: I didn't ask you to tell me what I already know, Rodin. Especially if you're going to be flip about it.
Rodin: You know better than that... You're not the kind to let that sort of summon go out of control, Bayonetta. Something's up. The balance of powers that keep things in check don't feel right, does it?
Enzo: You know, she's pretty hot for a dead chick. Wasn't a big fan of her shit when she was in the realm of the living, but lookin' at her now... Nah. Still not a fan.
Bayonetta: She's not dead, Enzo.
Rodin: She's right, Enzo. You're only really dead after your soul's been completely absorbed into another realm of the trinity. But that's just a matter of time, cuz I don't see no way of savin' a soul lost in hell.
Bayonetta: What about the Gates... The real Gates of Hell...
Rodin: I can't stop you from trying to use 'em, but I don't think you got a chance down there. I'll see what I can do about puttin' her on ice for a while. [picks up Jeanne's Umbran Watch] You'll need this... The heart of an Umbra Witch. The magic that keep your kind alive in this world for eternities. Should keep her body in this realm stable, but you'll need to reunite this with her soul if you're gonna try and bring her back. I figure you got about a day before it's game over.
Bayonetta: Enzo, you've got a jet, right?
Enzo: What!? NO. No no no no no. I do not. No. Listen, I appreciate the situation, but you know what today is? My kids got cookies baked for me at home. They're waiting for me! And I still gotta play Santa tonight!!
Bayonetta: Let the real Santa take care of the presents. Now let's go.
Enzo: Hey, I said I believed! But Ed and Edna... You can't put one over on those cute little fuckers, lemme tell ya. Hey! Leggo! Leggo a me! Why do I always get wrapped up in this shit!!
Rodin: Ain't this a motherfucker.

Chapter I: Noatun, the City of Genesis[edit]

Enzo: The sacred mountain of Fimbulventr. The joint's supposed to be the link between Inferno and Paradiso. They say there is an entrance to Inferno, the "Gates of Hell," somewhere on this mountain. No one knows where, though. Hell, no one even knows if it's true or not. The only reason this overgrown rock is worshiped like some god in the first place is that no one's ever been able to get close to the damn thing. It's like it don't want you there! Every climber ends up stranded, or worse... And don't even try to fly a plane near that place, or BADA BOOM! But at least your soul doesn't have a long walk to whichever afterlife you got lined up, right? I'll wait for ya in Noatun, at the foot of the mountain. Just hurry up with whatever it is you gotta do and get back there, alright? And the hotel's goin' on your account. With the minibar, too. Gotta keep myself busy while I'm waiting, fuggetaboutit!? I love those miniature drinks.

Bayonetta: I can't believe you, Enzo. I didn't know the in-flight service was exclusive to fat Italians.
Enzo: Rentin' a plane ain't free, ya know? That reminds me, you owe Alex the Kid for the charter! Oh... SHIT!!! Th-there it is! That's "Fimbulventr." Not such a bad place when you look at it. But you'd gotta have a death wish to get close to that damn place if you ask me. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Wh-what the hell? Where did these clouds come from? [Glamor attacks the plane] Motherfucker!!
Bayonetta: Sorry, Enzo, this is where I get off. Say hi to the wife and kids for me!
Enzo: Wh-wh... Wait, what!? You're jokin', right? I can't fly this piece of shit! I told you I can't have nice things...

Bayonetta: Jeanne... I'm on my way. Just behave yourself for a bit longer.

Rodin: Santa don't get paid enough for this shit. When Ed and Edna found out their daddy wasn't comin' back, they made me stay all the way through dinner.
Bayonetta: Don't pretend you weren't delighted. I hear Enzo's wife makes a lovely casserole.
Rodin: It was damn good, I give you that. Anyway. Tell me how my babies are doing.
Bayonetta: They're behaving quite well. They've found plenty of playmates here.
Rodin: Figured they would. Noatun had some deep connections with Fimbulventr and the Gates of Hell back in its day. Wouldn't be surprised to find a few of those playmates that like it rougher than the typical bunch. Anyway, you need any supplies, just make sure you keep bringing me these halos. And remember I ain't here to get up in your business. My business is makin' things that do business. So don't come crying to me when-- [Bayonetta begins shooting at him] ...You, you think you gotta do everything alone. I'm here to help. Just make sure you don't "bust a cap in my ass."

Loki: These punters don't know when to quit? What'd I ever do to them? Shite. I'm never gonna reach Fimbulventr at this rate. Well, at least it won't be a boring trip. [Bayonetta claps] Huh? You can see me?
Bayonetta: You're putting on quite a show, little magician.
Loki: Oh, you liked that, huh? Wait till you see the climax! Silly girl...
Bayonetta: You'll have to do better than that to earn a tip, my dear.
Loki: Who the hell are you!?
Bayonetta: I'm just an innocent little girl lost in Wonderland, suffering at the hands of the queen's trumped-up troops!
Loki: A cute one, huh? Enough riddles. How can you see me?
Bayonetta: Because we're both in Purgatorio, you see.
Loki: Pur... ga... torio?
Bayonetta: So, are we heading to Fimbulventr on a shopping trip for Mummy, little one?
Loki: Maybe, but she told me never to talk to strangers. Stay out of my way, or I'll make sure you never get in it again.
Bayonetta: Oh... Scary... Off with their heads, eh?
Loki: Damnit! They must have heard me!

Valiance: I feel the power of the Remembrance of Time... Where did the boy flee!?
Bayonetta: If you're looking for the kid, he went thataway.
Valiance: Hmph. The famed witch. The greatest of blessings to have you here as well. Thus the Eyes of the World will together be... [Bayonetta shoots him] Alas, I digress. You shall not escape our grasp.
Bayonetta: I'm afraid I don't have time to dance too long. A friend is waiting for me.

Bayonetta: So, they're after you too then. Have you been naughty? Keeping secrets from Mummy?
Loki: Nope. Nothing comes to mind, love. Sorry. But since this is your bloody mess, do you mind hurrying the fuck up and getting rid of this thing!?
Bayonetta: Now, that's no way to talk to a lady. No wonder your guardian angels are trying to give you a good spanking.
Loki: Whatever, love. You've already been following me, so let's make a deal. You save me; I'll show you around this joint. Heading to Fimbulventr, aren't we? That makes two of us. And it'll take two of us, won't it, love?
Bayonetta: You seem to have skipped school the day they taught basic negotiation skills. You are supposed to negotiate from a position of strength, little one. Not just be a one-trick pony.
Loki: Um, about that trick... See... You need my power to... [Bayonetta shoots away Valiance's corpse] Oi! That works too, I suppose.
Bayonetta: I don't have time to give a shit about who you are or why you're going to the mountain. Take me there and make it quick. You stay with me, and I promise you'll end up in one piece. Got it?
Loki: Wait, stop! Before I show you the way, love, you gotta agree to a little condition.
Bayonetta: Do we need to go over my lesson again? First, learn to talk to a lady. We don't react very well to being insulted, little one.
Loki: Well then... I don't react to being called "little one"! The name's "Loki." And what should I call you, lo... I mean, ma'am?
Bayonetta: Do I look like a ma'am to you!? "Bayonetta" or "Cereza." Take your pick.
Loki: Cereza!? You don't look like a "Cereza" to me.
Bayonetta: Well then. Bayonetta it is. Let's move, little one.
Loki: H-hey! I just told you my name is--
Bayonetta: You'll earn your name when you become a man.

Glamor: Sovereign one. You must flee no more. Accompany me. The prophetic one is waiting.
Loki: Sure. Just because you asked, tall, dark, and ugly. That makes total sense. [Glamor attacks] Whoa!
Glamor: Why do you interfere, Umbra Witch? This is not your battle, but it may well be your end.

Loki: Wh-what the hell are you doing!? Let go of me!
Bayonetta: So, little one, what's all this "Sovereign" business about?
Loki: Not a clue, love. [Bayonetta drops him] Oi!!
Bayonetta: Well, whatever. If your "Sovereigness" is going to get in my way, our deal is over. And if we're going to meet any more of your friends, you better learn to take care of yourself.
Loki: I'm quite alright on my own. Got it?
Bayonetta: Your tricks aren't going to work forever, little one.
Loki: Hmph!
Bayonetta: More tricks, little magician? Maybe you've got more to offer than I expected. For the time being though, stay here, and don't get frisky.

Loptr: There. That is the one, is it not?
Balder: Yes... I will never forget that face!

Chapter II: A Remembrance of Time[edit]

Luka: So, our fates and our paths cross once again. [loses balance] Whoa! [regains balance] Bingo! [about to slam into a wall] OOOOOOOhhhhh shiii--!! "Fleur de La Reine." Made of Nerine, also known as diamond lilies, I think? The name Nerine is derived from the Nereids, or sea nymphs. Quite appropriate for this city.
Bayonetta: Luka?
Luka: Will you quit calling me that! I'm not a pet. Or a ca-- Oh, wait. You said Luka. Not used to that. How are you, Bayonetta?
Bayonetta: No matter where I am, you always know how to make an entrance. Nice glasses.
Luka: Oh, these? Rodin has a soft spot for Shinshu sake from Japan. It was an easy trade to get him to make these for me. And don't get it twisted, Bayonetta. I'm not stalking you... This time, at least. Look, I know you've got nothing but secrets... Hell, that goes for any woman, right? But if there's one thing I've learned in my line of work, it's when I've found you, I've found the story.
Bayonetta: What on earth are you on about this time?
Luka: Don't play dumb with me. You know the story better than anyone. The Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, two clans that wielded incredible power just 500 years ago. The clans of the Overseer, watching over us all with the "Eyes of the World"-- the power to govern light and darkness. But now I know that there really was an Overseer. And this Overseer is the one who created the Eyes of the World for humanity, the same ones that the clans held on to so hard. The Overseer was the true creator. The true god of the human realm. The God of Chaos.
Bayonetta: The God of Chaos?
Luka: From what my research has told me, that god used to live right here in Noatun. That's why this place has gateways to each realm of the Trinity of Realities. La Porta del Paradiso, the doorway to heaven, and La Porta dell'inferno, the real "Gates of Hell." Listen, I heard about Jeanne-- [Loki appears] Wh-what the!? Some squirrels get all the nuts... You're a lucky little fella, huh? Never took you for an animal lover, Bayonetta.
Bayonetta: What can I say? I took a liking to one of the locals.
Luka: So he's your little tour guide, huh? Look, I know this isn't the time to chat. Lemme see what I can find out to help you.
Bayonetta: Just don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong, Cheshire.
Luka: Don't you worry about my nose. I can smell trouble when I see it. You just take care of yourself.

Bayonetta: What's wrong? [the Remembrance of Time appears] What's this...? [after escaping a tidal wave] Where did you learn that trick, little one? I've never seen a witch--or a sage, for that matter--pull off something like that!
Loki: C'mon, love! Y-you think I'm just gonna tell you my secrets when I don't even know whose side you're on!? Alright. It seems I can control the "Remembrance of Time." That's a big deal here.
Bayonetta: "It seems"?
Loki: I mean... No. I got nothing else to say, love.
Bayonetta: The Remembrance... of Time.
Loki: What's that you're lookin' at?
Bayonetta: Right, let's go. I've got a party, and I've no intention of being late.

Loptr: If you... Were gone... It'd all be--

Chapter III: Paradiso, the Gates of Paradise[edit]

Loki: You don't just walk into Fimbulventr. We're going to have to be creative, love, if we're ever going to make it. Look over there. That's the Cathedral of Cascades. It was used for ritual worship of the mountain. Inside there's a device that can build a "Bridge to the Heavens." It will take us halfway up Fimbulventr. An express pass, right, love?
Bayonetta: Seems something finally came to mind, little one. While you are in the remembering mood, you wouldn't happen to know where the entrance to Inferno is up there, would you?
Loki: Inferno? You must be in some shit if you're volunteering to go there. Let me put it this way, love. Once we get to the mountain, you'll get your choice of going up or going down. Fimbulventr doesn't let you just stick around.
Bayonetta: And which way will you be going?
Loki: Me?
Bayonetta: What's the matter, little one? Scared of what comes next?
Loki: Shut up! Just... Get me to the mountain!
Bayonetta: Little one!
Loki: Get away from me!
Glamor: Bothersome child. Loptr demands your presence. Assuming you survive the journey inside. The Umbra Witch. Why do you pursue me?
Bayonetta: This little one's made me a deal. He's my guide, and he's not done guiding.
Glamor: Then follow me if you must.
Bayonetta: I think we're going in entirely different directions.

Glamor: Umbra Witch... No, Overseer of Darkness. You. Protecting the Sovereign one... He will never be allowed to reach the mountain!
Bayonetta: I don't recall asking for your permission. Oh, and I was wrong about our final destinations. Going down. Fuck. The boy. Forgot about that...

Chapter IV: The Two Meet[edit]

Loki: Huh...? WHAT!?
Luka: OOOHHHHH SHIIIITTTTT! What the fuck was that!? Wait... Who the fuck are you!?
Loki: Hey, you're the pervert staring at Bayonetta's tits all the time. You really need to learn how to talk to a lady!
Luka: Hey, I am no-- Wait! H-how do you...
Loki: No time for this, mate. Where's the mountain? Where's Fimbulventr? I'm in a hurry.
Luka: H-hey, kid! What the hell was that? Kids these days...
Bayonetta: So much for a cat always landing on his feet, Cheshire.

Loki: No time... I have to get to Fimbulventr. Why? Why do I have to go there? What is on the mountain... My head feels like it's gonna burst! I have to get to that mountain! [Balder attacks] Shit! What was that? Nice mask, mate? Headed to that witch's party? Not the best costume I've ever seen... But she doesn't seem like the picky type. Just don't get in my way.
Balder: Where is she?
Loki: So you are going to her party? Quite the popular one, isn't she? Sorry, mate, but I haven't the fucking slightest. Haven't seen her in ages. Besides, even if I knew, she and I have a special relationship.
Balder: Then this will be all the easier.
Loki: Shit!

Loki: You!
Bayonetta: What kind of adult picks on little children?
Loki: I-I'm not a child!
Bayonetta: A mask? Let me guess, this is one of your assistants, little one?
Loki: Nothing comes to mind, love. Sorry. Maybe you've got something you'd like to tell me, love? I'm not a fan of getting wrapped up in domestic disputes.
Bayonetta: Trust me, little one. He's not my type. [Balder evades her attack] Oh my... You're a Lumen Sage!?

Chapter V: The Cathedral of Cascades[edit]

Bayonetta: The energy Loki gave me has helped me realize a new power.

Bayonetta: Now why did you have to go and do that, little one!? Wake up. Damnit! Wake up! Enough jokes! WAKE UP!
Loki: Whoa! Come now, love. You can't let kids' jokes make you that mad!
Bayonetta: And what about you? Do you really think it's safe to play dead with someone who can make you dead?
Loki: Men like to gamble, love?
Bayonetta: Risking everything for nothing. Seems about right. I know another little boy just like that.
Loki: Sounds like my kinda guy. Maybe a bit of a pervert though. Let's go. We're almost to the Cathedral.

Bayonetta: The entrance to the Cathedral is blocked. I'll just have to look for another way to get in.

Loki: Here we are.

Bayonetta: I can feel a strange energy similar to Loki's pulsating through the object that appeared. It seems to be some kind of device. I'll try and get it up and running.

Bayonetta: An Infernal!?
Loki: They don't look like your kind of normal attention. A friend, love?
Bayonetta: I think my friends and I might have had a falling out. Why would Infernals be after me...?

Rodin: Something's up. The balance of powers that keep things in check don't feel right, does it?

Bayonetta: Good to know some of you are keeping your part of the contract. Let's do this!

Loki: This is it. The bridge to the heavens should be right above us.
Bayonetta: Are you sure?
Loki: Heh. Not really.
Bayonetta: Not really, huh? But you're right. This is it. Call it a woman's intuition.
Loki: Woman's intuition. What kind of silly comic book shit is that? You still don't know a thing about me.
Bayonetta: Let's just say I have plenty of experience with "nothing coming to mind."
Loki: What?
Bayonetta: I spent 500 years not knowing who I was. I only found out the truth recently.
Loki: Y-you too? Listen, I don't remember a thing. Nothing. I don't even know why I'm so damn sure I need to go to that mountain. But I know I have to. It's all I know. Does that make any sense?
Bayonetta: Come now, little one. Can't let the girls know you've got a heart.
Loki: I-it's not like that!
Bayonetta: If that's all you know, that's all the sense you need. Just believe. That's what I did.
Loki: Bayonetta... Let's go!

Loki: I think... I remember this...
Bayonetta: Huh?

Loki: Y-you again!?
Luka: Oh hey. Mouthy brat kid.
Bayonetta: So. I see you're acquainted.
Loki: How did you get here!?
Luka: I'm the Great L-U-K-A Luka. I didn't go through all these ridiculous ordeals to just RANDOMLY show up in opportune places, you know?
Bayonetta: See, risking everything for nothing... Told you I knew someone just like that. So, what are you after this time?
Luka: Oh, loads of stuff. For instance... I found this really great place for seafood. They do an amazing sardine meunière. But more importantly, I'm investigating an old Noatun story... Known as the "Legend of Aesir."
Loki: The Legend of Aesir?
Bayonetta: And this fairy tale is?
Luka: Actually, this might have something to do with you, Bayonetta.
Bayonetta: You don't say.
Luka: The Legend of Aesir... A legend from the dawn of time. Nobody knows where the world came from. A struggle caused the Trinity of Realities to be split into three realms: light, darkness, and chaos. Obviously, our world was the one born from chaos. The three worlds all needed rulers. Most of all, ours. And the one that ruled the chaos became known as Aesir. Aesir spent the first eternity quietly looking upon the Earth from his holy mountain. Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world. However, Aesir pitied the humans for their naivety and lack of free will, so the power he wielded was split into two equal halves and entrusted each to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light, and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will... They could now choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. They awoke to their own identities. Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but now we were thinking reeds, and we took our first big step towards grand prosperity. The inheritors of the eyes of Aesir had been granted the power of creation.
Bayonetta: The Eyes...
Luka: That's right, the "Eyes of the World" controlled by a Lumen Sage and Umbra Witch.
Loki: The Eyes... of the World?
Luka: However, the influence of the "Right Eye," the one controlled by the sages, left this world forever with the death of the final sage... Do the natural disasters that are occurring right now have something to do with the loss of the Right Eye? And what will happen to our planet? Those are the truths I'm after. And the truth will always be the truth. So if the truth is here, then so am I. And I think the key to that truth is that mountain. Fimbulventr.
Bayonetta: How DO you find these things?
Luka: I've done my homework. Would you expect anything less from... the marvelous, magnificent, magnanimous... [Bayonetta kicks him away from sheer annoyance] Lu-KA!!!
Loki: Bayonetta, get on!

Loki: Shit, we're not going to make it!

Loki: If I can just do something about that... Come on!

Loki: Right, let's go.
Bayonetta: Let's.

Chapter VI: The Bridge to the Heavens[edit]

Valor: Sovereign one, you shall not be allowed to reach Fimbulventr!
Bayonetta: Little one!

Bayonetta: New model, huh? I hope this one lasts a little bit longer.
Valor: Hmph... Umbra Witch! Do not think that you humans will be able to control the powers of darkness forever!
Bayonetta: Saying that is just going to make me take him there. After I've taken care of my business, of course.

Bayonetta: I don't think you'll be able to get a new one of those.
Valor: My demise will not alter fate. A tribute to you, witch!

Chapter VII: The Ark[edit]

Loptr: Another failure. These pawns can no longer serve my purposes. Power must be held in my own hands to truly be attained!
Luka: Who the hell was that?

Loki: Shit! Why am I the only one stuck in the drink? Where are we?
Bayonetta: Further from the mountain than we started, that's for sure.
Loki: I feel like I've seen this place before.
Loptr: At last, you stand before me without escape. This is not your world, and you should not be in it! What was once one, must be one once again! You must be turned to nothing!
Bayonetta: Little one, are you alright!?
Loki: Yeah, I'm fine, love. Now I'm sure I've seen this room before. If you're still trying to go to hell, Bayonetta, I might know the shortcut.
Bayonetta: Oh?
Loki: I'm remembering. What I really am.

Rodin: Time's almost up. Bayonetta, you better start creatin' miracles.

Bayonetta: Well, you were right about the shortcut. But I think they've sent a welcoming party.

Loki: Here goes!

Bayonetta: Little one! Where are you!?

Bayonetta: The ark has returned to its previous, ruined condition. Maybe this is because I've separated from Loki...

Bayonetta: Little one! [to Balder] If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were the most persistent stalker I've met yet. And here I thought I was your type. I guess I had you all wrong.
Balder: Step away, Umbra Witch. This is not your fight.
Bayonetta: Actually it is.

Bayonetta: Little one! [sees Balder's glowing right eye] The Right Eye?

Chapter VIII: An Ancient Civilization[edit]

Bayonetta: This is...
Loki: Welcome to hell, love. Too late to repent.
Bayonetta: These are the Gates.
Loki: Whatever your friend did to get on the other side of these... Let's just say she's not having a good day.
Bayonetta: No, she isn't, little one. But she'd still be alive if she hadn't wasted her life saving mine.
Loki: Huh? Well, she doesn't seem like such a bad friend, after all. Fimbulventr can wait for now. I'm opening the gate.
Bayonetta: Well, thank you.
Loki: Oh, I can't just leave you at a shuttered gate after your sob story, love. Besides, who's gonna save you if our stalker decides to show up again!? Alright. Let's do this.

Bayonetta: I can see the Gates of Hell, but it's surrounded by a powerful barrier. I need to take care of the barrier if I want to get closer.

Bayonetta: There's no energy from the object. It doesn't seem like it's going to do anything as it is now.
Loki: Just remembered.

Loki: This way, Bayonetta! Needs something to open it. Let's try out this piece!

Loki: Take care of this!

Chapter IX: The Gates of Hell[edit]

Loki: You know, love, you're probably the only person on the planet who says "go to hell" and means "take me there."
Bayonetta: I suppose you're right.
Loki: I think I've done my job here. Time for me to hit the road, love. Things to do and all.
Bayonetta: The world is dark and full of terrors, you know. No place to be alone.
Loki: What are you on about, love? You should be happy I helped you this long. Now I have to get to Fimbulventr--
Bayonetta: No! You will stay right here! I-I can't focus on what I need to do here if I have to worry about you off on your own... Come now, little one. I'll take you to Fimbulventr after we finish my business.
Loki: Yeah, great plan, love. "You can't be on your own, so let's go into the depths of hell." Go save your friend. I'm outta here.
Bayonetta: I said no!
Loki: [to Balder] You again? Listen, mate. One, the mask is shit. OK? And two, get out of my way.
Loptr: Your sins must be punished, Loki.
Loki: What? Who are you!?
Loptr: You pretend to forget me. Yet, even if your memory may now be lost, the Remembrances of Time exist forever. Am I wrong, Lumen Sage?
Loki: Wait, I'm the one you've been trying to kill this whole time?
Loptr: Umbra Witch. I am who you shall face. You will return what is rightfully mine. What I should never have lost. The Eye.
Bayonetta: The Eye?
Balder: Child or not, you will see no mercy, Sovereign one. The sins you have forgotten are timeless. Now remember them as you stare upon my face.
Loki: Sorry, mate. Nothing comes to mind. But now that I know that mouth of your works, maybe you could jog my memory a bit?

Loki: Hey, wait!
Loptr: Umbra Witch, is that the limit of your power? Did you never open your eyes to your true potential? You are no Left Eye, but you may still forfeit it like a lady.
Bayonetta: No lady would ever hand anything to a man who chases after little boys.
Loptr: Very well. If you will not listen, then you will see. See a power beyond time.

Balder: What is the meaning of this? You said this was to stop the witches' rebellion!
Fortitudo: The Trinity of Realities belongs only to Jubileus, the Creator. For the world to be reborn, the Eyes of the World, the Eyes of the Overseer... The Eyes of God must not remain in human hands.
Balder: Enough of your empty words!
Rosa: Balder... This war is not your doing...
Balder: No. It is not. I was deceived. Deceived by the light. Rosa, I'm so sorry... Please, please be still. I will save you.
Fortitudo: To deceive humans is but an easy task. They live in chaos. Desire chaos. Now, it is time that you discover death. The witches and sages who rule this realm must be exterminated. The Eyes must return to their rightful place!
Balder: The Eyes shall remain in--
Rosa: Balder!
Balder: Rosa! [to Loptr] What have you done!? Rosa... Rosa! Stay with me now!
Rosa: It's been twenty years since I last saw you... But I kept it safe all this time... the present you gave me... the symbol of our love. Your face will be the last thing I see. Thank you...
Balder: Rosa, Rosa, please... ...don't speak! I will save you... It's still not too late.
Rosa: Balder, take care of Cereza... Watch over her. See to it no harm comes to her. When the time comes, our dear, sweet child will be the one. The one to awaken and inherit the Eyes of the World.
Balder: Rosa... Rosa, no! ROSA!!! ROSA!!!
Cereza: Mummy...!

Bayonetta: What was that?
Loptr: A vision of truth. A Remembrance of Time.
Bayonetta: Lies.
Loptr: You possess the Left Eye, do you not? You are an Overseer. See the truth. See with the Left Eye of Darkness. [after Loki opens the Gates of Hell] Bothersome pests...
Bayonetta: Little one!
Loki: Dammit, no choice but to jump! Bayonetta! Let's go!
Loptr: That was unexpected. But no bother, the return of the Eyes is simply a matter of time.

Chapter X: The Depths[edit]

Bayonetta: Jeanne!

Bayonetta: There seems to be something different about this tree compared to the other plants of Inferno. At the base of its trunk is a glassy red core. The core almost appears to be glaring at me, asking me to prove my strength.

Rodin: Why if it ain't Bayonetta. Fancy findin' a witch like you in a place like this.
Bayonetta: Rodin!? Don't tell me you came here to rescue me like some kind of knight in shining armor.
Rodin: Rescue? Do I look like the rescuin' type? If you were to kick the bucket here, I'd be all over your soul like a hungry hyena.

Rodin: Right, I'll go easy on you guys, so let's have some fun!

Rodin: We're here. And so is my target, by the looks of it.
Bayonetta: Jeanne... There she is!
Rodin: Hold up. You're not seriously thinkin' of getting between a man and his next payday... Chill, Bayonetta. Don't go shootin' up my target, ya dig? I need that one intact.

Chapter XI: Inferno and Its Ruler[edit]

Alraune: What!? A human!? What brings a human of flesh and blood to this place?
Bayonetta: I came to pick up a friend. It's almost her curfew.
Alraune: A friend? Ah, the witch. Alas, she has been devoured. Such an exquisite soul. And so fresh. Such a delicacy. Be gone, human. Your trespass, namely damaging my palace, shall be overlooked if you remove yourself from this place immediately. Too bad there is no escape from Inferno.
Bayonetta: [summons Madama Butterfly to destroy Alraune's palace] Are you still going to forgive me my trespasses now? What are you going to do without your precious palace?
Alraune: You are an Umbra Witch as well!? And your pact is with Madama Butterfly!? At last, we meet, Madama Butterfly! Not even the passing millennia have quenched my hatred for you!
Bayonetta: Good thing the three of us girls enjoy a good catfight.
Alraune: Madama Butterfly, oh how I've longed for the day to see you suffer at my hands. This shall be the final day of your existence!
Bayonetta: I don't know what you did to piss her off, but whatever it was... Nice.

Alraune: You filthy bitch! Enough games! Had you cried for mercy, you may have lived, but now nothing but your last breath awaits you!
Bayonetta: [sees Jeanne's soul in Alraune's stomach] Jeanne!!
Alraune: I can feel myself growing stronger and stronger. That soul's nutrition is absolutely magnificent! I feel like I could become the queen of this realm!
Bayonetta: Then this is going to be a bloody coronation. Now release my Umbran sister!

Bayonetta: [after retrieving Jeanne's soul] Jeanne. [attacks Alraune]
Rodin: Damn, woman, I thought I told you to chill. You got more important shit to do than dealin' with this... monstrosity.
Bayonetta: Jeanne. Jeanne, get up. You're going to be late. Jeanne! It's time! Get up! Please, Jeanne!! Wake up!! Jeanne!!
Jeanne: Cereza?
Bayonetta: What do you need, a wake-up kiss or something? You never were much of a morning person, were you?
Jeanne: This... But this is... Cereza, you came here t... to rescue me? Are you insane?
Bayonetta: You took the words right out of my mouth. Let's go.
Jeanne: What's happening...
Bayonetta: You need to get back to your body. And get some rest, too.
Jeanne: Be careful, Cereza. Something... Something big is going to happen to our world.
Bayonetta: I know. Just go home. And no stopping or turning around along the way!

Rodin: I thought I'd fucked up my business. Gotta hand it to you. This is quality. The perfect palette for an artiste. Now time to do my dirty work.
Alraune: Wh-what are you doing!? Stop! No! How dare you do this to me!? This will not stand!!
Bayonetta: So that's how that works... Well, not very romantic.
Rodin: Got a nice glow about it, don't ya think? As for its power... Well, you don't need me to explain the finer points of fuckin' shit up, do ya?
Bayonetta: Little one!!
Rodin: Got 'em all lined up waitin' to be saved, huh? Don't forget about your new toy!!

Chapter XII: The Lumen Sage[edit]

Bayonetta: Hurry!

Balder: Why must you keep interfering?
Bayonetta: He still owes me some answers.
Balder: Your impudence will cost you your life, witch.
Bayonetta: So you're saying diplomacy has failed then? Surrender, or it will be more than your mask that you lose.
Balder: Umbra Witch... Or shall I call you Bayonetta?
Bayonetta: That seems to be what people call me these days.
Balder: Very well then, Bayonetta... You shall be the first Umbra Witch to die at my hands! I swear it on my honor as a Lumen Sage!

Balder: He will not be forgiven! He will never be forgiven! On my soul as a Lumen, he will draw his last breath before me!! [Loki appears] This... This is impossible!
Bayonetta: Little one!?
Loki: Wh-where am I? Bayonetta... G-get away from me!

Chapter XIII: Vigrid, City of Déjà Vu[edit]

Bayonetta: I know where this is... I know when this is...

Rosa: We will be overrun soon! Gather at the clock tower. We must defend it with all our strength!
Bayonetta: You're...
Rosa: Y-you...

Bayonetta: The sphere embedded in the wall is emitting a wondrous light and resonant sound. Getting closer to it makes it glow brighter. It's as if it has some sort of ability to respond to a witch's power built in.

Statues: If you wish to walk upon water, prove your mettle by dodging the lightning in a single hair's breadth.

Chapter XV: Truth[edit]

Rosa: The symbol of the Umbran way... No... There's no way that this could have been his plan!

Loptr: [pretending to be Loki] S-sorry, love! I kinda missed a bit there.
Bayonetta: Little one?
Loptr: Here to guide you as always. Someone sent you back 500 years it seems. [Bayonetta attacks him] I see you've already discovered the truth. They don't call you the Left Eye for naught, do they?
Bayonetta: Who are you?
Loptr: Never mind that... Something more important to talk about, my dear. The witch and the sage are still alive... Trifling creatures, both of them. I must be rid of them as soon as possible. I want what they have. I want back what is mine. The Eyes of the World.
Bayonetta: What!?
Loptr: The other me escaped to the future, and I can't let him have them. Which is why I must see you eliminated, my dear!

Loptr: And now, if you'll excuse me, my dear.

Luka: If I got it right, then this gate should lead to... Whoa! Kid! H-hey, pull yourself together! What happened!?
Loki: Luka, was it? You know the way to Fimbulventr, right? Please... Take me there... I... I remember. I remember everything. I have to hurry.
Luka: Are you nuts, kid!? We need to get you patched up.
Loki: There's no time! Please, take me to Fimbulventr, or the world... will end! He and I... We are Good... and Evil... Evil cannot be all that is left...
Luka: What?
Loki: Keep us safe with this... It's my trump card... Please, just take me there...
Luka: Girls passing out in front of me, I'm used to... But this, this is unbelievable. Well, I guess it beats addicting toddlers to lollipops.

Balder: Rosa!! Rosa!!
Bayonetta: You saw the emblem on his forehead. He's the one you're really after.
Balder: What?
Bayonetta: We need to get back to my time. We can open a portal from here.

Bayonetta: Moonlight pierces through the ceiling window, and I feel my powers being magnified. I should be able to use Witch Walk here.

Bayonetta: Balder draws close to Rosa. He is overcome with grief.

Bayonetta: Balder! The dimensional portal is opening! We need to get back to my time! Quickly! There's no time!
Rosa: Balder, please take care of Cereza... Our dear, sweet child will awaken to her potential... She will awaken to the Eyes of the World...
Balder: Rosa!
Bayonetta: Balder! [looking to Rosa] Mummy...
Cereza: Mummy! No!

Chapter XVI: Sovereign Power[edit]

Balder: What is this place?
Bayonetta: We're in my time... But there's not a moment to explain. We need to get to the sacred mountain now!
Balder: What is upon the mountain?
Bayonetta: I don't know. But it's where the god who created the Eyes of the World once lived, and now someone is after that power.
Balder: The Eyes? How can we reach that place? We are in Vigrid.
Bayonetta: [hears Jeanne approaching on a jet] Time to jump.
Balder: Jump?
Bayonetta: That wasn't a request... Go!
Balder: Have you lost your sanity?
Bayonetta: Sanity is a requirement for our kind!
Balder: And your kind are?
Bayonetta: The kind of witches you don't fuck with. I have to admit, I like you much better this way, Balder. You actually shut up and follow directions.
Balder: I do what I choose. Tell me, how do you know my name?
Bayonetta: It's, uh, just the name I heard that witch--the one you called Rosa--call out to you. Anyway, this should get us to Fimbulventr at mach speed.
Balder: I would not be so sure of that, witch.
Bayonetta: My, my... Angels and demons working together. I suppose if they can get along, we can as well.
Balder: Consider this a momentary truce. At least until the encroachers are punished.
Bayonetta: Well, that's one way of putting it. Here's mine: time to tango!

Luka: This piggyback ride is killing my back. Why can't you be an adorable little Cerezita that weighs, like, 10 pounds? Well, at least your little good luck charm got me where I needed to go, right? We're here, kid. Right on the front door of that temple you were so damn determined to get to. Not sure if they are gonna roll out the red carpet for us-- [Loptr attacks him]
Loki: Wrong one, mate. You should be looking for your better half.
Loptr: You've got your memories back. Convenient. But you're certainly not looking like my "better" half. The only thing you have to offer me is your Sovereign Power. Then you will be truly worthless.

Jeanne: I'll take care of them, Cereza. Hurry to the temple!

Bayonetta: Little one!
Loptr: Welcome to Fimbulventr. The Lumen Sage, Right Eye of the Overseer. The Umbra Witch, Left Eye of the Overseer. Now everything has fallen into place.
Loki: Bayonetta, get out of--
Loptr: Balder. This is what I promised you. Your chance at revenge. Accept it, freely. [Balder attacks him] That is your revenge? Is this not the one who destroyed your world? Who destroyed your life!? Surely, this can't be all you hoped to see.
Bayonetta: Balder!!
Loptr: The two of us were once a single being; however, this "half" said he would awaken humans to the truth of their existence, so he divided our divine power, and our very souls, in two. We should have become mere shells... but this... half... left behind a certain power within himself in order to protect the balance our split brought the world. A "Sovereign Power" to freely control the Eyes of the World. Unfortunately, this one made quite the miscalculation. He had not accounted for the power of evil intent, which grew as humans prospered. I couldn't use the Sovereign Power to control the Eyes, so instead, I used the evil hearts of humans to begin to retrieve the power of the ancient god. And all that remained is taking back the one power I do not yet have... The Sovereign Power. The power this one held within. You managed to escape 500 years before, but it was merely a waiting game. Waiting for you to be reborn. Now the time has come for our powers to become one again... And for me to ascend to the throne as Aesir, God of Chaos! Now, my "better" half, it is time to restore your Sovereign Power to my hands. I now have the power to control the Eyes as I wish. Shall I start from the Right Eye? [Bayonetta rescues Loki] Take him if it pleases you; he is nothing but an empty container to me now. I have no more use for him. Come now. It is time I receive your power, witch.
Luka: Don't worry, I got the kid. You've got my permission to show 'em your stuff, Bayonetta!
Loptr: What on earth was that?
Bayonetta: Just some fool always swinging in out of nowhere. Albeit with absolutely impeccable timing. I suppose not even a god can see him coming?
Loptr: Gods do not concern themselves with the machinations of insects. Now, Umbra Witch, the Left Eye of Darkness must return from whence it came.
Bayonetta: Then just try to take it back. You've destroyed more than you know.

Loptr: In the end, you are merely human. The Eyes of the World hold power, but their power came from that of a god. This god will see those powers returned! And so it shall be... The power of Aesir returns to me. And I shall rule over this world as time demands it. To be the Overseer of this world, to rule it... A power only meant for Aesir. Human free will is a joke; it is a worthless illusion. You need only obey me. My will shall become that of the universe!
Balder: Humans need not be told what their will shall be. We can create our world with our own eyes!
Loptr: An indulgent statement of human folly. Do you have any idea how much turmoil and confusion you have created?
Balder: We may not see our next step. We may stumble. We may fall off the path. But we always move forward. That is the power of man. Bayonetta, shall we illustrate?
Bayonetta: Let's rock.

Luka: Kid, you gonna be OK?
Loki: His first mistake was thinking that all I had to me was some shit "Sovereign Power." Stupid fool still doesn't get why I'm the better half.
Luka: I thought you were all out of cards!
Loki: The real trump card's the one you keep hidden until just the right timing, mate.
Loptr: What!?
Loki: The real power of Lord Aesir, the God of Chaos, is "nothingness." The power to erase anything and everything form the world. Even the very eyes that created it.
Loptr: No!!
Luka: Whoa. Hold on for a second, kid. What happens to the world if you--
Loki: Any good card player's a gambler, right? Either the world will be destroyed, or it will create its own path. Human free will will determine which way things go.
Loptr: You worthless...

Loptr: If it comes to this... It will just begin anew. I'll return to another place in time. Create a new era. One that cowers to my will!
Loki: Shit! He's trying to shed his body and return to the spirit realm. He'll just be reborn in a different era.
Loptr: [in response to Balder attempting to trap his soul] What are you trying to do? Do you think you can contain my power!? Have you lost your sanity!?
Balder: Sanity is a requirement for our kind. You will never see another era trapped inside me. Only an endless circle of time!
Loki: Mate, that's pure evil you're dealing with. It's a poison that will live inside you forever.
Balder: Then so be it. What's wrong can be made right through human hands.
Bayonetta: Balder!!
Balder: Cereza... listen to me.
Bayonetta: You... You know my name?
Balder: If I stray from my path... You... must be the one... The one to stop me...
Bayonetta: Balder!!
Balder: Cereza... Just one time, call me... Daddy...
Bayonetta: Daddy...
Balder: Thank you... Cereza... My dear, sweet child...
Bayonetta: Daddy!!

Loki: It seems... like the world's still in one piece...
Bayonetta: Seems so...
Loki: You don't need the Eyes of the World, love. I believe in your kind. You can create whatever future you desire.
Bayonetta: What will happen to you?
Loki: I'll just take a little break... This world doesn't need me anymore, right?
Bayonetta: Will I see you again?
Loki: Hard to say... I'll come back to this world someday, so if you're lucky, maybe we'll meet again, love.
Bayonetta: Little one, I...
Loki: I'm not little. And I have a name. It's Aesir-- I mean, my name is Loki. And I think you can quit treating me like a kid now.
Bayonetta: Then I'll call you by your name when I see you again. As a man.
Loki: Bloody hell... Well, that's fine I guess. At least I know what I want to be when I grow up, right!? See you around, Bayonetta.
Bayonetta: Goodbye, little one. And you can call me Cereza.
Loki: Sorry, love. But you still don't strike me as a Cereza.

Jeanne: Sales are so much better after the holidays.
Bayonetta: And the distinct lack of acts of God doesn't hurt either. Can you believe they tore my dress to shreds? Right about here, I think it was.
Jeanne: Absolutely criminal. There is such a thing as a time and a place...
Bayonetta: Time? Oh...
Jeanne: Cereza. Cat got your tongue?
Bayonetta: ...No. No... I'm fine.
Luka: Hey, c'mon! How long do I have to keep doing this? Investigative journalism is big in January!!
Rodin: The Gates of Hell goes down, and so does your anonymous source, my friend. Now keep driving.
Luka: Alright, alright. I get it. I owe you. But I'm not the one with the endless tab. Where is that deadbeat, anyway!?
Bayonetta: Well, those two are getting along nicely. Now to get those new heels. Come along, Enzo. [realizes Enzo isn't there] Damnit. I forgot Enzo.
Jeanne: I was wondering why there wasn't a short, foulmouthed Italian in earshot. Where did you leave him?
Bayonetta: He said... he'd wait for me in the plane... [sees Enzo approaching in a plane, being chased by angels] Again!?
Enzo: What a day!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!!
Bayonetta: [upon seeing her dress ruined] Wonderful!! That's the second dress in a month!
Jeanne: Another day in the life, Cereza. Maybe you should try being nice to Enzo for a change? Let's save the chit-chat for later. We've got work to do.
Bayonetta: Now you're speaking my language. There's only one way to ring in the new year... Let's dance, boys!

The Gates of Hell[edit]

Rodin: Welcome to the Gates of Hell. We've lit our prices on fire, so there won't be hell to pay... C'mon. I gotta say some cheesy shit sometimes.

Rodin: New shop rule: No shoes. No shirt. No service. Hair doesn't count. Just kiddin'! What'll it be?

Rodin: The world famous Rodin's. Where demons and gunsmithing go together like chicken and waffles. Hehe... Sorry, I'm mad hungry. What can I do ya for?

Rodin: Well now. Looks like you've found a good reason to visit. You know I'm all 'bout them Angelic Hymns Gold LPs. Angels in agony are pretty much my slow jams. I play that back home, and the demons will be lined up to get down. Lucky for me, I got a few jams of my own cookin' that'll need a little demon kick to finish them off. That LP is just what the doctor ordered. Now hand it over, and I'll go get my swerve on. [enters Inferno; returns] This motherfucker DID NOT want to listen to reason. But it's all good, cuz neither did I. Put him to work.

Rodin: Another LP? No rest for the wicked. Even if I am jollier than the average demon. But no need to pity me--I was bored anyways. Be right back... This one's gonna be fun. Been looking for a workout like this for a while. Ta-ta.

Rodin: You know how they say life's a bitch? Try being dead for a couple millennia. Makes a demon cranky as shit. Don't think this demon'll be complaining anymore.

Rodin: Done and done. I like it when they come quiet like. Means they still have some fight left in 'em for the road ahead. He's all yours now, Bayonetta.

Rodin: Had to crawl down to a deep circle to get this bad boy. I think he'll do great.

Rodin: You better be happy I like you, Bayonetta. If I didn't, I'd be chargin' you hazard pay for this one. Now go make me proud!

Rodin: Damn... Some of these fools are really 'bout that life. Had me workin' overtime to knock this one into shape. Off ya go!

Rodin: Seriously. At this point, do I really need to explain how the damn shop works?


Bayonetta: No one said you could touch!

Bayonetta: Heaven condemned me, and hell deceived me. Now, it's time to teach them both a lesson.

Bayonetta: This seems to be the reflection of an Umbran Resting Place which existed in the past. I'll have to collect each of the broken pieces while this Remembrance of Time is visible.

Bayonetta: The broken pieces combined to restore the Resting Place to its original form.

Loki: Try to keep up!

Rosa: Don't let your guard down!

Rosa: Hurry!

Bayonetta: You didn't think I'd miss a good fight, did you?

Bayonetta: Like my new haircut?

Luka: That performance might make the back page of the classifieds.

Loki: Not that bad, I guess.

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