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Bear in the Big Blue House is an American children's television series created by Mitchell Kriegman and produced by Jim Henson Television for Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney preschool television block. Debuting on October 20, 1997, it aired it's the last episode on April 1, 2003.


Theme song[edit]

Welcome to the Blue House, hello from the small mouse. Things to do, fun for you.
Howdy from the Big Bear. Want some fun? Here's where.
Just for you. All is new.
In our house of blue.
Lot's of room in our house.
Catch the moon at our house.
Kitchen's here. Bathroom's here.
the Attic full of stuff here.
Pillows full of fluff here. (Whoop-de-doo) Just for you
In our house of blue
Together: Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Big Blue House (2x) Door is open. Come on in. Now you're here, so let's....begin.

Season 1 (1997)[edit]

Home is Where the Bear Is [1.1][edit]

Bear: Hmm. Home. Home is such a nice word, isn't it? Have you ever really stopped to think about what it means?

Bear: You've given me a great idea. How would you like a tour of my house? The Big Blue House.

Bear: Now look at this. This is the kitchen table. It's the best part of the kitchen.
Tutter: [talking over as Bear continues] Oh, no, no, no.
Bear: With this table, you sit an' you can have a whole mess of cooked and buttered string beans.
Tutter: All wrong, Bear. All wrong.

Bear: You know, Tutter, I think the best part of the kitchen is that you like it so much.
Tutter: Ha ha. Thank you, Bear.

Pip: Fun is our middle name.
Pop: No, fun is your middle name. Mine is Angelica, remember?
Pip: Oh, right. Sorry.

Luna: Well, Bear, it seems to me that maybe the whole Big Blue House is your most extra-special, favorite place. It's your home, after all.
Bear: Wow, Luna. When you're right, you're right.
Luna: What can I say? I'm the moon.

Water, Water Everywhere [1.2][edit]

Ojo: Uh oh. Bear. Bear!
Bear: Yes, Ojo?
Ojo: You're in the water.
Bear: Oh! Uh, sorry. I'm in the water.

Bear: Anyway, before you got here, Ojo and I were playing with some water. See? Water. Mm-hmm. I'm so curious. Why is it so wet? And why does everybody drink it? And how come you can see right through it?

Tutter: Oh, great Gouda. Oh, Brie. I'll never get the water I need.

Bear: Sometimes, Tutter is so determined, he forgets to ask for a little help. Um, are you sure there isn't something I could do maybe to lift your spirits?
Tutter: No, no.
Bear: Or raise your outlook?

Pip and Pop: Bye bye, Bear. Bye bye, Tutter. [disappear through the sink]
Bear: [does a take] Huh?
Tutter: [to Pip and Pop] See ya.
Bear: How do those two do that?

Mouse Party [1.3][edit]

pip and pop: hi bear
pop: we're blowing up balloons
pip: yeah and we're making them big
pop: really
pip: really
pip and pop: REALLY BIG! [Pip and pop tries to blow the balloons bigger but the balloons pop]
pip: aah [bear shushes them]
bear: pip, pop!
both: sorry bear
bear: guys [he checks upstairs with his head to one side] [back to pip and pop]
bear: we don't want tutter to hear
pop: must've been some bad balloons
pip: yeah
pop: new balloons!
pip: yep
bear: ha ha ha, have you ever been to a birthday party? It's really exciting
bear: when the birthday boy, or girl, or mouse, comes into the room and then everybody jumps out and yell, [loudly] HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [party poppers pop, confetti comes down and party blowers blow repeatedly]
pip and pop: bear?
bear: sorry. [To the viewer] the thing is, we're having a surprise birthday party, that means we have to be quiet, and whisper, and tiptoe around, so tutter won't hear
bear: will you help us make the birthday party, a surprise? [Pip and pop pops the balloons again that scared bear]
bear: ah! [Goes over to the desk] Pip pop!
both: surprise? [Both laugh]
bear: pip pop [the otters pause]
Tutter: bear, oh bear!
bear: ah, tutter tutter, tutters coming! Quick, hide the balloons! [pip and pop hides the decorations] [to the viewer]
bear: remember, don't tell tutter, it's a secret, we're trying to have a surprise birthday party
tutter: hello hello bear [bear looks around]
bear: oh uh tutter, tutter uh um
tutter: hello pip hello pop
both: hello tutter
tutter: I was just wondering, I mean I was wondering, just uh, what was that sound? Did any of you hear a balloon pop?
pip and pop: uh uh uh
Pop: did you see a balloon?
pip: not me did you pop?
pop: not me did you pip?
pip: not me [to bear] did you bear?
bear: not me did you pop?
pop: not me
tutter: okay okay i was just asking, um um bear?
bear: [to tutter] yes?
tutter: there's something I'd like to show you
bear: oh sure tu---- [pauses] tter but I uh I i have to uh I can't to have to finish finish finish um
Pip: talking,
pip and pop: to us
pop: yes endlessly talking to us
bear: yes
tutter: oh okay um okay, uh well i'll be waiting in the kitchen bear, that's where I'll be when you get a moment
bear: heh heh okay, [bear nods] I'll be right there
tutter: yeah yeah, I'll be waiting bear, see you later, I'll be waiting
pip and pop: bye bye tutter
tutter: bye pip bye pop
bear: whew, [to the viewer] that was a close one
bear: thanks for helping us keep the secret, we don't wanna spoil the surprise for tutter

Shape of a Bear [1.4][edit]

bear: everything has its own special shape, [guitar shrums] even you, and me [sings]

Verse 1:

🎵what I see with my eyes🎵
🎵it's a world of different sizes🎵
🎵each thing have its own special shape🎵
🎵could be round like a melon🎵
🎵could be square there's no telling🎵
🎵it could even be oval like a grape🎵
🎵me I'm the shape of a bear🎵
🎵from the tips of my paws🎵
🎵from the fuzz of my hair🎵
🎵not a circle🎵
🎵a squiggle🎵
🎵or a square🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵

Verse 2

🎵a ship can be shipshape🎵
🎵a water drop is a dripshape🎵
🎵there's shapes for everything I see🎵
🎵ice creams a cone shape🎵
🎵and you have your own shape🎵
🎵and that's just a great shape to be🎵
🎵me I'm a shape of a bear🎵
🎵from the tips of my paws🎵
🎵from the fuzz of my hair🎵
🎵not a circle🎵
🎵a squiggle🎵
🎵or a square🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵
🎵me I'm just a shape of a bear🎵

[The song ends as bear accidentally sat on tutters tail]

tutter: yooow
bear: [jumps] ah

Picture of Health [1.5][edit]

bear: WOODLAND WORKOUT, [stretches] STRETCHING, [jumps] JUMPING [runs] RUNNING, feelin good.

A Wagon of a Different Color [1.10][edit]

The Big Litte Visitor [1.16][edit]

A Winter's Nap [1.17][edit]

Need a Little Help Today [1.23][edit]

Bear: ( sneezes )
Bear: Come on, let's go to the attic and find her.

( soft music plays at once in the sunset down and nighthill )

Luna: I'm sorry.
Bear: Well, I had some quiet time and lot of help from my friends.

Listen Up [1.24][edit]

Lost Thing [1.25][edit]

Friends for Life [1.26][edit]

Season 2 (1998)[edit]

The Big Sleep [2.3][edit]

Bear's Birthday Bash [2.12][edit]

Ojo: Bear's going to be done drying his fur any minute. Are you guys finished?
Treelo: Look! I am! Treelo finish.
Ojo Oh, nice wrapping. Great. Uh, Tutter? Pip, Pop? How are the decorations and the cake coming?
Tutter: Uh, well… Well, the cake is at a very delicate point, Ojo, a very delicate point.
Pip & Pop: We need lots more decorations.
Bear: [offscreen] Hey, everybody! [Everyone gasp in shock.] Who wants a mess of cooked and butter string beans? [All of the kids running around, but Ojo kept blocking the others for a place to hide. They ran away except Ojo.] Hello?

Look What I Made [2.16][edit]

Afraid Not [2.22][edit]

Tutter: [offscreen] I'm afraid! I'm afraid!
All: Huh?
Tutter: [holding Kitty] Yeah. I'm really, really afraid! [whimpering and glups]
Bear: Oh! Hi, Tutter.
Tutter: "Hi"? Is that all you can say? "Hi"? The whole sky is falling down around us, and-and making lots of loud awful noises and all you could say is "hi"? Oh!
Bear: Tutter, I can understand. Storms can be scary, sometimes but, believe me, we're safe and sound inside. There's nothing to be afraid of. [The lighting flashes, the lights go out, causing a blackout in the living room. Tutter gasps and Treelo and Ojo scream.] Guys, guys. It's okay. It's okay. Look. I have my trusty Bearcraft flashlight.
Ojo: Huh? [Bear turns on the flashlight] Oh!
Bear: See?
Ojo: Hey, you guys, oh, look, Bear's got a flashlight.
Treelo: Hello, flashlight.
Ojo: Yeah.
Bear: Yeah. See, Tutter? [moves the flashlight to the floor, but Tutter was not there]
Ojo: [offscreen] Hey, where's Tutter?
Treelo: Hey.
Ojo: Tutter?
Bear: Tutter?
Treelo: Tutter?
Ojo: Tutter?
Treelo: Tutter?
Ojo: Where'd you go?
Bear Tutter?
Treelo Tutter, where'd you… [Tutter's tail appears from the coffee table.] Hey, look! Tutter. [laughs]
Bear: Oh, Tutter!
Tutter: Huh?
Bear: Tutter, it's okay. Sometimes in a storm, the lights do go out, but sometimes they come back on again really soon.
Tutter: R-R-Really?
Bear: Really. And as long as I have my flashlight, everything's okay.
Tutter: Well, okay, Bear, okay. But, you know, a little noise to a big, ol' bear like you can be an awful lot of noise for a little, bitty mouse like… [He saws something and screams in shock. He shivers.]
Bear: Tutter? Tutter?
Ojo: Bear? What's wrong with Tutter?
Treelo: Yeah. [gasps] Look! Look! [The camera moves backwards which appears to be Tutter's shadow on the wall that Tutter was afraid of it.]
Tutter: Bear! I-I-I-I-It's…it's…IT'S A GIANT MOUSE!!! [screaming]
Bear: Tutter, Tutter, it's okay. It's just your shadow.
Tutter: What? What?
Bear: It's the shadow, that the flashlight is making on you.
Tutter: M-M-M-M-Me? R-R-R-R-R-Really?
Bear: Yes. If you move your tail, the tail on the shadow will move, too.
Tutter: Yeah? [wags his tail] Wha-? Hey! Hey, yeah! It is me! Hey. [The lights went back on again.]
Treelo: Hey! The lights!
Ojo: Yay! The lights are back!
Tutter: Hey, where'd the giant Tutter go?

Tutter: [climbing up the stairs to find Treelo and Ojo in a game of hide-and-seek] Okay, now, Bear said there's nothing to be afraid of. Heh. Nothing to be afraid of in the Big Blue House. [grunts and laughs] Ojo, Treelo, where are you guys? [In the bedroom, Pip and Pop used a purple flower sheet to pretend as a monster.]
Pip: Hey, that's Tutter!
Pop: Oh. He'll love this! Come on.
Pip: Yeah! [giggles]
Tutter: I-I wonder if they're in the bedroom. Uh, [Pip and Pop start moaning.] where are you guys? You know, I'm not sure I feel like playing anymo… [He sees Pip and Pop and gasps in shock. He slowly turns to the camera in horror.]
Pip and Pop: Beware! We are the two-headed purple flower monster! Beware!
Tutter: [to the viewer] There's a two-headed purple flower monster! [screams and runs back down the stairs while Pip and Pop laugh.]
Pop: Hey, do you think he liked it?
Pip: I don't know, let's go ask him.
Pop: Yeah.

Bear: [enters the living room with his flashlight and candles while looking around] Hey, where'd everybody go? [Ojo and Treelo appear.]
Ojo: Hey, Bear, have you seen Tutter? We were playing hide-and-go-seek and while he was supposed to find us and, well, now we can't find him.
Treelo: Tutter.
Ojo: Tutter?
Bear: I'm sorry, Ojo, I don't know. In fact, I haven't even seen Tutt… [Tutter pops up from a flower pot.] …er! [Tutter screams. He and Bear scream. The lighting strikes and flashes, and Tutter, Bear, Treelo and Ojo scream. Tutter hides in the flower pot and Treelo and Ojo hides behind the coffee table.] Tutter, you scared me.
Ojo: Y-Yeah, Tutter.
Treelo: [nods] Yeah.
Bear: Tutter, what are you doing hiding in there?
Treelo: Hm.
Ojo: Yeah, Tutter, we're the ones that are supposed to be hiding [Treelo nods] and you're supposed to be seeking.
Treelo: Yeah.
Tutter: But-But there's a two-headed purple flower monster up in Bear's bedroom and it almost got me!
Ojo: That's silly, Tutter. [She and Treelo laugh.]
Tutter: But-But-But Ojo, Treelo, really, there, there… [Pip and Pop appear with the purple flower sheet and Tutter gasps in shock and shivers.]
Bear: Tutter?
Ojo: Tutter?
Tutter: [stammers] THERE! [He hides in the flower pot and Pop and Pop start moaning. Everyone, except Bear, scream in horror and hide.]
Ojo: B-B-B-But Bear-Bear, I thought that you said that there was n-n-n-n-no such as thing m-m-m-m-m-m-m-monsters?
Treelo: [inaudible]
Bear: [to the viewer] There are no such thing as monsters, but I think I know who this two-headed purple flower monster is. Do you know who it is?
Pip and Pop: Beward! The two-headed purple flower monster has come! [Bear pulls the sheet up, revealing Pip and Pop.] Beware! The two-headed purple flower monster wants…
Pip: Uh…
Pop: Uh…
Pip: Uh…
Pip and Pop: …you.
Treelo and Ojo: Pip and Pop?
Tutter: You mean that-that two-headed purple flower monster was Pip and Pop all along?
Pop: Yeah, pretty good trick, huh?
Pip: Did you like it, Tutter? [Pop chuckles]
Tutter: Like it? Like it? You scared me! You scared me! I didn't like it at all. Not one little bit! Hmph! [He angrily looks away from Pip and Pop.]
Pop: But, Tutter, we were just playing.
Pip: Yeah, we were just having some fun.
Tutter: [still angry] Hmph!
Pop: Bear?
Pip and Pop: What's with Tutter?
Bear: Well, guys, sometimes what might be a funny joke or a trick to you, well, to somebody else, it can be really scary. [Tutter nods.]
Pip and Pop: Huh.
Bear: See? Tutter thought there really was a two-headed purple flower monster [Tutter nods again.] and he was afraid. [Ojo nods.]
Pop: But, Bear, we were just playing.
Pip: Yeah.
Bear: Well, let me ask you this.
Pop: What?
Bear: How would you feel if you there really was a two-headed [Tutter nods again] purple flower monster in the house? [Pip and Pop gasp.]
Pip: Oooh! That's scary!
Pop: Really scary!
Pip: Well, I don't even want to think about that.
Pop: Oh, yea…
Pip: Oh, that wou… [They realize their mistake, when a ding sound effect can be heard.]
Pip: Huh.
Pop: Oooh.
Both: We're sorry, Tutter.
Pip: Really…
Pop: …really…
Both: …sorry.
Tutter: Well, well, o-okay. I-I guess. [chuckles] I really wasn't that afraid, you know.
[He, Pip and Pop laugh as Bear nods. The lighting flashes and the lights go out again, causing a blackout in the living room again.]
Treelo: Uh-oh.
Ojo: Hey.
Pop: Hey!
Ojo and Tutter: The lights went out again!
Treelo: [inaudible]
Ojo: Oh, no.
Tutter: Bear?
Ojo: It's going to get really scary again.
Bear: It's okay, it's okay, remember? I have my flashlight.

Buggin' [2.24][edit]

[Bear enters the kitchen, Tutter, wearing a framer's hat and a red handkerchief, was at the kitchen table in front of a tiny wheelbarrow containing tomatoes.]
Tutter: [humming "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"] Oh, Bear… Oh, hi, Bear.
Bear: Oh, hey, Tutter. What are you up to?
Tutter: Well, I was just gonna have a snack, Bear. Would you like to join me?
Bear: Oh, I'd love to, Tutter. What is on the menu?
Tutter: Oh, heh, well, I have some fresh tomatoes from my little garden here.
Bear: Ooh. [He and Tutter smell the tomatoes.] Aaah.
Tutter: Aaah.
Bear: They smell so good, Tutter.
Tutter: Yeah, yeah, hmm. [smacks lips] So, Bear, uh, what have you been up to today?
Bear: Oh, I just came back from the otter pond…
Tutter: Mm-hm.
Bear: …Ojo found this really cool bug.
Tutter: [shocked screams] A BUG?! [flees back to his mousehole]
Bear: [looks around] Tutter? [sees Tutter from his mousehole] Tutter.
Tutter: [scared] Bear, Bear, I'm down here.
Bear: Tutter. Tutter, what's the matter?
Tutter: The matter? What's the matter? The matter is bugs, Bear. Bugs! [shivers]
Bear: But, Tutter, it was just a little bug.
Tutter: Little? Little bug? Heh. Well, it may be to a big, ol' bear like you, but to a mouse, they're giants. GIANTS I TELL YOU!

Tutter: [looking through binoculars] I'm looking for you, bug. You're not gonna sneak up on this mouse. [He saws Bear and Treelo.] Wait! Wait! I see them! Two bugs! Boy. Real furry ones, too! One's big and brown and the other one's green and white and… Oh, no! They're getting closer! [screaming]
Bear and Treelo: Tutter?
Bear: It's Bear. [Tutter stops screaming as he looks at the camera.]
Treelo: And Treelo.
Tutter: Oh. It's just you two. You scared me out of my wits. Huh!
Treelo: [chuckles] Sorry, Tutter.
Bear: We didn't mean to, Tutter, but what's with all the sandbags?
Treelo: Yeah.
Tutter: Well, a mouse has to protect his home, doesn't he?
Treelo: [inaudible]
Tutter: Mm-hm.
Treelo: From what?
Tutter: An invasion. An invasion of bugs! [looks though the binoculars]
Bear: Treelo, Ojo found a bug out by the otter pond.
Treelo: Ah, a bug.
Bear: But, Tutter, there's nothing to worry about. That kind of bug never comes inside.
Treelo: Yeah, no come inside, Tutter. No come inside.
Tutter: Hmm. I don't kno…
Ojo: Hey, everybody.
Tutter and Treelo: Hi, Ojo!
Bear: Hey, Ojo.
Ojo: Hi.
Bear: Um, Ojo, I thought you were out looking for your bug?
Treelo and Tutter: Yeah.
Ojo: Oh. Well, I was and I followed her right in the front door.
Tutter: [surprised] What? [gasps] The bug's in the house! The bug's in the house! Red alert! [screams]
Bear: Tutter! Tutter, clam down. Treelo, Ojo and I will look for the bug and take him back outside.
Treelo: Yeah.
Ojo: Yeah. Yeah, okay. Here buggy, buggy.
Treelo: Here, bug! Here, bug! Here, bug!
Ojo: Here buggy, buggy. Here buggy, buggy.
Bear: Tutter?
Tutter: Buggy, buggy, buggy. Ah! Buggy.
Bear: Do you want to come with us?
Tutter: Oh! Um… [smacks lips] No thanks, Bear. I'll stay right here on alert. For your realize, Bear, there comes a time in every mouse's life when he is tested by fate when he must stand or fall when he against the pomp and cir…
Bear: Okay, Tutter. Okay. Okay. I'll be right back.
Tutter: Oh. Uh… [Bear leaves] Oh. Okay, Bear. No problem! Heh. After all, what am I? A mouse…or…a mouse. Um… erm… Well, heh, I'll be fine right here… [worried] all alone. [hears a noise and gasps] What was that? [looks through the binoculars] Bear? Bear? Is that you? [The bug appears crawling on the wall towards him.] Ojo? Come on, guys, this isn't funny. [He saws the bug as he screams. He freezes in shock and slowly turns to the camera, staring in horror.]

When You've Got to Go [2.39][edit]

Season 3 (1999)[edit]

Nothing to Fear [3.3][edit]

Bear: [entering the kitchen with a package from Bear Catalog] Let's see, it says it's from… "L.L. Bear Catalog!" [to the viewer] Oh, this is great! This must be the bear clock I ordered. Yeah. I ordered a clock in the shape of a bear! [opens the package] This is going to be so neat. Wait till you see this! This is a clock shaped [drumroll] just like a- [pulls out the clock, which is similar to the design of Kit-Cat Klock, in the shape of a shunk from the package.] …skunk? It's a… it's a skunk clock. Wait a minute. This isn't right. What does this say here? [picks up the card] Um… Uh, [reads] "Congratulations on receiving your 'The Skunk Clock.' It is sure to add skunky charm to your home." They made a mistake. They sent me the wrong clock. Um… well, I mean… that's okay… maybe, maybe this'll work out. I mean, skunks are good too, [closes up the skunk clock to the viewers] right? Let's see. Where should we hang this? [walks to the kitchen table] Um… here?… [looks at Tutter's mousehole] Um, down here? [looks at the wall where the apple clock is] Hey! How about up here? Yeah. That's a good spot. Okay. [puts the skunk clock on the kitchen bench] So we'll put this down and take down the apple clock. [hears Ojo and Treelo playing outside] Huh?
Ojo: [laughs] Alright, Treelo!
Bear: Hey. That's Ojo and Treelo and it sounds like they're playing outside. Do you want to go see what they're doing? Come on. We'll have fun hanging the… skunk later.

Bear: [puts his skunk clock on the wall and turns it on as the skunk clock's eyes moving back and forth and swinging his tail pendulum back and forth.] There. It looks pretty good, huh? …for a skunk. [sniffing] And for a skunk clock, it smells pretty good too. [He chuckles as he watches the skunk clock's tail pendulum swinging and yawns.] Suddenly, I'm a little sleepy. Um, I think I'll go take a nap for a few minutes. I'll be back. [exits the kitchen]
Tutter: [offscreen] Oh, hickory dickory! [The camera pans down to him.] What is making that noise. It's… [scoffs] Gee whiz… [He is seen holding Kitty and his blanket.] How can a mouse take a nap around here with all this ticking and tocking! Bear! Who is making all that noise? Bear? [looks around and saws Bear's skunk clock] Ah-ha! [to the viewer] Look at that. Will you? Mmm! [runs back into his mousehole and climbs upstairs to the top shelf.] Hmph. Now let me see, go up the stairs here… up the left… up the right… [panting] Boy, lot more stairs than I remember from last time. Oh, trying to take a look. Now, where is that… where could… oh, yeah! Ahem. Um, excuse me, Mr., um, Skunk. Um, I know you must be a guest of Bear's and I- I hate to be rude… but would you mind terribly, I mean, would you terribly mind, wou---would you ju--… [shouting] OH, WOULD YOU JUST BE QUIET?!?
[The camera shows the skunk clock's view.]
Tutter: Ah-ha. Well, um… You see, this mouse is trying to take a nap and-and with all that tick, tock, tick tocking… Well, heh, it is pretty noisy. [laughs but the skunk clock won't answer.] Excuse me, um, M-M-Mr. Skunk? H-Hello? Um… W-w-well, a-at least you could answer me! Would you-- Hey. Hey wha-- Quit looking at me like that! W-Would… [looks at the skunk clock's tail pendulum] And quit wagging your tail! W-Would… Stop, I mean it now! Stop it, please! Just stop it! Stop it! [gasping]
Bear: [entering the kitchen] Tutter? Tutter? Tutter! Tutter! Take it easy. Now, breathe in… [Tutter deeply breathes in.] Breathe out. [Tutter exhales and gulps in horror.] Now, Tutter, tell me what happened?
Tutter: [mumbling] Well, th-this skunk-this skunk, Bear, [Bear looks confused.] i-i-is scaring me. HE'S SCARING ME!! [gasping]
Bear: Skunk? Wh--? Oh, you mean my new skunk clock?
Tutter: Clock? I don't know anything about a clock. All I know is that skunk won't even answer me, Bear. And those eyes. Those eyes! [goes crazy]
Bear: No. No. Tutter, Tutter, take it easy. See, it's not a real skunk, it's a clock - in the shape of a skunk.
Tutter: Huh?
Bear: Yes. It's a clock. See? The numbers.
Tutter: I-I guess I do see the numbers, Bear. But… that's a strange skunk!
Bear: Tell you what, Tutter. Why don't you come on down and I'll show you something. Okay?
Tutter: Oh. Okay, Bear, but I don't know what there is to see.

Wait for Me [3.14][edit]

[Bear's stomach growls.]
Bear: [to the viewer] Did you hear that? That sounded like my… [His stomach growls again.] …stomach. Here. Listen. [The camera closes up to his stomach. His stomach growls again.] Yep. That's my stomach. Has your stomach ever gone rumbly-rumbly when it's hungry? Well, let's see if we can't find this big ol' Bear a little snack. [He notices the refrigerator.] Hey. I'll check inside the refrigerator. [He looks inside the refrigerator.] Now, let's see… [Tutter appears.]
Tutter: Bear!
Bear: D'oh! Oof! [Tutter chuckles.] Oh, uh, Tutter?
Tutter: Yeah?
Bear: You startled me.
Tutter: Oh, I'm sorry, Bear, very sorry, but-but would you, would you please close the freezer? O-Otherwise, my cheesy fruit pops will never get frozen. [to the viewer] Never!
Bear: Hm? Cheesy fruit pops?
Tutter: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bear, you see them? Right there in the ice cube tray. [Bear picks up the ice cube tray with the cheesy fruit pops into shapes of triangles, squares and circles.]
Bear: Oh, yeah. You're making popsicles with juice.
Tutter: Uh-huh. D-Don't they look just like little pieces of cheese? [chuckles] I just love 'em, just love 'em. [chuckles] Oh, oh! Hey, Bear, are they done yet? Are they?
Bear: Well… no, Tutter. There's still a little… juicy.
Tutter: [sighs] Okay, Bear. But I-I guess I'll just have to wait some more. [chuckles and sighs]
Bear: Okay. I'll just 'pop' them back in for you.
Tutter: [surprised] Pop them back in? [laughs] I get that, Bear. Pop them back in. Cheesy fruit pops. Pop them back in. Oo-hoo, oo-hoo. Ooo. Ooo. Oh, my side. [He falls off the refrigerator.] Uh--Ahh! [grunts]
Bear: Tutter, are you okay?
Tutter: [chuckles] Yeah, Bear. I'm fine. [chuckles] Cheesy fruit pops. [He and Bear chuckle.]
Bear: Okay, Tutter. Now, let's see, where can I get a snack? Hmm… [Tutter looks at the camera.] Ah.
Tutter: Bear?
Bear: Um…?
Tutter: Y-y-y-y-you think it's ready now?
Bear: Well, Tutter, we just looked.
Tutter: Oh. [sighs]
Bear: Tutter, I think you could use a… [holds out a kitchen timer in his hand] timer.
Tutter: A timer? Wow! What a great idea, Bear. A timer. Who would have thought it? Look at that. Bear?
Bear: Mmm?
Tutter: What's a timer?
Bear: Oh. Well, you see, Tutter, a timer lets you know when something's done.
Tutter: Huh?
Bear: You see, you just set the timer…
Tutter: Mm-hmm.
Bear: …and then when it goes "ding!", like this… [The timer dings, which frightens Tutter.]
Tutter: D-uh! [He hides behind the refrigerator, as he peeks with his eyes.]
Bear: …that's when you know that whatever it is you're waiting for is done.
Tutter: Ohhh. Okay, Bear. Boy, that sounds great!
Bear: So now, I'll just set the timer…
Tutter: Yeah.
Bear: …and when it goes "ding!"…
Tutter: Mm-hmm.
Bear: …then you know your cheesy fruit pops are ready.
Tutter: Okay, Bear. [chuckles]
Bear: Okay, Tutter.
Tutter: Mm.
Bear: Now, let's see… What can I have a snack? Hmm. Let's see… honey? No, um, maybe some… honey and peanut butter? [Tutter has set the timer back to zero again and it dings.] That seemed awfully quick.
Tutter: Okay, Bear! The pops are done! [chuckles] Gonna have cheesy fruit pops. Uh, cheesy fruit pops.
Bear: Um, Tutter?
Tutter: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [chuckles] Oh, yes, Bear?
Bear: Did you set the timer back to zero, again?
Tutter: Well, yeah, yeah. I guess I helped a little. [chuckles] B-B-But you said, Bear, you said, "When the timer dings… the pops are be done."
Bear: …"The pops are done." Right.
Tutter: Yes! [laughs]
Bear: Um, you see, Tutter, the thing is…
Tutter: Yeah?
Bear: …um, you have to actually wait for time to go by.
Tutter: Ohhh. Oh! [laughs] I get that now, Bear. Okay. Time goes by.
Bear: Right.
Tutter: Yeah.
Bear: So let me set the timer again.
Tutter: Okay.
Bear: And now, this time…
Tutter: Hm.
Bear: …when the timer actually goes "ding!"…
Tutter: Mm-hmm.
Bear: …that's when the pops will be done.
Tutter: Great. Okay, Bear.
Bear: Okay. [He walks off, but then stops after he looks at Tutter. He looks at him again and the camera.] Um… excuse me. Tutter?
Tutter: Uh, oh. Yes, Bear?
Bear: One more thing about the timer.
Tutter: Mm-hmm.
Bear: You don't have to actually watch it. You can actually like, go off, scamper away, do other things, play.
Tutter: Scamper away?
Bear: Leave.
Tutter: Whoa, whoa, now, whoa, whoa! Hold on just a second there, Bear. Do you mean to say that-that I could be over there in my mousehole, sweeping up, o-o-or sitting in my screening room watching a movie, o-or just relaxing by the lap pool? [gasps excitedly]
Bear: [quizzically] Lap pool?
Tutter: Whoa. A-And meanwhile, outside, here in the kitchen, uh, the-the-the pops are in the freezer freezing, and I-I don't have to sit here and wait at all?
Bear: Exactly. The timer will tell you when to come back.
Tutter: Wow! Boy, howdy! What'll they think of next, huh? Okay. Wow. Thank you, Bear. Boy, I'll see you later! Boy, what an education. [He chuckles and jumps off the refrigerator.] Whoo!
Bear: Oh. Okay, Tutter.
Tutter: See ya, Bear.
Bear: See you later. [chuckles]

That Healing Feeling [3.16][edit]

Tutter Well, so, Doctor Hogg…
Doc Hogg: Hmm?
Tutter: …what's the story?
Doc Hogg: Eh?
Tutter: Well, what's wrong with my little tail?
Doc Hogg: Tutter, I think your tail has a little fracture in it.
Tutter: [relaxed] Hm-hm, a fracture. Hm. [shocked] A FRACTURE?! Ah! A fracture! Bear, I've got a fracture! Oh, it's worse than I thought! Oh! Doctor Hogg, what's a fracture?
Doc Hogg: Oh. [chuckles] Well, Tutter, it's not too bad. It can happen to anyone. I'll use the x-ray machine and I'll show you.
Tutter: [surprised] An x-ray? What's that?!
Doc Hogg: [brings in an x-ray camera] Well, I'll show you that, too. See, this is an x-ray camera. It can take a picture of the inside of you.
Tutter: What?
Doc Hogg: This time, we're taking a picture of the inside of your tail.
Tutter: Really?
Doc Hogg: Mm-hm.
Tutter: The inside of my tail? [Doc Hogg chuckles] Boy, wow! Hey, I've never seen the inside of my tail before, Bear.
Bear: I know. Me neither. [He, Doc Hogg, Tutter and Ojo chuckle.]
Doc Hogg: Okay, now, if you don't mind, step back, Bear, Ojo, you too. [moves the x-ray camera towards Tutter] Give Tutter a little bit of room.
Tutter and Ojo: Okay.
Bear: Okay, Tutter. We're still here.
Doc Hogg: And in just a minute or two, we'll have… [The scene cuts to a x-ray picture of the fracture in the inside of Tutter's tail.] …a picture.
Tutter: Ah.
Doc Hogg: [chuckles] Hmm? Now then, uh, Tutter, you see right there?
Tutter: Wh… You mean that little break?
Doc Hogg: Yep. That's what a fracture is. [Bear nods to the viewer.]
Tutter: Ah.
Doc Hogg: A little break in one of your bones.
Tutter: Oh, okay.
Doc Hogg: If I had a dime for every time a mouse came in here with a little fracture in his tail. Well, heh-heh. I'd have a whole lot of dimes. [Bear, Tutter and Ojo look at the camera.] Well, uh, because of that fracture…
Tutter: Mm-hm.
Doc Hogg: …we'll have to give you a little cast.
Tutter: [gasps softly] Hey. Hey, did you hear that, guys? I'm going to get a cast.
Bear: Yeah. [Tutter chuckles, but looks interested.]
Tutter: Doctor Hogg, what's a cast?
Doc Hogg: Oh, well… [The scene cuts to the room, where Tutter has cast on his tail.] See? A cast is a special hard bandage that can set your tail in the right position.
Tutter: What, you mean so it'll be straight again?
Doc Hogg: That's the idea, Tutter.

Bats are People Too [3.18][edit]

[Bear sips a cap of hot cocoa in the kitchen.]
Bear: Aaah. [to the viewer] You know, I'm still doing things a little differently today. Instead of having my usual cup of tea, I'm having a cup of nice, hot cocoa. [smells the hot cocoa] Ah. Smells delicious.
Ojo: [offscreen] Bear! Bear! Ooh, ho-oh, oh…
Bear: That sounds like Ojo. Ojo? [Ojo starts panting. She was seen wearing a hat and a scarf.] Ojo? [accidentally bumps into Ojo] Oh! Ojo, take it easy. Okay, now, just tell me what happened.
Ojo: Bear, I was, I was up in the attic playing dress up, and, and, and, and, and, and…
Bear: Ojo, Ojo, easy, easy. Breathe in. [Ojo breathes in.] Breathe out. [Ojo exhales.]
Ojo: [panting] And this big old monster with wings came flying right in the window, Bear. It was awful.
Bear: A monster? Through the window?
Tutter: Hey, hey, hey!
Bear: Hmm? [Tutter was at his mousehole, holding a picture book called "The Mouse and the Mountain".] Oh, hey, Tutter.
Tutter: What's the-- Hey, Bear. Wh-what's all the racket? I'm trying to concentrate on a picture book in here.
Ojo: Oh, oh, but, Tutter, I saw a monster. [Tutter looks shock and he stares at the camera, while pausing.] He had these big brown wings and these big pointy ears, [Tutter laughs] and-and…
Tutter: Oh, Ojo. Brown wings, pointy ears.
Ojo: But-but-but, Tutter.
Tutter: [laughs again] Well, any mouse can tell you there's no such thing as monsters. [to Bear] Right, Bear?
Bear: That's right, Tutter.
Tutter: [to Ojo] See? Heh-heh.
Bear: In fact, Ojo, I think you saw a little [Tutter nods.] bat that flew in from the pond.
Tutter: [looks in his picture book] Yeah, that's right, a little-- [gasps in shock] Bat?! Did-did-did you say "bat"?!
Bear: Yeah, Tutter.
Tutter: As in "flappy-flappy, eekie-eekie"?
Bear: Um, yeah. [Tutter turns to the camera in horror.]
Tutter: [shouts] LATER! [He rushes back inside his mousehole and slams the door closed.]
Bear: But, Tutter, there's nothing to be… [Tutter locks the door and Bear finishes his last two words.] …afraid of.

The Yard Sale [3.21][edit]

Go to Sleep [3.89][edit]

Season 4 (2002)[edit]

Welcome to Woodland Valley [4.1-4.2][edit]

Doc Hogg: Can't be a Woodland Valley firefighter without the hat, Bear. [chuckles]
Bear: Yes, I know, Doc. Hey, I bet you didn't know that Doc and I are volunteer firefighters.

Ojo: But Bear, where will we get our books now?
Harry: [sighs] We'll never go to the library again.
Ojo: The library was my favorite place.

Doc Hogg: ♪ There's the movie theater ♪
♪ The biggest one around ♪
♪ We get the latest movies ♪
♪ Even ones with sound. ♪

Ojo: Well, sometimes when things happens, like what happened to the library, it's weird when buildings get hurt and it worries me, Bear.
Bear: Yeah, I know what you mean, Ojo. But maybe this'll help. [sings]
♪ Let me hold you in my arms ♪
♪ Let me keep you safe and warm ♪
♪ Let me bring you to a place ♪
♪ Where there is no harm, no harm ♪
♪ And as long as you're with me ♪
♪ Then we've both got family ♪
♪ And we'll have everything we need ♪
♪ And there'll be no harm, no harm. ♪

Step by Step [4.3][edit]

First Day at Mouse School [4.4][edit]

Ojo: So, who do you think you'll sit next to at Mouse School, Tutter?
Tutter: Well, Ojo, according to everything I've heard, I shall be sitting next to, um... a mouse of some sort.

Tutter: Dry those tears, little Ojo. Buck up, little otters. Your Tutter will still be the same.

Bear: Mice... they grow up so fast, don't they? [sighs sadly and blows his nose]

Tutter: But Bear, what if the other kids at school don't like me? What if I don't fit in, Bear? Who's gonna help me through my first day of school, Bear? Because if you're not there, I don't know who's gonna do it! And I don't think I can make it through the entire day without you!
Bear: Tutter, Tutter. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Bear: [showing off baby pictures of Tutter] Here he is in his crib. And here he is taking his first steps. He was quite the early walker.

Bear: So, Tutter, how's it going? Still worried about fitting in?
Tutter: Fitting in? Me? [giggles] Oh, no, Bear. It's you won't fit in. You're too big. Too big!

Rockin' Rocko [4.5][edit]

When Harry Met Hallie [4.6][edit]

Show and Tell [4.7][edit]

Tutter Gathers Some Moss [4.8][edit]

History, Herstory, Bearstory [4.9][edit]

At the Old Bear Game [4.10][edit]

The View from You [4.19][edit]

To Clean or Not to Clean [4.20][edit]

Great Ball of Firefighters [4.21][edit]

Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday [4.22][edit]

Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash [4.23][edit]

Bear: Tutter's bringing a couple of his friends over tonight for a sleepover. Hey, sleepover. Sleepover. A sleepover is when you stay at a friend's house overnight. Sleepovers are fun and really good practice for when you and your family go on a really long trip and stay at a hotel.

Tutter: So, everybody excited about the big sleepover tonight?
Mice Kids: [various murmurs of assent]
Tutter: Huh? Huh, guys? Well, are ya'? Huh?

Tutter: Grab your gear, everybody! We're moving out!
Mice Kids: All right! This is gonna be great!
Bear: Um... everybody? 12...
Tutter: Hi!
Bear: 13...
Tutter: Come on in!
Bear: 14...

Tutter: Oh, guys, guys. It's just Bear's baseball glove.
Luke: What does he use for a ball? The moon?
Tutter: Seriously, though. He does talk to the moon.
Luke: Huh?
Bear: It's true. I do.
Tutter: Mmm-hmm, see.
Bear: Look, everyone, I know everything's kind of big, but I hope you'll think of this as your... well, your home away from home.

Bear: You know, sometimes it's nice to do something at a sleepover that you would do at your house. It helps make you feel more at home in the new place. Okay everybody, baked Brie it is.

Bear: Okay, everyone. Some nice baked Brie.
Mice Kids: Banzai!

Bear: Tutter? Um, what is it?
Tutter: Um, well, the thing is, I just realized --- I always sleep with Kitty and um, well, I'm just not sure what my friends will think when they see her.
Bear: Oh, well, Tutter? I wanna show you something. Come here. There you go, Tutter.
Tutter: Hey, look. Everybody's got a special something to sleep with, just like Kitty. Thank you, Bear.

Luke: I miss my Mom and Dad.
Bear: Oh, it's okay, Luke. If you're ever at a sleepover, you should always remember that if you ever wanna go home, get the grownup there to call and your Mom and Dad will come get you.

Volunteers in Woodland Valley [4.24][edit]

Bear: Well, you came on a really good day. Today's my day to volunteer. That's right. Volunteer. When you volunteer, you're helping folks in your community.

Pip: You ready for some extreme skateboarding action, Pip?
Pop: You know it, Pip. I'm otterly ready. [both laugh] Get it, Pip? Utterly --- otterly.

Bear: [walks into the living room with a sack lunch] Ah, yes. There's nothing like a sack lunch, when you're a volun... [steps on the skateboard Pip and Pop left behind and slides through the living room] TEEEEEEEER!
[The skateboard hits the couch. Bear screams as he flips over and falls to the ground]

Bear: I wonder how my little volunteers are doing right now. Heh. I bet they're having the time of their lives.

Let it Go [4.25][edit]

Bear: Guys, what's going on? You seem kind of---
Pip and Pop: We're worried, Bear!
Bear: Worried? What are you worried about?
Pip: Haven't you heard?
Pop: The Otter Pond is going to dry up.
Pip and Pop: True.

Pop: We were really worried, Bear.
Bear: Well, there's nothing to worry about. [the word "worry" appears] Hey. "Worry".
[Pip and Pop gasp, then get upset again.]
Pip and Pop: Ohhh, "Worry"...!
Bear: Guys? It's just a word.

Ojo: We're sending all this stuff to places where they'll be needed. You know, like the rainforest.
Treelo: Or maybe Seattle.

Radio Announcer: It's WWTL, your treetop news-station, coming to you from Sequoia City, serving the greater Woodland Valley area. And now...
Bear: I hope it's the weather.
Radio Announcer: You got it, the weather.
Bear: Hmm?

This Is Your Life, Bear [4.26][edit]

Bear: Huh. A contest and you win a vacation. With five friends. I could take everybody from the Big Blue House. Oh, a vacation would be great. And I do know my Cha-Cha Records.

Pip and Pop: Well, we wanted to know...
Pip: When the garbage collectors come to get the trash, do they just take the bag,
Pop: Or do they leave a totally new can too?
Bear: That's what you wanted to know?
Pip and Pop: Mmm, yeah.
Bear: Okay. Well, when the garbage collector comes, they take the bag and leave the can.

Ojo: Oh my. It sounds like he was upset.
Pip and Pop: Whoa. Bear never gets upset.

Pop: Hey. Bear.
[The word "Bear" appears on-screen]
Pip: I didn't know you could do that, Pop.
Pop: There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me.

[last lines of the series]
Luna: One life touches many others, Bear. We should make sure that each life we touch, we touch in as a positive a way as we can.
Bear: That's a really good point, Luna. In fact, that may be the most important thing of all.
Luna: Oh, speaking of which, I'd better be getting back up in the night sky. The Earth needs my light.
Bear: Well, Luna, before you go, will you sing the "Goodbye Song" with us, one more time?
Luna: You know I'd love to, Bear.
Bear: ♪ Hey, this was really fun ♪
Luna: ♪ We hope you liked it too ♪
Bear: ♪ Seems like we've just begun ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ When suddenly we're through ♪
Bear: ♪ Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ 'Cause now it's time to go ♪
Bear: ♪ But, hey, I say, well, that's okay ♪
Luna: ♪ 'Cause we'll see you very soon, I know ♪
Bear: ♪ Very soon, I know ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye ♪
Bear: ♪ And tomorrow, just like today ♪
Luna: (Goodbye - today)
Bear and Luna: ♪ The moon, the bear and the Big Blue House ♪
♪ Will be waiting for you to come and play ♪
♪ To come and play, to come and play ♪
Bear: [waves goodbye to Luna] Bye now!
[Luna goes back up into the night sky]
Bear: [last line of the series] Oh, by the way, I hope I've been one of the nicest parts of your life because... you are one of the nicest parts of mine. [nods] I'll see you back at the Big Blue House. Bye.

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