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Bear in the Big Blue House is an American children's television series created by Mitchell Kriegman and produced by Jim Henson Television for Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney preschool television block. Debuting on October 20, 1997, it aired its last episode on April 28, 2006.

Theme song[edit]

Welcome to the Blue House, hello from the small mouse. Things to do, fun for you.
Howdy from the Big Bear. Want some fun? Here's where.
Just for you. All is new.
In our house of blue.
Lot's of room in our house.
Catch the moon at our house.
Kitchen's here. Bathroom's here.
Attic full of stuff here.
Pillows full of fluff here. (Whoop-de-doo) Just for you
In our house of blue
Together: Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Big Blue House (x2) Door is open. Come on in. Now you're here, so lets....begin.

Season 1[edit]

Home is Where the Bear Is [1.1][edit]

Bear: Hmm. Home. Home is such a nice word, isn't it? Have you ever really stopped to think about what it means?

Bear: You've given me a great idea. How would you like a tour of my house? The Big Blue House.

Bear: Now look at this. This is the kitchen table. It's the best part of the kitchen.
Tutter: [talking over as Bear continues] Oh, no, no, no.
Bear: With this table, you sit an' you can have a whole mess of cooked and buttered string beans.
Tutter: All wrong, Bear. All wrong.

Bear: You know, Tutter, I think the best part of the kitchen is that you like it so much.
Tutter: Ha ha. Thank you, Bear.

Pip: Fun is our middle name.
Pop: No, fun is your middle name. Mine is Angelica, remember?
Pip: Oh, right. Sorry.

Luna: Well, Bear, it seems to me that maybe the whole Big Blue House is your most extra-special, favorite place. It's your home, after all.
Bear: Wow, Luna. When you're right, you're right.
Luna: What can I say? I'm the moon.

Water, Water Everywhere [1.2][edit]

Ojo: Uh oh. Bear. Bear!
Bear: Yes, Ojo?
Ojo: You're in the water.
Bear: Oh! Uh, sorry. I'm in the water.

Bear: Anyway, before you got here, Ojo and I were playing with some water. See? Water. Mm-hmm. I'm so curious. Why is it so wet? And why does everybody drink it? And how come you can see right through it?

Tutter: Oh, great Gouda. Oh, Brie. I'll never get the water I need.

Bear: Sometimes, Tutter is so determined, he forgets to ask for a little help. Um, are you sure there isn't something I could do maybe to lift your spirits?
Tutter: No, no.
Bear: Or raise your outlook?

Pip and Pop: Bye bye, Bear. Bye bye, Tutter. [disappear through the sink]
Bear: [does a take] Huh?
Tutter: [to Pip and Pop] See ya.
Bear: How do those two do that?

Mouse Party [1.3][edit]

Shape of a Bear [1.4][edit]

Picture of Health [1.5][edit]

Share, Bear [1.6][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Welcome to Woodland Valley [4.1-4.2][edit]

Doc Hogg: Can't be a Woodland Valley firefighter without the hat, Bear. [chuckles]
Bear: Yes, I know, Doc. Hey, I bet you didn't know that Doc and I are volunteer firefighters.

Ojo: But Bear, where will we get our books now?
Harry: [sighs] We'll never go to the library again.
Ojo: The library was my favorite place.

Doc Hogg: ♪ There's the movie theater ♪
♪ The biggest one around ♪
♪ We get the latest movies ♪
♪ Even ones with sound. ♪

Ojo: Well, sometimes when things happens, like what happened to the library, it's weird when buildings get hurt and it worries me, Bear.
Bear: Yeah, I know what you mean, Ojo. But maybe this'll help. [sings]
♪ Let me hold you in my arms ♪
♪ Let me keep you safe and warm ♪
♪ Let me bring you to a place ♪
♪ Where there is no harm, no harm ♪
♪ And as long as you're with me ♪
♪ Then we've both got family ♪
♪ And we'll have everything we need ♪
♪ And there'll be no harm, no harm. ♪

Step by Step [4.3][edit]

First Day at Mouse School [4.4][edit]

Ojo: So, who do you think you'll sit next to at Mouse School, Tutter?
Tutter: Well, Ojo, according to everything I've heard, I shall be sitting next to, um... a mouse of some sort.

Tutter: Dry those tears, little Ojo. Buck up, little otters. Your Tutter will still be the same.

Bear: Mice... they grow up so fast, don't they? [sighs sadly and blows his nose]

Tutter: But Bear, what if the other kids at school don't like me? What if I don't fit in, Bear? Who's gonna help me through my first day of school, Bear? Because if you're not there, I don't know who's gonna do it! And I don't think I can make it through the entire day without you!
Bear: Tutter, Tutter. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Bear: [showing off baby pictures of Tutter] Here he is in his crib. And here he is taking his first steps. He was quite the early walker.

Bear: So, Tutter, how's it going? Still worried about fitting in?
Tutter: Fitting in? Me? [giggles] Oh no, Bear. It's you won't fit in. You're too big. Too big!

Rockin' Rocko [4.5][edit]

When Harry Met Hallie [4.6][edit]

Show and Tell [4.7][edit]

Tutter Gathers Some Moss [4.8][edit]

History, Herstory, Bearstory [4.9][edit]

At the Old Bear Game [4.10][edit]

The View From You [4.19][edit]

To Clean or Not to Clean [4.20][edit]

Great Ball of Firefighters [4.21][edit]

Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday [4.22][edit]

Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash [4.23][edit]

Bear: Tutter's bringing a couple of his friends over tonight for a sleepover. Hey, sleepover. Sleepover. A sleepover is when you stay at a friend's house overnight. Sleepovers are fun and really good practice for when you and your family go on a really long trip and stay at a hotel.

Tutter: So, everybody excited about the big sleepover tonight?
Mice Kids: [various murmurs of assent]
Tutter: Huh? Huh, guys? Well, are ya'? Huh?

Tutter: Grab your gear, everybody! We're moving out!
Mice Kids: All right! This is gonna be great!
Bear: Um... everybody? 12...
Tutter: Hi!
Bear: 13...
Tutter: Come on in!
Bear: 14...

Tutter: Oh, guys, guys. It's just Bear's baseball glove.
Luke: What does he use for a ball? The moon?
Tutter: Seriously, though. He does talk to the moon.
Luke: Huh?
Bear: It's true. I do.
Tutter: Mmm-hmm, see.
Bear: Look, everyone, I know everything's kind of big, but I hope you'll think of this as your... well, your home away from home.

Bear: You know, sometimes it's nice to do something at a sleepover that you would do at your house. It helps make you feel more at home in the new place. Okay everybody, baked Brie it is.

Bear: Okay, everyone. Some nice baked Brie.
Mice Kids: Banzai!

Bear: Tutter? Um, what is it?
Tutter: Um, well, the thing is, I just realized --- I always sleep with Kitty and um, well, I'm just not sure what my friends will think when they see her.
Bear: Oh, well, Tutter? I wanna show you something. Come here. There you go, Tutter.
Tutter: Hey, look. Everybody's got a special something to sleep with, just like Kitty. Thank you, Bear.

Luke: I miss my Mom and Dad.
Bear: Oh, it's okay, Luke. If you're ever at a sleepover, you should always remember that if you ever wanna go home, get the grownup there to call and your Mom and Dad will come get you.

Volunteers in Woodland Valley [4.24][edit]

Bear: Well, you came on a really good day. Today's my day to volunteer. That's right. Volunteer. When you volunteer, you're helping folks in your community.

Pip: You ready for some extreme skateboarding action, Pip?
Pop: You know it, Pip. I'm otterly ready. [both laugh] Get it, Pip? Utterly --- otterly.

Bear: [walks into the living room with a sack lunch] Ah, yes. There's nothing like a sack lunch, when you're a volun... [steps on the skateboard Pip and Pop left behind and slides through the living room] TEEEEEEEER!
[The skateboard hits the couch. Bear screams as he flips over and falls to the ground]

Bear: I wonder how my little volunteers are doing right now. Heh. I bet they're having the time of their lives.

Let it Go [4.25][edit]

Bear: Guys, what's going on? You seem kind of---
Pip and Pop: We're worried, Bear!
Bear: Worried? What are you worried about?
Pip: Haven't you heard?
Pop: The Otter Pond is going to dry up.
Pip and Pop: True.

Pip: We were really worried, Bear.
Bear: Well, there's nothing to worry about. Hey --- worry.
Pip and Pop: Oh! Worry!

Ojo: We're sending all this stuff to places where they'll be needed. You know, like the rainforest.
Treelo: Or maybe Seattle.

Radio Announcer: It's WWTL, your treetop news-station, coming to you from Sequoia City, serving the greater Woodland Valley area. And now...
Bear: I hope it's the weather.
Radio Announcer: You got it, the weather.
Bear: Hmm?

This Is Your Life, Bear [4.26][edit]

Bear: Huh. A contest and you win a vacation. With five friends. I could take everybody from the Big Blue House. Oh, a vacation would be great. And I do know my Cha-Cha Records.

Pip and Pop: Well, we wanted to know...
Pip: When the garbage collectors come to get the trash, do they just take the bag,
Pop: Or do they leave a totally new can too?
Bear: That's what you wanted to know?
Pip and Pop: Mmm, yeah.
Bear: Okay. Well, when the garbage collector comes, they take the bag and leave the can.

Ojo: Oh my. It sounds like he was upset.
Pip and Pop: Whoa. Bear never gets upset.

Pop: Hey. Bear.
[The word "Bear" appears on-screen]
Pip: I didn't know you could do that, Pop.
Pop: There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me.

[last lines of the series]
Luna: One life touches many others, Bear. We should make sure that each life we touch, we touch in as a positive a way as we can.
Bear: That's a really good point, Luna. In fact, that may be the most important thing of all.
Luna: Oh, speaking of which, I'd better be getting back up in the night sky. The Earth needs my light.
Bear: Well, Luna, before you go, will you sing the "Goodbye Song" with us, one more time?
Luna: You know I'd love to, Bear.
Bear: ♪ Hey, this was really fun ♪
Luna: ♪ We hope you liked it too ♪
Bear: ♪ Seems like we've just begun ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ When suddenly we're through ♪
Bear: ♪ Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ 'Cause now it's time to go ♪
Bear: ♪ But, hey, I say, well, that's okay ♪
Luna: ♪ 'Cause we'll see you very soon, I know ♪
Bear: ♪ Very soon, I know ♪
Bear and Luna: ♪ Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye ♪
Bear: ♪ And tomorrow, just like today ♪
Luna: (Goodbye - today)
Bear and Luna: ♪ The moon, the bear and the Big Blue House ♪
♪ Will be waiting for you to come and play ♪
♪ To come and play, to come and play ♪
Bear: [waves goodbye to Luna] Bye now!
[Luna goes back up into the night sky]
Bear: [last line of the series] Oh, by the way, I hope I've been one of the nicest parts of your life because... you are one of the nicest parts of mine. [nods] I'll see you back at the Big Blue House. Bye.

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