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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (2009–2013) is a British animated children's television series aimed at children originally broadcast on Nickelodeon UK.

For the current series that aired on Channel 5, see Peppa Pig.


Narrator: Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a Little Kingdom of elves and fairies. Everyone who lives here is very very small.
Ben: I'm Ben Elf.
Holly: And I'm Princess Holly. Come on, let's play.
Ben: Wait for us.
Narrator: Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

Season 1[edit]

Gaston the Ladybird[edit]

Ben: Quick! Gaston's coming.
Holly: Gaston! We've come to cheer you up.
Ben: We don't like it when you're sad.
Holly: We're really sorry about rolling you over.
Ben: And riding on your back.
Holly: What's he saying Nanny?
Nanny Plum: Ooh. Gaston says he likes it when you roll him over and ride on his back.
Holly: Oh.
Ben: Oh.
Nanny Plum: Gaston is not sad. In fact, he's very happy. Well, you're going to be even happier now. Take a look at your cave.
[Gaston enters the room. Until, he's howling.]
Holly: Gaston!
[Gaston is crying.]
Nanny Plum: As I said, Ladybirds are never happy.
Holly: Gaston, what's wrong?
[Gaston barks, then cries a bit.]
Nanny Plum: Oh dear.
Holly: Nanny, what did he say?
Nanny Plum: He said he loved his home just as it was, all messy and smelly.
Holly: Oh! Sorry, Gaston.
Ben: Don't worry. We'll make it just the way you like it.
Holly: Yes! We're very good at making things messy.

Holly's Magic Wand[edit]

Holly: I'm sure I left my wand here. It's gone! [Holly is crying.]
Ben: Hi, Holly.
Holly: Hi, Ben.
Ben: What's wrong?
Holly: I've lost my wand. I can't do magic anymore.
Ben: Maybe that's a good thing.
Holly: It's not funny! I'm never going to find my wand and I'll be sad forever.
Ben: Cheer up, Holly. I will find my wand.
Holly: How?
Ben: Elves are very good at finding things, and I'm an elf. [blows trumpet]
Holly: Thanks, Ben.

Morning, Noon, and Night[edit]

[rooster crows]
Nanny Plum: That's the cockerel crow, Princess Holly! Time for fairies to get up!

Betty Caterpillar[edit]

Holly: Look, Betty Caterpillar is sad.
[Betty is crying.]
Ben: I think she feels a bit left out. [Gaston the Ladybird and Bobby the Bee are having fun flying. Betty is crying.] I know how to cheer her up.
Holly: Oh, good. Go on then, Ben.
Ben: Don't be sad, Betty. Flying isn't everything. Elve's can't fly, and I'm an elf. [blows trumpet]
[Betty is crying.]
Holly: That didn't cheer her up much. [Betty is crying.] Maybe I can make her fly by magic.
Ben: Can you do that?
Holly: Um, I think so.

Season 2[edit]

No Magic Day[edit]

[rooster crows]
Holly: Morning time. Pajamas into clothes.

Gaston to the Rescue[edit]

King Thistle: Holly!
Holly: Yes Daddy?
King Thistle: Please keep Gaston under control!
Holly: Sorry, Daddy.
King Thistle: We live in the castle. Gaston lives outside.
[Gaston is whining.]
Ben: Never mind, Gaston. Let's all go to the great elf tree instead.
Mr. Elf: Mrs. Elf, that blueberry pie smells delicious.
Mrs. Elf: Yes, Mr. Elf. The secret is to cook it very slowly over 3 days.
Ben: Hello Mum!
Holly: Hello!
Mrs. Elf: Hello Ben, Hello Holly!
Mr. Elf: Ah!, Can't he shake himself outside?
Mrs. Elf: That pie is not for you, Gaston. Now Ben, Gaston should live outside, we live inside.
Ben: Okay Mum.
Mr. Elf: Aah! Where's the pie gone?
Mrs. Elf: Gaston's eating it!
Holly: We don't know it was Gaston.
Ben: It could have been someone else.
Mrs. Elf: He's the only one with pie on his face!
Mr. Elf: Out, Gaston! I never want to see you again!
[Gaston is whining.]
Ben: Sorry, Gaston.
Holly: You'd better go home.
Mrs. Elf: Go on, Gaston! Off you go!
Nanny Plum: Bedtime, Holly! Are you all right, darling?
Holly: I'm a bit sad. Gaston isn't allowed in our houses anymore. [Gaston is howling loudly.] Gaston! Oh, Gaston is all wet and cold.
King Thistle: Gaston, go and make that ruckus somewhere else!
Holly: Poor Gaston. [rooster crowing] Gaston!

Daisy and Poppy Go Bananas[edit]

Queen and King Thistle: (screaming)
King Thistle: What on Earth is going on?
Queen Thistle: It's an indoor thunderstorm!
King Thistle: I wonder if they had something to do with Granny.
[rooster crows]

Ben & Holly's Christmas[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

Wise Old Elf: Hello. We've come to see the Christmas trees.
Father Christmas: Ho ho ho!
Man: Hello, Father Christmas. I like the outfit. What fashion is it exactly?
Father Christmas: Uh, It's meant to be a disguise.
Holly: So many lovely Christmas trees.
Woman: Yes, pine elves are very good at growing Christmas trees.
All: And we're pine elves!

Episode 2[edit]

Mrs. Mom: Time to switch on the lights.
Wise Old Elf: What's that flashing lights?!
Lucy: It's you, Wise Old Elf.
Wise Old Elf: Hello Lucy. Hello, Mrs. Mom. Nice to see you both again.
Mrs. Mom: What are you doing in our Christmas tree?

Man: I only hope we can get there before Father Christmas is discovered!
[rooster crows]
Lucy: Look, Mummy! A present!
Wise Old Elf: We like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
All: Merry Christmas!

[Last lines in the series]


  • Preston Nyman - Ben
  • Sian Taylor - Holly
  • Taig McNab - Gaston

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