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Benjamin Kowalewicz (born December 16, 1975, in Montreal, Quebec) is the "voice player" with Canadian pop-punk band Billy Talent.


From "The Diary of Billy Talent":[edit]

  • Well what else do you do when you're in jolly old England than go on a search for a teapot?
  • Fuck the Da Vinci Code! It's the teapot code.
  • In Hollywood I would have found the last teapot and it would be falling off the shelf in slow motion and I would have dove and caught it and we would have walked away in slow motion with you know, hands in the air, high fiving each other.
  • Art doesn't always mirror life and life's hard sometimes.
  • Busy day, lots going on and for the last interview I decided, you know, to flirt with the microphone.
  • Nothing says inspiration like a plane flying over your head while you're playing.
  • Lesson one: If you're ever in a beautiful cathedral, take your hat off!
  • Just when you think that you thought that the guys in Billy Talent partied and did coke and had sex with all these hookers, we actually talk about architecture and, eh...history.
  • You get bored on the road and even a bottle, of water can be fun, if you're bored enough.
  • So after Humpfest 06, it was time to play our rock show.
  • I feel like Ashton Kutcher on Punk'd!
  • Now there's no *beeping* way in hell I'm gonna go over because I'm a little afraid of animals.

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