Beneath a Steel Sky

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Beneath a Steel Sky is a science fiction, more specifically cyberpunk, point and click adventure game with comedy elements, created by Revolution Software published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, and initially released in 1994 for DOS and Amiga. Below is a list of quotes from the game.


  • A discarded coffee machine?
  • Naked people with extra parts! The things folk do for fashion!!
  • BARBECUED! I'll never eat KEBAB again!
  • His skin is cold... Like plastic...
  • That thing's WATCHING me... Good thing I'm naturally PHOTOGENIC!
  • It's WHEEZING and BANGING... Like an asthmatic DINOSAUR in the MATING season.
  • (While examing a poster of a woman's breasts) Those cannot be natural


  • See that railing? Take a jump over it Foster!


  • Security officer: We're here to serve the community... And shoot people.
  • Norville: Be vigilant..!
  • Gallagher: Going up in this world means going down... It's all a question of status.
  • Lamb: I hope you have learned something about pipes!
  • Lamb: PIPES are the ARTERIES of this mighty ERECTION...


Anchor Insurance Man: We also have a rogue robot policy.
Foster: What's that?
Anchor Insurance Man: It's a policy to insure you in case your robot turns on you.
Joey: This is BULLSHIT, Foster; don't listen to that moron.

Re-cycling plant[edit]

Foster: What's our present location?
Joey: I'm not sure, but I've a feeling... we're not in Kansas anymore!

Foster: Give me an analysis, Joey.
Joey: It's a standard 30mm steel wrench. And you can keep it away from my nuts.


Foster: You didn't tell me you could fly!
Joey: I didn't know I had it in me!


Foster: Is your coat made of real fur?
Lamb: That's right, real beaver fur. Made from the last ten beavers in the world!

Lamb: What's that ROBOT doing here?
Foster: He's my PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Say Hello Joey
Joey: Hello, Joey.
Lamb: HUH! Pity it's got no BRAIN.

Crash Site[edit]

Foster: What happened here?
Guard: Sabotaged chopper CRASHED... Destroyed the HOSPITAL!
Foster: A HOSPITAL? That's TRAGIC!
Guard: Could've been WORSE... It ALMOST hit the FACTORY!

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