Beneath the Planet of the Apes

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Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a 1970 film starring James Franciscus, Kim Hunter and Charlton Heston.


  • They will dissect you, and they will kill you. In that order.


  • The only good human is a dead human!
  • Brutal butchery! I swear those responsible shall pay with torture and with death!
  • I can't order them to do what the Lawgiver has forbidden! Ape shall not kill ape.
  • He bleeds! The Lawgiver bleeds!


  • The spirit of the Lawgiver lives. We are still God's chosen. This is a vision! And it is a lie!


  • (her only line of dialogue) TAYLOR!


Ursus and Zaius are in a steam bath
Dr. Zaius: I still think you made a hasty decision, General.
General Ursus: You have seen it, Doctor. A dozen of our scouts went out near the Forbidden Zone and were caught. Only one returned, and he went mad telling of strange visions and horrible noises in his head. There is something out there.
Dr. Zaius: Precisely. Which is why we let it be.
General Ursus: You know as well as I that the wild humans have raided our farms. That, combined with the crop downturns, will cause starvation. We must invade and take those lands. What could be worse than famine, Doctor?
Dr. Zaius: The unknown.


  • Brent: Taylor, they've got an atom bomb.
    Taylor: What type?
    Brent: I don't know. I've never seen that design before.
    Taylor: Didn't you see a serial number?
    Brent: No. Just two letters. Alpha...
    Taylor: (quietly) ...and Omega.
    Brent: What?!
    Taylor: The doomsday bomb. Another lovely souvenir from the 20th Century. They weren't satisfied with a bomb that could knock out a city. They finally built one with a cobalt casing, all in the sweet name of peace.
    Brent: Those bloody fools! They don't know what they've got. They pray to the damn thing! If they shoot it off at some of those apes, it could set off a chain reaction in the whole atmosphere.
    Taylor: Burn the planet to a cinder. How's that for your ultimate weapon?
  • [The Ape army enters the mutant church, where Mendez is waiting]
    Mendez: This is the symbol of my god.
    [Mendez raises the Alpha-Omega bomb to its firing position, as the Apes chatter in alarm. Ursus steps forward]
    Ursus: Your god, huh? (pulls out a machine gun and shoots Mendez dead) Your god didn't help you, did he? (begins shooting the bomb)
    Zaius: Ursus! Ursus, are you mad?! That weapon was built by man. You can't shoot it down with only a clip of bullets!
    Ursus: If we can't shoot it down, we'll pull it down! Come on, ropes!
    Zaius: But you don't know what you're doing! It'll kill us all!
  • [Final lines; Taylor is severely wounded, while Brent is fighting off the Apes]
    Zaius: Taylor!
    Taylor: Dr. Zaius... it's doomsday. Help me!
    Zaius: You ask me to help you?! Man is evil! Capable of nothing but destruction!
    [Brent's gun jams, and then the Apes open fire en masse, killing him instantly]
    Taylor: You... bloody... bastard!
    [Taylor collapses, and with his final strength, brings his hand down on the Alpha-Omega bomb's activation trigger. The picture is whited out, and we hear an explosion. Fade to black.]
    Narrator: In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe lies a medium-sized star. And one of its satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead.

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