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Sir Bernard Ingham (born June 21, 1932) is a British journalist best known for his work as press secretary to Margaret Thatcher during her time as Prime Minister. Ingham, born in Yorkshire, was originally a member of the Labour Party and stood as a Labour candidate, but then joined the civil service. He worked for Tony Benn in the Department of Energy before being recruited by Mrs Thatcher. According to the conventions of the time, Ingham's statements in lobby briefings of journalists were not attributed to him but to "sources close to the Prime Minister".


Article on Nuclear's Presentational Problem from the World Nuclear Association's web site[edit]

  • And have no doubt, the real purpose of the Earth Summit is to transfer your hard-earned cash to others who mostly have governments with even less of a clue how to conduct their affairs than we do.
  • Lying at the heart of this ridiculous cameo of modern summitry is nuclear's fundamental problem.


  • He is the sewer, not the sewage.
    • John Biffen, a Cabinet minister criticised in Ingham's briefing.

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