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Bernard Landry (born. March 9, 1937) is a Quebecois lawyer, teacher and politician. He was the 28th Premier of Quebec (2001–2003), the leader of the Opposition (2003–2005) and leader of the Parti Québécois (2001–2005).


  • I want to govern provincially no more. I want national independence. […] I took time for this decision because I know all the perils of this mission. I want to ask you to struggle also in order that our country can be born in a close future.
    • August 2004 National Council speech announcing his intention to remain leader
  • Je suis un homme de causes, de collectivité, pas un individualiste.
    • In Micheline Carrier, "Démission de Bernard Landry - Je me souviens...", Les Carnets de Sisyphe 8, June 4, 2005 [1]
    • Translation: "I am a man of causes, of collectivity, not an individualist."
    • Note: this seems to be a marriage of multiple comments made by Landry in his resignation speech; compare the following quotation.
  • Je suis un homme de cause, je ne suis pas un individualiste et je pense en mon âme et conscience que je ne pourrais pas servir la société comme je voudrais le faire avec ce niveau d'appui.
    • In Radio-Canada, "Biographies: Bernard Landry" [2], retrieved August 28, 2005
    • Translation: "I am a man of causes; I am not an individualist, and in my heart and conscience I do not think I could serve society as I would like to with this level of support."
    • Note: quote from Landry's resignation speech, made after winning a party confidence vote by only 76.2%.


  • Tous les partis devraient être féministes!
    • Translation: "All parties should be feminist!"

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