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NdaniRealTalk S2E1 : "So She's Dressed Provocatively ..."Nicole Asinugo is joined by Lola Adamson, DJ Obi, Eniola Abumere & Beverly Naya

Beverly Ifunaya Bassey (17 April 1989) is a British-born Nigerian actress. Beverly won Most Promising Talent at the 2010 Best of Nollywood Awards.


  • I always placed goals for myself because I believe that one should always challenge himself in order to get the best and that is what has been working for me.
    • [1] Beverly Naya in an interview with BellaNaija in 2012
  • Why do I always choose the wrong men? That’s part of the problem ladies. We are always choosing. Sometimes let go and let God choose.
    • [2] Beverly Naya Advices single ladies
  • I want to inspire young people to love themselves. And I decide to use my documentary, 'Skin,' because I didn't want to restrict my message to a small community. I knew it was important to get the message further.
    • [3] Beverly Naya in an interview with CNN
  • The effect of bleaching and colourism is a global awareness campaign that seeks to promote healthy skin, self- love and acceptance in the society.
    • [4] Beverly Naya define beauty
  • There is no point in doing something that you don’t derive fulfillment. It’s always good to do things you haven’t done before. That’s how you can grow as a human being.
    • [5] Beverly Naya in an interview with Vanguard
  • Passion motivates me because on my own, I am comfortable. If I were to rely on the wealth of my parents, I would lack nothing today. But I am willing to create my own wealth. With this, at the back of my mind, passion leads me. I hope to make money from what I am doing, so, I don’t have to rely on my parents.
    • [6] Beverly Naya in an interview with Vanguard
  • As an industry, we need to diversify. As a person, I need to impact on people. I grew up in a very difficult situation. I was bullied and mocked for my skin. The same problem is trending and I have to contribute my best to stop it.
    • [7] Beverly Naya in an interview with Guardian
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