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Biffy Clyro are Scottish rock band from Ayrshire, formed in 1995.

From Songs[edit]

Blackened Sky (2002)[edit]

  • Kill The Old, Torture Their Young
    • "And I thought to lose my way and suffer and die, that's just what I thought today."
  • Convex, Concave
    • "I cannot help the joy I'm feeling hurting you, you're beautiful when you cry."
  • 57
    • "And I'll try not to feel this music's for you and over, and over, and over."
  • Scary Mary
    • "What must I have become to deserve all the shit that you gave me"

Blackened Sky B-sides[edit]

  • Hope For An Angel
    • "I believe in the human need to believe there's hope for an angel."
  • Waiting For Green
    • "Memories fade but regrets just make them stay forever, last forever."

The Vertigo Of Bliss (2003)[edit]

  • Bodies In Flight
    • "A mansion in an easy disguise of simple lies, boulders of spite ridden love decay."
  • Liberate the Illiterate (A Mong Among Mingers)
    • "Then you turn round, my head cracks like it's for the millionth time again (liberate the illiterate). And you wanted to jump half a canyon, I'm at least a companion to it all (liberate the illiterate)"
  • Diary of Always
    • "I'm the one distinctly plain to you, for a solemn glance is another hopeful taste."
  • Questions And Answers
    • "You've got all these great answers to all these great questions (still I feel them passing me by)."
  • Toys, Toys Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys
    • "In the shadows of your eyes you look like God, I will be right here. When your life's been shattered, embrace your emotion, I will be right."
    • "Love makes some things taste good not all just you I love your style you hate my lies in time always you suffer"
    • "Winter's long dance, lovely construction, it's all a part of you now. Watch it implode your ghostly possessions will always possess you"

Infinity Land (2004)[edit]

  • Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave
    • "Do you believe in magic?"
  • Only One Word Comes To Mind
    • "It's alright to hide away underneath the ocean."
  • Tradition Feed
    • "I've tried to tell you with these words, that I love, and I'm sorry. I am sorry."

Puzzle (2007)[edit]

  • Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
    • "I pray to God that you're right before my eyes, bathed in white light with halos in your eyes."
  • Folding Stars
    • "I would do anything for another minute with you because it's not getting easier, it's not getting easier."
  • Machines
    • "Crazy as it sounds you won't feel as low as you feel right now, at least that’s what I've been told by everyone."
    • "Take the pieces and build them skywards."
  • Saturday superhouse
    • "If we don't know where we belong, it will make no difference of where we started."

Puzzle B-sides (2007)[edit]

  • Asexual Meat Kitchen
    • "But I’m living all my fantasies, all best and worst both at the same time."

Only Revolutions (2009)[edit]

  • The Captain
    • "I gave birth to a fire it's like it's features where burning. I'm in control, I am the son of God."
  • God & Satan
    • "I talk to god as much as I talk to satan 'cause I want to hear both sides."
    • "I slap the water and watch the fish dance to the ripples of us."
  • Born On A Horse
    • "I pronounce it al-u-min-ium, 'cause there's an 'I' next to the 'U' and 'M'."
  • Mountains
    • "Nothing lasts forever except you and me. You are my mountain, you are my sea."
  • Shock Shock
    • "Well you scratch and you scratch ‘til your face comes away, replaced by a hole, a vortex just waiting to play. I commend your violence."
  • Cloud of Stink
    • "Fuck if you wanna fuck, if you wanna cum. Sleep if you wanna sleep, talk more in the morn’"

'*God and Satan' "I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan cos, I want to hear both sides."

Only Revolutions B-sides[edit]

  • Help Me Be Captain
    • "When the scissors kiss her everybody knew by the subtle marks on her face. They were red. When the scissors kiss her everybody new. It was my winter song.
    • "Let's fuck death away."
  • Once an Empire
    • "I wouldn't want to get fucked by, a kangeroo in any position."

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