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Big Bad Beetleborgs was Saban Fox Kids show which aired from 1996 to 1998. Three typical Average kids become beetleborgs and get superpowers from a haunted Mansion.

Season One[edit]

Beetle Rock (1)[edit]

Drew: Look! There's Roland.
Jo: Still workin' on that magic trick.
Drew: All right, Roland. You're really gettin' the hang of magic stuff.
Roland: The name's magic. Call me magic. Hey, you're late! The new Beetleborgs just came in an hour ago.
Drew: Awesome! I had to pick up Jo here from the little leagues.
Jo: Oh and don't forget to mention, We creamed them. Thanks to my supersonic spin ball.
Roland: Modest. Isn't she?
Drew: Um, Is Heather workin' today by any chance?
Roland: Yeah.
Jo: [Singing] Drew and Heather sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
Roland: Kissin' Heather? In his dreams. [Jo laughs]
Drew: You guys are so lame.
Jo: That's it. I've had it. I'm outta here.

Borgslayer! (1)[edit]

  • Jo: Flowers for Flabber. [smells flowers] Do you think he knows today's our anniversary?
  • Roland: One year since we got around the pipe organ.
  • Jo: One year since we became Beetleborgs.
  • Fangula: Who died and made him boss?
  • Flabber: I'm the captain. And the captain's always in charge. [Wolfgang growls] Did you say I had CUTE KNEES?
  • Fangula: No. He said...
  • Other Monsters: MUTINY!!
  • Fangula: [in Elvis voice] Flabber has left the building
  • Jo: How could you?
  • Monsters: [in Conga Line] Flabber's in the organ! Flabber's in the organ! Flabber's in the organ! Flabber's in the organ...
  • Drew: Flabber, are you in there?
  • Flabber: Yes!
  • Jo: Are you O.K.?
  • Flabber: O.K.? I'm in jail! I'm depending on you guys to set me free.
  • Roland: Don't worry, Flabber. We'll get you out of there. But how?
  • Flabber: All you've gotta do is play the right three notes. [Drew plays four notes] That was four notes.
  • Drew: Sorry
  • Flabber: That's O.K., Drew. I'm over it.
  • Jo: O.K. I count 122 keys, 3 possible notes.
  • Flabber: Well, That's only 1,771,440 possible combinations.
  • Drew: Wow! We're going to need a computer.
  • Flabber: Now you're thinkin' I can tell you how to set it up and play every combination of notes.
  • Roland: My mom's laptop! [snaps fingers and runs out of the mansion with his super speed]

Season 2[edit]

Metallix Rising (4)[edit]

Bunny Bodell: Are we rolling?
Cameraman: Rolling.
Bunny: This is Bunny Bodell, Channel 17, broadcasting live from Charterville Prison. As we speak, the inmates are escaping. There goes one now. It seems they have been released by a threatening individual with horns on his head wearing a red costume. [more guys escape]] Excuse me, fellas, Can I get an interview? Any comments? [guys knock Bodell to the ground and gets back up after they leave] You saw it first. A stampeding herd of escaping convicts. Exclusively yours, this is Bunny Bodell. Now, back to the studio. Cut, cut, cut!
Drew: [as Art returns] You're back.
Art: Oh, you bet I'm back. And I'm ready to start drawing circles around that brother of mine. You'll have all new armor, super everything, better than before. [all cheer] It'll be those Crustaceans don't stand a chance!
Flabber: Well, it looks like the Beetleborgs are BACK IN ACTION!
Art: Not just the Beetleborgs, Beetleborgs METALLIX!
Flabber: Awesome! Metallix?!

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