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Big House Bunny is a 1950 Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoon, released in 1950 and directed by Friz Freleng.

Directed by Friz Freleng. Produced by Edward Selzer. Story by Tedd Pierce.


Bugs Bunny: [after being beaten up by Sam] Eh, what's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: Trying to pull a escape, 777174, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Oh, you're mistaken, Mac. You see, I'm not 777174. I'm only three and a half.
Yosemite Sam: Three and a half? Okay, so you're three and a half.
[The scene cut to Bugs, cracking rocks and wearing a prisoner uniform with the number 3½]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, my mother told me there'd be days like this.
Warden: SCHULTZ!! Just what is the meaning of this?! [next scene, off-screen] I won't stand for anymore of your nonsense! Now, get out! Out! [Sam leaves]
Yosemite Sam: [mutters] I hate him.
[Next scene, Bugs is walking around with a carrot before Yosemite Sam chases him around the prison. Bugs goes up the stairs and presses the switch on the elevator and goes down while being followed by Sam]
Yosemite Sam: Come back here, you muley-headed maverick! [presses the switch, but ends up getting hanged by a rope. He rants about this failure]
Warden: [through intercom] Schultz! OFFICE!!
Warden: [off-screen] I've had all the tomfoolery I'm gonna take from you! Quiet! One more slip, you strudel-brained bonehead, and you'll be looking for another job! Now, get out! OUT! [Sam leaves with purple eyes, having had enough]
Yosemite Sam: He's gone! He's gone! I'm rid of 'im! [celebrates until...]
Warden: [enraged through intercom] SCHULTZ!!! OFFICE!!!!!
Yosemite Sam: Oh, no...
[Sometime later, Sam wears a prisoner uniform.]
Yosemite Sam: I'd like to know what dirty stool pigeon squealed on me.
[Bugs, standing on a stool nearby, winks at the audience and makes pigeon sounds.]

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