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Billy Jack is a 1971 film about an Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert who saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert "freedom school" for runaway.

Written and directed by Tom Laughlin.
When you need him, he's always there!taglines

Billy Jack[edit]

  • It's funny, isn't it? Only the white man wants everything put in writing. And only then so he can use it against you in court. You know, among the Indians a promise is good enough.
  • Martin, do you know what mental toughness is? Well, mental toughness is the ability to accept the fact that you're human and that you're going to make mistakes - lots of 'em - all your life. And some of them are gonna hurt people that you love very badly. But you have the guts to accept the fact that you ain't perfect. And you don't let your mistakes crush you and keep you from doing the very best that you can.

Jean Roberts[edit]

  • So easy for you to die dramatically! It's a hell of a lot tougher for those of us who have to keep on trying!


Billy Jack: You're illegally on Indian land.
Mr. Posner: I'm sorry about that. I guess we just got caught up in the chase and crossed over without knowing it.
Billy Jack: You're a liar.
Mr. Posner: We got the law here, Billy Jack.
Billy Jack: When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law - just a fight for survival.

Jean: You just can't keep making your own laws. There's got to be one set of laws fair for everyone, including you.
Billy Jack: That's fine. When that set of laws is applied to everyone, then I'll turn the other cheek too.
Jean: There's got to be a better way to change those people.
Billy Jack: CHANGE those people? You worked with King, didn't you?
Jean: Yes!
Billy Jack: Where is he?
Jean: Dead.
Billy Jack: And where's Bob and Jack Kennedy?
Jean: Dead.
Billy Jack: Not "dead", their brains blown out! Because YOUR people wouldn't even put the same controls on their guns as they do on their dogs, their bicycles, their cats, and their automobiles.

Mr. Posner: You're makin' a mistake.
Billy Jack: I've made 'em before.

[Billy Jack is surrounded by several men that work for Posner]
Mr. Posner: You really think those Green Beret Karate tricks are gonna help you against all these boys?
Billy Jack: Well, it doesn't look to me like I really have any choice now, does it?
Mr. Posner: [laughing] That's right, you don't.
Billy Jack: You know what I think I'm gonna do then? Just for the hell of it?
Mr. Posner: Tell me.
Billy Jack: I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face...
[points to Posner's right cheek]
Billy Jack: ...and you wanna know something? There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it.
Mr. Posner: Really?
Billy Jack: Really.
[kicks Posner on the right side of his head, knocking him off his feet]

Jean: We'll go someplace else, someplace were it doesn't have to be like this.
Billy Jack: Oh, really? Tell me, where is that place? Where is it? In what remote corner of this country-no-entire goddamn planet is there a place were men really care about one another and really love each other? Now, you tell me were such a place is, and I promise you that I'll never hurt another human being as long as I live. [shouts] Just one place!

Barbara: What is the snake ceremony?
Jean: A ceremony where Billy becomes brother to a snake.
Barbara: How does he do that?
Jean: By going on the mountain and being bitten by the snake over and over. Then he passes into unconsciousness for the last time. And if he lives, he has a vision. And in this vision, he finds out what his life's mission will be and who the spirit will be to guide him on this mission.

Jean: I know I've never said it to you, but I think you know. I love you.
Billy Jack: I think you know, too.

Jean: What about Barbara?
Billy Jack: It's up to her to decide.
Jean: Barbara, will you go out with me?
Barbara: No.
Jean: May I ask why?
Barbara: From the day I was born until this moment, and every second in between, life has been one big shit brick. I just can't take it anymore. From the way things are going, well as Indians say, "Today's as good as any to die."
Jean: You've taught her well.
Billy Jack: An Indian isn't afraid to die. Don't ever expect the white man to understand that.
Jean: I understand it. That's good for an Indian.
Billy Jack: Like the old man said: Being an Indian is not a matter of blood, it's a way of life.
Jean: I understand that, too. But she's a 15-year-old child who worships the ground you walk on. And now she's gonna die needlessly because you haven't got the guts to control your temper. It's so easy for you to die dramatically. It's a hell of a lot tougher for those of us who have to keep on trying.


  • When you need him, he's always there!
  • Just a person who protects children and other living things.
  • You've got due process, Mother's Day, supermarkets, the FBI, Medicare, air conditioning, AT&T, country clubs, Congress, a 2-car garage, state troopers, the Constitution, color television and democracy. They've got BILLY JACK.


  • Tom Laughlin - Billy Jack
  • Delores Taylor - Jean Roberts
  • Clark Howat - Sheriff Cole
  • Victor Izay - Doctor
  • Julie Webb - Barbara
  • Debbie Schock - Kit
  • Teresa Kelly - Carol
  • Lynn Baker - Sarah
  • Stan Rice - Martin
  • David Roya - Bernard Posner
  • John McClure - Dinosaur
  • Susan Foster - Cindy
  • Susan Sosa - Sunshine
  • Bert Freed - Mr. Stuart Posner
  • Kenneth Tobey - Deputy Mike
  • Howard Hesseman - Howard

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