Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (film)

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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is a 2016 war drama film about the experience of a young U.S. soldier and his squad as they enjoy two weeks of leave in the US after a firefight in Iraq catapulted them to fame for their heroism.

Directed by Ang Lee. Written by Jean-Christophe Castelli, based on the 2012 eponymous novel by Ben Fountain.

Billy Lynn[edit]

I'm not a hero Kat. I'm a Soldier.
  • If they let us Texans all drive, there'd be no need for PT belts and safety briefs!
  • I'm not a hero Kat. I'm a soldier. That's what Shroom taught me. Its where I belong. I'm not saying its right, but its not wrong neither. It just is.


  • Lynn, your stupidity is robbing this world of oxygen and I won't stand for it!
    • SSG Dime
  • It's going down! […] I'm going down.
    • Shroom (Right before SSG Shroom is fatally wounded in a firefight)
  • Ladies, Haji's gonna pop your cherry. And he's not the kind of guy to take you to dinner first. These men are fighters. This is their house and you respect a man in his house! Now warriors, embrace your fear and let your training guide you.
    • Shroom


(A friendly civilian approaches the squad and talks them about his work in domestic oil, which he believes is going to help bring the troops home. He enquires about the squads experience, to the annoyance of SSG Dime)
Wayne: From your own perspective, how do you think we're doing over there?
SSG Dime: How are we doing? Just from our own perspective... Well I'm far from qualified to speak to the big picture Sir. All I can tell you with any confidence is that the exchange force with intent to kill. That is truly a mind altering experience Sir.
Wayne: I can only imagine how hard it is to face that level of violence.
SSG Dime: Oh no, we like going lethal. I mean isn't that what your paying us for Sir? Take the fight to America's enemies and send them straight to hell? If we didn't enjoy killing people, what'd be the point? Might as well send the peace corps in to fight the war.
Wayne: Uh well, I guess you got me there.
SSG Dime: Sir, you see these men. I don't how they were before the Army got them, but you give them a weapon system and a couple of red bulls, and they'll blast the hell out of anything that moves. Ain't that right Bravo?
Bravo Squad: Yes Sergeant!
SSG Dime: See what I mean Sir? They're killers. They're having the time of their lives. So if your company wants to frack the living shit out of the barnet shale, that's fine. That's your prerogative. But don't go doing it on our account. You got your business Sir, and we got ours. You just keep on drilling Sir, and we'll keep on killing!

(Billy imagines he is in a HMMWV with his fallen team leader)
Shroom: So here you are Billy.
Billy: Yeah. I guess I always have been. You know, I've been thinking these past two weeks that I know something. something the civilians don't know but... You know what? They're the ones running this show. I mean I've lived the damn war but, it's still there war, isn't it? Their movie.
Shroom: We're a nation of children Billy. We go somewhere else to grow up, sometimes die. It's your time to step up. Remember, the bullets already been fired.
Billy: I'm ready Sergeant.
Shroom: I love you.
Billy: I love you.

SSG Dime: (As the squad prepares to leave, each squadmate has declared his love for the team) What do you want me to say? I love you to. We're good. Lets roll.
Lodis: Hell yeah.
Mango: Get us the fuck outta here.
Holliday: Yeah, before they kill us.
Sykes: Take us someplace safe.
Crack: Take us back to the war.
Foo: Take us home.
SSG Dime: Seatbelts!


  • Joe Alwyn as Billy Lynn
  • Kristen Stewart as Kathryn
  • Chris Tucker as Albert
  • Garrett Hedlund as Dime, Bravo Squad's Staff Sgt.
  • Makenzie Leigh as Faison Zorn, Dallas cheerleader
  • Vin Diesel as Shroom, Bravo Squad
  • Steve Martin as Norm Oglesby
  • Brian "Astro" Bradley as Lodis, Bravo Squad
  • Arturo Castro as Mango, Bravo Squad
  • Ismael Cruz Córdova as Holliday, Bravo Squad
  • Barney Harris as Sykes, Bravo Squad
  • Beau Knapp as Robert "Crack" Earl Koch, Bravo Squad
  • Mason Lee as Foo, Bravo Squad
  • Ben Platt as Josh, Dallas team rep working with Bravo Squad during the football game.
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Wayne
  • Matthew Barnes as Travis
  • Deirdre Lovejoy as Billy's Mother
  • Bruce McKinnon as Billy's Father
  • Laura Wheale as Billy's Sister

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