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Bimbo Balogun, sometimes referred to as Abimbola Balogun (born 4 February, 1991) is a Nigerian award-winning jeweler and businesswoman. She is the CEO of Bimbeads Concept. She hosts a weekly Nigerian television show which focuses on teaching youths and women how to make jewelry.


  • It is important to be Cordial and be nice when Relating to people at work.
    • [1] Bimbo Balogun Speaking on: BE CORDIAL.
  • Don't play second fiddle. Don't Be a sidekick. It is better to be alone and find the one who treats you as a priority than stay where you are an option.
    • [2] Bimbo Balogun Speaking on: BE ALONE.
  • Don't be a backup plan. Don't be a power bank that someone uses to recharge and bounce back whenever their relationship gets sour.
    • [3] Bimbo Balogun Speaking on: RELATIONSHIP.
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