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Bioforge is a 1995 computer game by Origin Systems. The game was marketed as an interactive movie.


  • If you've come for the fork, you'll be sorely disappointed.
  • I shall pattern my life after the random loopings of your entrails.
  • You stand upon holy ground. It's fitting you should kneel.
  • Return the fork, or I'll command it to destroy you!
  • You have two arms. One must be removed.


  • I'm sorry, my friend. We are both victims, you and I.
  • I'm sorry I had to kill you, but I must admit I'm enjoying the silence.
  • I guess we Mondites aren't one big happy family after all.
  • I hope Mastaba rewards your loyalty by making you his next subject!
  • I swear that when my time comes, I will not die a puppet like yourself.
  • That was one sorry excuse for a security robot. Makes a great bonfire, though...
  • We should not be enemies! We should fight together! I have no wish to harm you!
  • Send my regards to your friends... when you get there.
  • You people deserve to die for what you did to me!
  • At least when the reactor blows, my death will be quick and painless. I am glad that I could add some small amount of suffering to yours.
  • I guess sometimes it can be hard sometimes to tell who your friends are.
  • When will you die, damn you?
  • Are you what Mastaba thought to make of me?
  • Tell me how to activate the Icarus and I will let you live.
  • All I want is to survive! If we don't work together right now, we're both dead. Your ships were coming to kill me! I had no choice! Stop fighting me! We have to get off this planet NOW!
  • I'm sure I'll be joining you and your men in hell very shortly. The reactor's still going critical, and I can't stop it.
  • I must admit, your persistent will to live is admirable.
  • You were an admirable opponent. I almost regret your death. What's this?! It seems that you have left behind a present.
  • It's a bad idea to get in my way right now.
  • If you only knew what happened here, you'd turn your guns on them instead!
  • You people have worse problems to worry about in this place than me!
  • You're the ones that started this fight... Now I'll finish it!
  • Is that the best you got Mastaba?! Bring 'em on!
  • I'm coming for YOU Mastaba. I swear it! I'M COMING FOR YOU!
  • Mastaba stranded you here and left you to die.
  • Even if you beat me now it doesn't matter once the reactor goes.
  • Be sure and send my regards to your friends when you get there.
  • What have you done to me? Tell me, damn you!
  • Who are you? What have you done to me?! I want answers!
  • You have stolen my body and my mind. I will know why, or I will have your blood.

Dr. Mastaba[edit]

  • Am I your god because I created you? Or are you my god? For you are the attainment of everything I believe in. I promise you this... we shall find out!
  • This is your doctor speaking. I know you are confused and disoriented, but we are not your enemy. You are one of us, a Mondite, and we are in extreme danger. Doctor Escher has betrayed us all. She has brought a monster into the base. If we are to survive, I need your help.
  • There you are! Come in. You have no choice in the matter, I assure you.
  • You do not recognize me, but we have already met. I am Doctor Mastaba, your maker. I know you have many questions. Who are you? What have you become? Pursuing these questions will be the death of you.
  • You are an instrument of unimaginable power, free of all responsibility for your actions. Accept that reality and revel in your new existence. You are the first of the line. Here is the second. Soon he will join you. He will be as you are now.
  • Guard the Icarus Project with your life! I will return shortly.
  • Listen to me. Save yourself. I am your protector, your creator...
  • As you're so interested in my work, Doctor Escher... I'm sending my best killing machine to meet you. I'm certain you'll find him quite entertaining.
  • You are too valuable to die here. You are everything we Mondites dream of becoming. The hope for the future.
  • Doctor Escher is the one who betrayed you. She is insane. She tried to murder us all. If you see her, protect yourself. Kill her!"
  • There is no way to get out of the crater before the reactor goes critical. Unless you surrender, you are dead.
  • This is Mastaba. Don't touch any artifacts and keep your eyes open for your target.
  • This is Mastaba. Check out the hole... But proceed with caution.
  • This is Mastaba. Lock confirmed - it's him. Take him out.
  • What a dissapointment you are! One more failed experiment. When the reactor goes critical, you and this entire base will be disposed of. And soon I shall begin work again on my next test subject... your friend, Doctor Escher. Farewell!
  • Attention, all remaining units. The primary target has reached the Landing Platform. Eliminate the target, and we will return for you if time permits.

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