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Birds of Prey is a DC Comics comic book that features the adventures of the superheroine Oracle and her group of superheroines. The group is initially based in Gotham City and later operates in Metropolis and then relocates once more to "Platinum Flats", California, a new locale introduced in Birds of Prey in 2008.

Black Canary-Oracle: Birds of Prey (One-Shot)

Issue 1, "One Man's Hell", 1996, Written by Chuck Dixon
Black Canary: So why me?
Oracle: Your martial arts rep. Your resilience. And the fact that Devine is a babe hound and you're a ladies' man's kind of lady.
Black Canary: That's it?
Oracle: Well, I hear things. Hope I'm not out of line if I say your life lacks direction right now.
Black Canary: A real understatement.

[Black Canary pulls new costume out of the closet]
Black Canary: You didn't get this out of a catalog.
Oracle: I thought it was time to get out of the fishnets and hot pants. Your profile needs work as well as your life.
Black Canary: I'll try not to take that the wrong way.

Lynx: You move as one trained in the opening flower discipline, but I cannot place your kick style
Black Canary: I'll go a little slower next time so you can keep up, okay?

Birds of Prey: Manhunt (Miniseries)

Issue 1, "When Revenge Delights", 9/1996, Written by Chuck Dixon
Black Canary: I want to look in his eyes while I'm kicking his a (word partially obscured by Oracle's speech balloon)
Oracle: That's not phsyically possible, is it?
Black Canary: It will be when I'm done, Oracle.

Oracle: Roderick Tower is state of the art for surveillance -- ninety percent chance that Braun already knows you're there.
Black Canary: The flippin' obvious for two hundred dollars, Alex.
Issue 3, "The Man That Got Away", 11/1996, Written by Chuck Dixon
[Oracle calls Catwoman and Huntress, who are following the captured Black Canary.]
Catwoman: You'd better have something for us, Oracle
Oracle: Oh?
Catwoman: Listen up, Geek-girl. It's way past our respective bedtimes. We missed dinner. And we haven't washed our hair. And we can't do anything about it because we all refuse to take off our masks.
Oracle: Hee hee, hee hee--
Catwoman: Are you giggling?
Oracle: No -- snort -- of coure not. I just -- hee hee! -- I just always thought you licked yourself clean!

Birds of Prey: Wolves (One-Shot)

Issue 1, "Wolves", 1997, Written by Chuck Dixon
Craig Windrow: You never made coffee this good when we were married, Dinah.
Black Canary: You spend a lot of time in Seattle, you get good at coffee. It's the law.

Birds of Prey (Ongoing Series)

Issue 1, 1/1999, "Long Time Gone", Written by Chuck Dixon
[Black Canary – who has little proficiency, and even less interest, in computers – receives a computer from Oracle so the two can work better together]
Black Canary: No... NO! Take it away! It's too horrible!
Oracle: It's just a computer, Dinah.
Black Canary: I don't want one, Oracle.
Oracle: You have to get over your technophobia eventually.
Black Canary: No. I don't.

[Later, after Oracle tells Black Canary her identity must remain a secret – although Oracle can see Dinah's every move through the computer – Dinah places a towel over the computer screen.]
Oracle: Dinah!
Black Canary: See? I am getting the hang of this.

[Oracle warns Black Canary that Johnny Pamerjanian – a/k/a Johnny Pajamas – is a dangerous man with millions in drug money]
Black Canary: I'll go ashore tonight and take you along, my little candid camera. If this Pajamas guy has a taste for blondes we're in solid.
Oracle: This isn't a "bait" job, Dinah.
Black Canary: Oracle, honey, every job's a bait job.
Issue 10, 10/1999, "The Wrong Guy", Written by Chuck Dixon
[Black Canary realizes that the Guy Gardner she kissed was, instead, an alien clone]
Black Canary: I kissed an alien clone! EW!
Issue 59, 11/2003, "Of Like Minds, Chapter 4", Written by Gail Simone
[Black Canary sees the Huntress' new tummy-baring costume and asks how she did it]
Huntress: 700 sit ups a day.
Issue 62, 2/2004, "Sensei and Student", Written by Gail Simone
[Lady Shiva and Black Canary have left their sensei of on his deathbed. Canary has just stopped crying.]
Black Canary: Still, it was good of you to come
Lady Shiva: I didn't come to pay my respects. I keep a list of the twenty-five greatest fighters. If a name on that list dies, not by my hand, I find it wise to verify that passing.
Black Canary: Uh, huh. I think you need to learn the simple skill of admitting this hurts. Where am I on that list, by the way?
Lady Shiva: I'm not sure I should tell you. I would hate to see you get all misty-eyed again.
Issue 63, 3/2004, "Sensei and Student Part Two - Pride and Poison", Written by Gail Simone
[Black Canary is fighting Cheshire in a swimming pool. Canary is wearing black leather, and Cheshire a skimpy, soaked teddy.]
Black Canary: If anyone's filming this, I'll be downloaded for the rest of eternity.
Issue 64, 4/2004, "Sensei and Student Part Three - Mercy and Murder", Written by Gail Simone
[Cheshire has just dropped a vomit-inducing poisonous nail into Black Canary's dim sum.]
Black Canary: What did you do to me, you twisted little brat? Tell me, or I'm going to aim my next noxious explosion at you.
Issue 68, 8/2004, "One Day, Well-Chosen", Written by Gail Simone
[Huntress has a reluctant date with Josh, a car rental agent who provided her information on the Gotham mob.]
Huntress: Every word you say is like a pitchfork to my dignity.
Issue 70, 9/2004, "Between Dark and Dawn Part Two - Huntress/Prey", Written by Gail Simone
[Huntress is on a spying mission at a cult's headquarters]
Huntress: Okay, I'm at the only building I can find with a padlock.
Oracle: Just get a rock and smash it.
Huntress How come with Canary, you give all the good cyber juju, and with ME, it's all, "Get a rock and smash it"?

[Huntress has been injured and is being tended to by Brusaw, leader of the cult, who tries to convert her]
Brusaw: If you would only let our Lord explain it...
Huntress: Mister, I may not be quite the Catholic my parents hoped for, but I know for a fact whatever you're talking to isn't GOD.
Issue 72, 10/2004, "Between Dark and Dawn Part Two - Huntress/Prey", Written by Gail Simone
[Huntress and Vixen are being attacked by weapon-wielding brainwashed teenagers at the site of the cult]
Vixen: Something's strange here.
Huntress: Something new-strange, or just murderous-teen-cult strange?
Vixen: New, Huntress. Under the ground. The earthworms...They're agitated.
Huntress: I love it when you talk dirty.
Issue 94, 7/2006, "Progeny Part Three - Stolen Inferno", Written by Gail Simone
[Gypsy stops Bethany, the Crime Doctor's daughter from crying.]
Shiva: To stop a daughter's tears...this is a formidable skill.
Huntress: Speaking from experience, Shiva?
Shiva: A little, perhaps. Of course, my daughter actually attempted to kill me and hang me on a hook.
Huntress: I'm sorry to hear that.
Shiva: Sorry? It just proves that she's an achiever.
Issue 106, 7/2007, "Whitewater Part Three - Storm Front", Written by Gail Simone
[Knockout is getting ready to fight Big Barda]
Knockout: Ah. Better than sex. And almost as brutal.
Issue 115, 4/2008, "Underneath The Skin", Written by Sean McKeever
[Black Alice has talked about her heavy anti-depressive medications.]
Misfit: In other words, Emo girl is worthless.
Black Alice: I'm not Emo. I'm Goth.
Misfit: Same thing. Even doped up on happy juice you're a big whiner.

Miscellaneous quotes

  • "Any man can transform himself into something else, something beyond reason..beyond supermen.- Michael Setzer
  • "You want justice served? You want vengeance taken? You want honor restored? Then do it yourself. That's omertà. When blood cries for blood, you answer the call. And you answer it alone." - Batman: Huntress: Cry for Blood
  • (to Nightwing) "I don't want your help. I don't need your help. Now, get out of my home." - Batman: Huntress: Cry for Blood
  • "There were so many flowers. My mother had been shot in the chest. Her casket was open. But my father and my brother, they'd been shot in the face, and there was no way the mortician could repair that damage. I was eight years old and my family was dead and all I thought was that people loved us. It wasn't grief that brought the flowers. It was joy." - Batman: Huntress: Cry for Blood
  • "Actually - I play a little rough for Batman's taste." - Nightwing/Huntress
  • "Maybe I have something to prove--to him or myself or both. Or maybe I care because I've been alone most of my life. Ever since I was a child. Alone in every kind of darkness. Hunting evil or just waiting for the dawn. It must be some kind of comfort to have a partner. Someone to trust at your back. So maybe when I see him with Robin I want to see me. He's like me--a loner--yet he and his partner somehow make a perfect team." - Batman 80 Page Giant #1

  • "If there's a lesson tonight, it's that there's no room for chance in this "business." Lives depend on my being certain. Reason. Intellect. Skill. Nothing else must matter." - Batman 80 Page Giant #2

  • (To a vision of Batman) "It's...It's beautiful. Can I keep it? I won't lose it. Don't go. I want to show you what I can do. I'll make you proud. Say Something!" - Gotham Knights #38
  • (To Batman) "So, nothing condescending to say about my new costume? You weren't exactly focused the last time you saw it. You're welcome by the way." - Gotham Knights #40

  • (To an unconscious Batman) "[darn] you. Not going down. Not in front of you." - Batman: Hush

  • (Batman on Huntress) "Huntress. After all we've been through she still fights for my life. So much rage. Not sure I ever saw it...before. She's better than she knows but wastes too much energy proving it. So much like I when I started out. No wonder the others haven't accepted her..." - Batman: Hush
  • "I could stop their screaming with one bolt. Wouldn't stop a ... thing. Seven days since Gotham has been left to rot like Gomorrah. We're better than that. I'm sure of it. Unfortunately, I've seen nothing to so far to support that faith." - Batman No Man's Land #0

  • "I hate losing. I hate running away. I don't know what else to do. They don't fear me. Not like they fear him. Where is the Batman? He's all over me when I screw up when I don't play by his rules. "My City!" he says, never let's me forget it. So why isn't he putting the fear of... Are they roasting a bat?" - Batman No Man's Land #0

  • (On her first night as Batgirl) "Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I didn't need to raise a fist. I didn't need to say a word. They took one look at me, one look at my shadow and they ran. No. Not my shadow. No I get it and I like it." - Batman No Man's Land #0
  • I should put this spike in his throat...he'd do it to me. He'd kill me and not blink. Kill him and not blink. Why not? In No Man's Land why...not? (sees Batsymbol reflected on the glass drops knife and lets thug go). Batman No Man's Land #0
  • "I'm not even that fond of real cops. But wannabe cops... now they just tick me right off." - Birds of Prey #69
  • "You guys sure you want to fire your sidearms around gas pumps? Just asking." - Birds of Prey #69
  • "I was brought here at gunpoint and in cuffs, Mr. Brusaw. I don't think a hug is entirely the correct response here." - Birds of Prey #69
  • "You. You ratted me out to Brushaw's fake police officers. Now was that polite?" - Birds of Prey #69
  • (upon finding Black Canary bound by tree branches) "This might take a while. I forgot my chainsaw." - Birds of Prey #76
  • (after shooting a crossbow bolt through a crooked cop's hand, Black Canary and John are staring at her) "What? He'll be fine. We're in a hospital." - Birds of Prey #80

  • Nightwing: You want to know a secret? Everyone but me thinks you're nuts, there's a secret!
Huntress: That's hardly a secret. - Nightwing/Huntress

  • Black Canary: Hey, how'd you know about Cheetah's healing factor?
Huntress: (shooting Cheetah) Healing what now? - Birds of Prey #97

  • Tom: I don't talk to women who wear make-up, anyway. It's unclean. So just shut up.
Huntress: Someone hasn't had a date in a while...
Tom: Shut up! - Birds of Prey #69

  • Talia: And Who are you? The Detective's consort? His woman?
Huntress: Do I sense some jealousy there, Babe?
Talia: You... - Robin #33
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