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Birdz is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana in association with CBS and STV. The show was first broadcast in 1998 on CBS. Later, it was shown in Scotland in 2001, broadcast on Scottish TV and Grampian TV (now STV North) - now both known as STV.


The Agony and the Eggstacy [1.1][edit]

Announcer: Coming next on Golden Egg Theatre: Citizen Crane.

Eddie: It's a girl!
Morty: Why is it all those colors?
Eddie: Maybe it's a girl parrot?

The Termitenator: Hasta la vista, birdy!

Can't Buy Me Love [1.2][edit]

Betty: Eddie, dear. Something wrong?
Eddie: I don't think Miss Finch likes me.
Steffy: That makes two of us.

Eddie: I can't believe how you were kissing up to Miss Finch.
Gregory: You're just jealous.
Eddie: [laughs] Jealous? Why would I be jealous of you?
Olivia: Uh, let's see: Because he's taller, got a bigger beak, nicer tail feathers and he gave Miss Finch a present that was sweet and thoughtful and you didn't.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine [1.3][edit]

Officer Pigeon: Everyone stay calm. This is no time to panic.
Mr. Nuthatch: Oh yes it is! [screams]

Eddie: I'll be one of those TV news guys: Eddie Storkowitz, Birdland Beat! I've already got the hair.
Sleepy: You have an idea for a story?
Eddie: I'll get one.
Spring: You could do a story on how you got so darn cute.
Gregory: No way! Miss Finch said it has to be true!

One Giant Leap [1.4][edit]

Tommy: Whoo-hoo! This is great! I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid! Wait, I still am a kid!

Eddie: What's with you?
Steffy: I'm depressed, okay?
Eddie: What happened, one of your trees didn't hug ya back?

A Face in the Crowd [1.5][edit]

[Steffy swats a mosquito]
Morty: No more animist?
Steffy: I've got a date on saturday. No red blotches on me, oh wise one.

Birdman [1.6][edit]

Let the Chicks Fall Where They May [1.7][edit]

Father and Son Camp Out [1.8][edit]

Mr. Nuthatch: What's hairy and waddles?
Eddie and Morty: Aunt Martha.
Mr. Nuthatch: Well, it looks like she's headed this way!

Gulls and Dolls [1.9][edit]

Eddie: Gregory! The Gregster! Very Greg-cellent!
Sleepy: Greg-straordinary!
Eddie: And Greg-ceptional!

Eddie: Just go out there and imagine everyone without their feathers. That's what I'd do.
Gregory: Really? Is that how you get rid of stage fright?
Eddie: No, but it sure is a laugh!

Life of Riley [1.10][edit]

Eddie: Riley is so cool! We did the coolest stuff after school. It's so cool to hang out with a cool guy, after school, who thinks you're cool-
Steffy: Alright, we get it!

Dollars and Sense [1.11][edit]

Eddie: [testing his new camera's zoom on Steffy] Whoa, what an effect! This is making me feel queasy.
Steffy: All your films have that effect on me.

Morty: How goes the family photo album?
Betty: Almost done. Tonight, we can take a nice, long walk down memory lane.
Morty: [sees a bad photo of himself] How about a brisk 500 metre dash?

Eddie: [about his "footage" of Arnold Schwarzenegret; the parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger] Man, what a break! I'm gonna sell this to the TV station. Maybe they'll give me a job as a roving reporter!
Steffy: Raving reporter is more like it!

Steffy: The stores don't close until 6:00, squirt. You still have time to make the sale.
Eddie: Yeah. Too bad I don't have any money.
Betty: It seems to me, Morty, that those rain gutters still need cleaning.
Morty: Yes, Betty, dear. You're right. It's a big job, but $79.99 ought to cover it.
Eddie: Really? No kidding? Aw, thanks you guys! [hugs his family] You too, Steff.
Steffy: Hey, don't thank me. If anybody deserves to slop out sticky, disgusting rain gutters, it's you!

Big Beak or Not Big Beak [1.12][edit]

Eddie: Sleepy, what are you doing here? It's the middle of the night!
Sleepy: Eddie, I'm a bat. We've been through all this!

Eddie: Sleepy, I still can't believe you did the essay! How did you find the time?
Sleepy: I'm a bat. I'm up all night. [yawns] What else am I gonna do?

Birdz of a Feather [1.13][edit]

Morty: Do you boys realise you've been friends your whole lives?
Betty: Since they were hatchlings, they've been inseperable. Like four chickpeas in a pod.
Steffy: Like four jokers in a deck of a cards!

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