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Black Cadillac is a 2003 American thriller film about three young men who become terrorized in a high-speed car chase with a mysterious pursuant.

Directed by John Murlowski. Written by Murlowski and Will Aldis.
Revenge in the driver's seat.


My young friends, this is something you're going to have to live with! We all have nights where we reveal. This is yours.
C.J., man... one of these days... One of these days you're gonna get us into something Scott's not gonna be able to get us out of.
Robby: This night is gonna be a classic, man! A flat-out classic! The last stand of the Three Musketeers!
Scott: Ah, two and a half, little brother.
Robby: Look, I don't wanna get all "Felicity" all over the place, but I sincerely want to thank you guys for bringing me along on your annual pilgrimage to the wonderful land of the fake IDs. But I gotta say, C.J., man, one of these days...
C.J.: One of these days what?
Robby: One of these days you're gonna get us into something Scott's not gonna be able to get us out of.

Scott: Robby, would you please stop talking about your virginity? You know what Granddad once said to me? He said, "People equate silence with brilliance, and stillness with depth."
C.J.: Yeah, uh-huh. That reminds me of what my grandfather used to say. "Tell your Grandmother I'll be home just as soon as I get my Johnson out this heifer."

Robby: Boy, it's cold out there.
Charlie: Hell, you can say that again. Coldest night on record for this time of year and my cruiser freezes to death on me. I gotta be the only cop left in the universe still driving an '86 Chevy. Charlie Harmon.
Robby: Oh, Robby, Robby-- Robertson.
Charlie: Yeah, so, you guys from Minnesota? [Scott, Robby and C.J. all look at Charlie] Plates. Well, welcome to Wisconsin. This is a nice car. What kind of car is this?
Robby: It's a Saab. A Saab 900S. Whew! Ain't she killer?
Charlie: Yeah. So what brings you boys to the Dairy State?
C.J.: We're... on our high school debate team.
Charlie: Oh.
C.J.: Yeah, we just got back from quarterfinals of...
Scott: The Midwest Regional--
C.J.: Debate-off.
Charlie: Oh. How'd y'all do?
Scott: Oh, we won.
C.J.: Yeah, and next week, on to the semis.
Charlie: There you go.
[Several empty beer bottles roll out from under the front passenger's seat]
Robby: [trying to seem surprised] Where did those come from? You guys! Have you been drinking?!
Charlie: All right, everybody. Knock it off. [laughs] "Debate-off." Look, you guys saved my sorry ass tonight and I'm off-duty, so just relax, all right? And you- selling out your pals, you little weasel!
C.J.: Yeah, you little dipstick.
Scott: Yeah, nice brother you are.
Charlie: So what did you boys do tonight? Did you go to the roadhouse?
Robby: Hey, how'd you know that?
Charlie: Son, I, too, was once underage.

Robby: Why is this happening to us?
Charlie: I don't know why this is happening. I just wanted a ride home.
Robby: They want us dead, Scott.
Scott: They don't want us dead, Robby. They want him. Hey, Charlie. How come you were so hot for me to drag those guys in the Caddy, huh? And why didn't you flash your badge when we were sitting back there? You wanted to get away from them, didn't you?
Robby: Jesus Christ, Scott. What are you doing?
Scott: Look, before we picked up Charlie, nobody was trying to run us off the road, nobody was scratching this spooky biblical crap on the windshield. After we pick him up there's nothing but this shit. They want you for your sins. Isn't that right, Charlie?
C.J.: Yeah, the message on the windshield-- I'm not one to judge, Chuckster, but what'd you do?
Scott: Hey, whatever it is... you're not dragging us down with you.
Charlie: No. You're going back to Yale.
Scott: That's right, Charlie. And you're staying here. Come on, guys, let's go.
Robby: Have you lost your mind? We can't just leave him here for the Caddy out in the cold. He's a cop. Jesus, Scott- a cop!
Scott: Here's a flash, chief: he's a bad cop. and whatever bad-cop shit he did to those guys is between their ass and his, and not mine.
Robby: Look, I say we give him a ride. It's just a couple more miles.
Scott: This is not a democracy. He stays.
Charlie: My young friends, this is something you're going to have to live with! We all have nights where we reveal. This is yours.


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