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Black Christmas (originally titled Silent Night, Evil Night in the United States) is a 1974 Canadian horror film about a group of sorority girls who are stalked by a stranger during their Christmas break.

Directed by Bob Clark. Screenplay by Roy Moore.
If this movie doesn't make your skin crawl... It's On Too Tight! Taglines

Mrs. MacHenry

  • These broads would hump the Leaning Tower of Pisa if they could get up there!
  • [singing as she packs her suitcase] Alligators come through the gate, but goodbye leg if ya get away late! Lollies love to pop!

Barb Coard

  • [on phone] You're a real gold-plated whore, mother, you know that?
  • [upon seeing that Mrs. MacHenry is coming inside the house] Speaking of professional virgins - here we have the queen of vaudeville herself!
  • Oh, why don't you go find a wall socket and stick your tongue in it? That'll give you a charge.
  • I think the little bugger's schnockered, son of a bitch.

Mr. Harrison

  • I didn't send my daughter in here to be drinking and picking up the boys.

The Killer

  • Filthy Billy, I know what you did nasty Billy!
  • Agnes, It's me Billy! Don't tell them what we did!
  • Let me lick ya, you pretty piggy cunt!
  • [to Barb, while on the phone] I'll stick my tongue up your pretty pussy!
  • [to Barb, while on the phone] [sombre] I'm going to kill you.
  • [Quietly singing] Little baby bunting/ Daddy's went a-hunting/ Gonna fetch a rabbit skin to wrap his baby Agnes in.


Sergeant Nash: Excuse me? Could you give me the number at the sorority house? Please?
Barb Coard: Yeah, sure. It's, ah... Fellatio 20880. Fellatio. It's a new exchange, FE.
Sergeant Nash: That's a new one on me. How do you spell it?
Barb Coard: Capital F, E, little L, LA, TIO.
Sergeant Nash: Thanks.
Barb Coard: Don't mention it.

[after the mysterious caller hangs up]
Clare Harrison: I don't think you should provoke somebody like that, Barb.
Barb Board: Oh listen, this guy is minor league. In the city, I get two of those a day.
Clare Harrison: Well maybe. But you know that town girl was raped a couple of weeks ago.
Barb Coard: Darling, you can't rape a townie.

Clare Harrison: Could that really be just one person?
Barb Coard: No, Clare, it's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir making their annual obscene phone call.

Lt. Fuller: [hands Nash a form] What's this?
Sergeant Nash: Oh, that's the number of the sorority house.
Lt. Fuller: Fellatio?
Sergeant Nash: Yeah, it's a new exchange: FE.
Lt. Fuller: [suppressing a laugh] A new exchange?
Sergeant Nash: Yeah, Fellatio. One of the girls that was in this afternoon gave it to me.
Lt. Fuller: [sarcastically] She gave it to you?
Sergeant Nash: Yeah.
Lt. Fuller: Nash, I don't think you could pick your nose without written instructions. [takes the form and walks back to his desk]
Sergeant Nash: [thinks for a moment] I know. It's something dirty, ain't it?

Sergeant Nash: [Jess has managed to keep the caller on the line for almost a full two minutes, allowing the phone company to trace the call] Uh, Lt. Fuller?
Lt. Fuller: Yeah, Nash, what is it?
Sergeant Nash: The phone company's on the other line, sir. They say they got a trace on this one.
Lt. Fuller: Yeah, let's have it!
Sergeant Nash: He says the calls are coming from #6 Belmont Street.
Lt. Fuller: For Christ's sakes, Nash, you got it wrong. That's where the calls are going into.
Sergeant Nash: That's where they're coming from too, sir.
Lt. Fuller: [pause] Oh, shit...

Sargeant Nash: [after Sergeant Nash calls the sorority house] Who is this?
Jessica Bradford: It's Jess.
Sargeant Nash: Ms. Bradford, this is Sergeant Nash. Are you the only one in the house?
Jessica Bradford: No. Phyll and Barb are upstairs asleep. Why?
Sargeant Nash: Alright. Now I want do you exactly what I tell you without asking any questions, okay?
[Jessica begins to question]
Sargeant Bradford: No, no, no... no questions. Now just put the phone back on the hook, walk to the front door and leave the house.
Jessica Bradford: What's wrong?
Sargeant Nash: Please, Ms. Bradford, please just do as I tell you.
Jessica Bradford: Okay. I'll get Phyll and Barb.
Sargeant Nash: [Raising his voice] No, no, no, don't do that Jess.
[Long pause]
Sargeant Nash: Jess, the caller is in the house. The calls are coming from the house!


  • If this picture doesn't make your skin's on TOO TIGHT.
  • Christmas is coming early this year. And it's murder.
  • The sort of Christmas you don't dream of.
  • A Christmas with another colour brings a killer on the loose!
  • Twas the Night, Before Christmas, and All Trough the House, a Creature was stirring. The Stocklings were Hung by the Chimney with care, but it was Hard to Say that St. Nick would be there. A Christmas with another colour brings a Killer on the Loose.
  • Have Yourself a Scary Little, Black Christmas. It's Not at All Like the Ones You Used to Know.
  • He Knows When You're Sleeping, He Knows if You're Awake, HE KNOWS...
  • It's beginning to look a lot like—bloodshed! Christmas is almost here, and a deranged, axe-wielding psycho is terrorizing a sorority. As it happens, the mad murder also makes obscene phone calls—and he lives right above the girls...


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