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Black Jesus (2014-19), is an American comedy television series created by Aaron McGruder and Aaron McGruder that airs on Adult Swim. The scripted live-action comedy features Jesus Christ living in modern-day Compton, California, on a mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with his small group of followers.


About Black Jesus (TV series)[edit]

  • The foul language used in the trailer, including using the Lord’s name in vain, is disgusting. In addition, there is violence, gunfire and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus. This is blasphemy!
  • I can easily understand why so many Christians are concerned about the manner in which McGruder's program poses a threat to the respectability of Jesus and Christianity, but just as disturbing is how Christians of all ethnicities continue to allow the construct of Whiteness to be the necessary image for a Jesus who the Bible depicts as being for all people. The lily-White conception of Jesus would never hang with the pimps, the drug dealers, and the poor. And any reading of the gospels reveals that couldn't be further from the truth.
    • Stanley Tyrone Talbert, ibid.
  • Christians and anyone who believes in respecting faith must come together to make sure this program never airs.

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