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Black Moon is a 1934 film about a woman returning to her island birthplace who finds herself drawn to a voodoo cult.

Directed by Roy William Neill. Written by Wells Root, based on a short story by Clements Ripley.
Love battling against the sorcery of the jungle!  (taglines)


Stephen Lane: What kind of an island is St. Christopher?
'Lunch' McClaren: Oh, a nice island. Got to learn to like it, though. Same thing all the time. Same thing gets kinda tiresome, all the time. Still, I gotta good job. I runs this boat. Good eatin'. Store bought clothes, once in awhile. Gotta nice little girl too. Of course, she's a monkey-chaser.
Stephen Lane: Monkey-chaser? What's a monkey-chaser?
'Lunch' McClaren: Oh, just a nickname they give the natives down there.

Juanita Perez Lane: Orders! Who is he to give me orders?
John Macklin: He's only the man who saved you from a living death. Those natives never thanked him for sending you away from the island and they've never forgotten it.
Juanita Perez Lane: Neither have I.
John Macklin: How can you say that? You've a fine husband and a beautiful child. She looks just as you did - before that black woman Ruva got hold of you and filled you with the sound of the drums and the sight of blood. Poisoned you with the voodoo!

Dr. Raymond Perez: You know that no natives except the servants are allowed into the house!
Juanita Perez Lane: He's a holy man. A priest. Their leader. He's above any servant! I've known him since I was a child.
Dr. Raymond Perez: Then, let him remain in the hills where he belongs. If I ever find him in this house ever again, I'll have him whipped!


  • Love battling against the sorcery of the jungle!


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