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Blade Runner is a 1997 computer game based in the same time period as the 1982 movie of the same name, but this time the story revolves around Ray McCoy's search for replicants.

Game script written by David Yorkin & David Leary

Ray McCoy[edit]

  • I was just finishing up my twelfth hour on patrol when I got the call. Welcome relief considering that the most action I had seen all night was a schizoid grandmother doing the shimmy in her underwear in the second sector.
  • Last time I had a '3' was when some hooker vomited thunderbird on Bryant's desk, and yours truly led the clean up crew. A year and a half on the job and it was still the dirtiest work I'd seen.
  • Nice bunch of Reps I’m tailing. Hope you’re not pulling a meat cleaver out of my back next week.
  • Yeah, I’ve seen the data. Implanted memories and four year life span. I’d probably get a little crazy too, but I don't think start killing people.
  • You wake up one day and find it’s all been a dream, or you wake up and discover you’ve been asleep all the time and the nightmare is real. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know who I was. A cop dangling on the short end of the stick or a Rep whose memory banks had run out.

Crystal Steele[edit]

  • There’s a beautiful little thing in here called the magic and it ain’t ever been wrong. You develop it, you’ve got a brilliant career ahead of you.
  • I can handle it from here, Slim, why don’t you go buy yourself a lollipop? Something else to suck on.
  • You're not on my list yet, Slim, you know what that means. And there’s no use juicing you if I can’t make some honest chinyen of it, you know? Guzza must have messed up somehow, I’ll check it out, see what's goin' on and then? We'll be meeting again, Slim, you can bank on it!


  • A fool sees not the same tree a wise man sees.
  • You must have a little faith, my friend. Without contraries there is no progression.
  • We have been manipulated by them, correct? Now they’re going to see exactly what lies on the other side of the horizon.
  • Whatever is born of mortal birth must be consumed with the Earth. To rise from generation free, so what am I to do with thee. (William Blake: To Tirzah)
  • My friends... my family... all died before my very eyes... and all you can say is that there is no hope?!
  • I wish I could just leave. Power up this ship and fly away, but there’s no where else to go and no more time.
  • I thought I could cheat destiny. I should have cherished... what time I had... instead of... wasting it.
  • A means to an end. An end to a means. The world isn't always as it seems.

Lt. Guzza[edit]

  • You've really been impressing the troops around here kid. Gaff said you worked that retirement like a champ.
  • Buy yourself something.. something nice. Once you start carving up that juicy bacon, kid, the taste never goes away. The great things in life. Believe me, you’ll just be wanting more and more.
  • It finally reaches the point when you don’t think about what happened yesterday, only what’s coming to you tomorrow. Twenty years on the job kid, and nobody was gonna touch me.
  • I’m what you call a survivor. I’ve crawled through the slimiest sludge of hell and lived to tell the tale. I’ll be around long after they've forgotten that you were ever ON the job.


  • Chew: Busy, busy! You not delivery man, you go away! ...distractions all day long...never stop...noises on the street...beep-beep boom boom boom...always make me rub eyes....
  • Tyrell: As I explained to Mr. Deckard earlier, I've given the Nexus 6 model a past. I’ve given it the purity and innocence of childhood, and all the joy and despair that comes with a real existence. That’s hardly a death sentence... That’s life.
  • Tyrell: Don't be a fool, he’s not dead yet. His time hasn't come.
  • Gordo: What does a marriage and a tornado have in common? First there’s a lot of sucking and blowing and then you lose your house.
  • Gordo: The Doctor calls up his patient. "I got bad news and I got worse news." "The bad news is you only got twenty-four hours to live." The patient says: "What can be worse than that?" The doctor says: "I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday."
  • Gordo: Guess what happens to a Replicant who does his job really well. Early retirement, baby!
  • Dektora: How do you know you’re not a Replicant? Did you ever take that test yourself?
  • Gaff: You killed anyone yet? It’s like I said before, you retire a human and your career is over, your life too maybe. But we don’t live forever do we?
  • Lucy: He treated me bad... Like I belonged to him...


Runciter: You can’t possibly have anything that would interest me. These are extremely rare animals of the highest quality.
Clovis: What a coincidence, so am I.

Guzza: Hope you’ve been enjoying your leisure time kid, cause it’s time to take that thumb outta your ass.
McCoy: Hallelujah!
Guzza: Don’t get too excited. All the other Blade Runner's are all jammed up. Holden’s sucking dinner through a straw, Gaff’s working at the Tyrell break-in, and Steele’s working special undercover. Looks like you got this one by default.
McCoy: You really know how to make a girl feel wanted.

Crystal: Animal Murder... Aww... Those skin jobs got no respect for anything that truly lives and breathes. And that god damn Eldon Tyrell ought to be zipped into a body bag and flushed into deep space.
McCoy: Get rid of him and we’d be out of a job.
Crystal: Oh I think we’re all overdue for a little off-world paid vacation.

Dino: That black paint you found on the fire hydrant. It’s from a ground car.
McCoy: You sure?
Dino: The angle of impact was almost head on, and there ain’t too many spinner drivers klutzy enough to smack a street-level hydrant in VTOL (Vertical Take off And Landing) mode.
McCoy: I heard your wife got her licence back.

McCoy: Beautiful night isn’t it?
Howie: When business thriving, night always beautiful.

Gaff: Rumour has it you’ve been earning your stripes McCoy.
McCoy: Workin' on it.
Gaff: Keep it up! You just might have a future in this business.
McCoy: I understand it’s got a hell of a retirement plan.
Gaff: You VK the mark before retirement?
McCoy: Didn't have to.
Gaff: That's why they call it 'The Magic'.

Photographer: I’ve seen worse, but not by much.
McCoy: Learn anything?
Photographer: You could strain him through a sieve.

Crystal: Freeze Yoshi!
Izo: Izo!
Crystal: Whatever. Been keeping yourself busy?
Izo: I’ll be out of lockup within the hour.
Crystal: Your little skin job friends gonna take up a collection to bail you out or have you got a little Chinyen saved up.
Izo: Maybe I got friends in high places.
Crystal: Yeah, and if my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle.

Clovis: This one? He’s not a problem, he’s an opportunity. You’re weak my friend. And I expected so much more from you.
Sadik: I take it our brother not hearing too good?
Clovis: Oh, he hears us... Isn’t that right McCoy?
Sadik: Ready to give up fruitless nightmare, man? Come back to family?
Clovis: He doesn’t have a choice. He never did.

Rachael: Beautiful isn’t it?
McCoy: The Owl or the view?
Rachael: Both.

Club Bouncer: This area is reserved for VIP's
McCoy: But that's my name.. "Vip"!

McCoy: Early, how’s it hanging?
Early Q: Thick, slick and hard as a brick. How’s your's General?
McCoy: Your man gave me a hard time out there.
Early Q: Yeah, I like Hanoi but I can't deny his sphincter is a little tight.

Lance: Your old fogy stuff makes me want to spew.
Luther: Excuse me, but I was listening to music!
Lance: Geek!
Luther: Hoodlum!
Lance: Dork!
Luther: Freak!

Clovis: You've been continuing your research, I trust?
Lance: Yeah, of course!
Luther: Something drives us on.
Clovis: The common bond. Can you have greater miracles than these? Brothers, my brothers. Take a good long look.
[LUTHER and LANCE turn round to look at each other]
Luther: & :Lance: (TOGETHER) Oh... my... god.

Drunk: 'Ey, another one. Ain’t you heard of private property?
McCoy: Hey! haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
Drunk: Hmmm, always chasing. That your name? Chaser? Saw you chasing after that dumb chef at the sushi bar, remember?
McCoy: Small world ain’t it?
Drunk: Hmm, guess so, then again I ain’t the one standing in your living room.

Gaff: Steele is looking for you, and Bryant. You’ve been keeping the whole department hopping. You and Guzza.
McCoy: You looking for me too, Gaff?
Gaff: Looking... not killing. I’m in a good mood today.

Governor: Call security!
Clovis: Who is this man?
Governor: I’d like to ask the same question.
Clovis: One more word from you and you’ll be dead.
Governor: I will not be spoken to...
[CLOVIS pulls a gun out and blasts away the GOVERNOR]
Tyrell: You're certainly a man of your word.

McCoy: You want me to feel sorry for you, but after what you did to Maggie.. No way!
Clovis: And what about you, Ray McCoy. After what you did to my family! To my friends. Do you not also seek forgiveness?

McCoy: I could have used you about ten minutes ago.
Gaff: You didn’t need any help McCoy. Chief Bryant wants to talk to you. He says you’re really ready now.
McCoy: It never ends does it?
Gaff: Nah-uh. You’re a real Blade Runner now, full retirement bonuses and everything. You’ve done a man’s job, sir.
McCoy: How come I don’t feel good about it?
Gaff: Who knows? Buy yourself another animal maybe, a real one not a Tyrrell fake!!
McCoy: She wasn't a fake.
Gaff: Whatever you wanna believe, McCoy!

McCoy: I hope you have paperwork for all these vehicles.
Crazy Legs Larry: Are we kids or what Ray? You're talking to Crazy Legs Larry Hirsch here.
McCoy: I'll take that as a yes.
Crazy Legs Larry: You can take it any way you want. Just don't take it for a test drive in the fourth sector.

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