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William Blaine Luetkemeyer (May 7, 1952–) is an American politician currently serving as the incumbent U.S. Representative for Missouri's 3rd congressional district, a seat he has held since 2009. The district, numbered as the 9th Congressional District from 2009 to 2013, contains most of east-central Missouri, including the state capital of Jefferson City and some of the southern and northern St. Louis suburbs and exurbs. Luetkemeyer is a member of the Republican Party.


  • When it comes time to vote, we’re going to have to have issues both groups of these folks can support. You can’t give up a vote here and there anymore. You’re going to have to have everybody on the same page. You’re going to have to be more pragmatic. Everybody on the committee’s going to have to be like that. You cannot be an ideologue and be on the committee and expect to get things done. There are just not the votes there to drive things through anymore.

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