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Blaire White in 2019

Blaire White (born September 14, 1993) is an American YouTuber and political commentator. Describing her politics as center-right, many of White's videos have been critical of feminism, transgender people, liberal professors and college students, and liberal content creators. White has risen to fame as one of the few openly trans YouTube creators to produce such content, although this has frequently resulted in her being subject to transphobic attacks by other conservative content creators.


  • I'll go on any leftist podcast. Young Turks, hit me up! [...] Left-wing podcats, have me on! It doesn't even have to be a debate; we can just have a conversation.
  • I truly to my core, and anybody who knows me knows this, there is not one bit of my soul that cares who likes, dislikes, rejects, accepts, enjoys, hates the fact that I'm a transsexual. There is not one bit of me that cares who's okay with me or not. [...] Seeking external validation, which seems to be a huge part of the community these days [...], that is a fruitless endeavor that will lead you to a life of loneliness, emptiness, soullessness, Because you will never ever get everyone to like you.
  • I think that if we dropped the kids transitioning thing, which they would never do, but I think if they did, that would be a huge win for us. I also think that dropping the trans women in sports thing, huge win. The idea that not dating trans people makes you like bigoted... Like just stop fucking saying that.
  • [About Call of Duty displaying the rainbow flag in Western versions of the game but not in the Middle East:] They only support LGBT people based on profitability. How people don't see through that is amazing to me. How about, Call of Duty, if you actually gave a singular shit about LGBT people, stand on that where it counts. [...] Guess what we don't need in America, is more shoving of the pride flag down everyone's throats. Guess where we might need a little bit of pride flag showing up. The Middle East.
  • I personally believe that the best possible thing that could happen for the LGBT community in acceptance in general right now is for everyone to shut the fuck up for a while. To stop showing their asses, figuratively and literally.
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