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Blake Schwarzenbach

Blake Schwarzenbach (born May 21, 1967) is a musician and songwriter best known as frontman of rock bands Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil.


Perfecting Loneliness (2002)[edit]

with Jets to Brazil
  • The trees creak with their arthritic arms / brittle in their powederd bark / this year took ten years to / tell me that I'm alone again
    • "Further North"
  • If it's sad / you know it's true / God is glad on bluer moons / When your room is all you do / it comes to you
    • "Psalm"
  • We put a monkey up in space / and I know exactly how he felt / looking at a lattice work of stars / missing his brothers back home too much for a postcard
    • "Disgrace"

Orange Rhyming Dictionary (1998)[edit]

with Jets to Brazil
  • Turtle on its back in the desert sea / and you look like a cool drink / just slightly out of reach / Draw myself into the shell / waiting on a sign from God / or a nod from hell
    • "Sea Anemone"
  • Be a believer / Believe everything / You'll be right half the time
    • "Chinatown"

Dear You (1995)[edit]

with Jawbreaker
  • Everyone tells me they're crazy / Crazy people aren't so fucking boring / Wake me when you're through being cool 'cause I'm snoring
    • "Unlisted Track"

24 Hour Revenge Therapy (1993)[edit]

with Jawbreaker
  • You don't know what I'm all about / Like killing cops and reading Kerouac
    • "Boxcar"
  • Put my ear to the door / I just heard gunshots and hot rods and sirensPeople kill me these days / There's keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside
    • "Condition Oakland"


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