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Blankman is a 1994 American superhero comedy-parody film directed by Mike Bender and stars Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier, Jon Polito, Robin Givens and Jason Alexander.

Blankman/Darryl Walker[edit]

  • Then slap me around and call me Susan.
  • I'm not leaving here, gosh-darn it, until I see the commissioner!
  • Who needs money when you've got neat stuff like this?

Other Guy/Kevin Walker[edit]

  • [when Minelli ask who he is called] Well, I don't really have one yet.
  • It's gonna blow! It's gonna blow, we can't find the bomb!
  • Bring yo goofy ass on!


[Other Guy opens a stall and exclaims.]
Blankman: Did you find the bomb?
Other Guy: Yeah, but not the one we're looking for.

[After being at the psychiatrist, Darryl and Kevin talk about Darryl's secret identity.]
Darryl: Kevin, this is my calling. I have to make the word a safer place for my children.
Kevin: Your children? You've got to be with a woman first! You've got to knock some boots man! You a virgin!
Darryl: No, I'm a gentleman.
Kevin: Okay, this is obviously something that... that you've gotta do in order to work through Grandma's death. Now, that's what you've got to do. And we're gonna do this together, but we're gonna do it my way.
Darryl: Okay, Karate-Man!
Kevin: What?
Darryl: That's your crime fighter name.

Minelli: Where is the Blankman?
[He pours hot coffee on Stone's groin.]
Stone: Hey, Einstein, in case you haven't noticed, this ain't a boil on my butt. I'm paralyzed from the waist down, I can't feel a damn thing.
[Minelli slaps him in the face]
Stone: I felt that.
[He slaps him again.]
Stone: Are you through?
[Minelli laughs.]
Minelli: I like this guy!

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