Blind Date (1987 film)

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Blind Date is a 1987 comedy film.


Judge Harold Bedford: I Heard You were represented by council.
Lawyer: Sorry I'm Late
Judge Bedford: Uh Mr.Davis would you mind explaning this?
Lawyer: I would not mind explaining this For Mr.Davis Your honor
Judge Bedford: I was speaking to Mr.Davis.
Walter: Please dont let this man help me.
Judge Bedford: Order In The Court [accidentally breaks his Gavel Mallet and ends up in the stenographer's space]
Stenographer:Uh? [ends up partly out of her chair]
Judge Bedford: Mr.Davis one more outburst and ill hold you in contempt.
Stenographer: I'm Allright.
'Judge Bedford: Stop!
Judge Bedford Twenty minute recess [clears the courtroom]


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