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Blinky Bill the Movie is a 2015 Australian computer-animated adventure film based on the Blinky Bill character, an anthropomorphic koala created by Dorothy Wall for a children's book series in 1933. The film was produced by Flying Bark Productions (formerly known as Yoram Gross Films Studio, which also produced Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala, a 1992 traditional-animated film featuring the character), and co-produced by Assemblage Entertainment (India) and Telegael (Ireland).

Blinky Bill[edit]

  • The names Blinky Bill I'm pretty legend around here maybe you herd of me.
  • Dad, I'm not giving up if the sea of white dragons really excite I'll find you.
  • First time on a emu it's okay don't freak out.
  • My dad's alive but i'm gonna find him.
  • Have to catch me first.


  • First time in a truck.
  • I'm not freaking out.
  • Grub the rope Blinky!
  • A Little?
  • Nope


  • Time I hit the trail
  • What can I say about dear old Jacko? Such a great little guy. Hero. Lover. Teller of classic jokes. (Blinky Bill: What a weird little lizard?) [MUMBLING] But if he had one drawback, just one little drawback... It's his "Freaking-out-of-control..."
  • Let's get this party started!

Sir Claude "The Cat"[edit]

  • I will destroy you koala if is the last thing I do.
  • What's that about my tail Huh?
  • Oh my really? not the Blinky Bill behold the great and wonderful Blinky Bill
  • Hmm, What do we have here? Entree and main course.
  • Stop running kiddo you only making me hungrier.
  • Is that it Well?
  • You lie wombat.
  • Surprise!
  • Back off dinosaurs
  • No you don't the koala is mine!
  • Pah! who needs friends when you got nive lives.
  • I'm going to turn you into a snuggy.

Mayor Cranklepot[edit]

  • My follow greenpatchins have no fear Mayor Cranklepot's here.
  • Time to teached you a lesson tree rat.
  • You malignant marsupial! The border swamp is out of bounds!
  • Stop, fluff ball! Insolent! I'm warning you! Leaving Greenpatch is forbidden!
  • But your dad's not here anymore, is he?
  • Out there? Impossible! By Royal decree, I strictly, categorically and absolutely forbid all residents from leaving Goannasburg, except koalas. Yes, I forgot. How silly of me. May you have a long and eventful, one-way journey, Mrs. Bill.
  • My dear Goannasburgers. I am honored and deeply humbled to be here before you today.


  • Care for some pie.
  • Okay! Okay, the koalas were here! But you'll never catch them! They're on emus!
  • (IN HIGH VOICE) That’s the last we see of them, (IN BRITISH VOICE) They got have no chance., (IN NORMAL VOICE) Oh they’re re be all right, I hope.
  • Looks like I'm having koala for lunch.
  • Oh, don't worry! Blinky's got a good head start on him. He's on his way to Croc Canyon.
  • Wacko, the Diddlo! You don't see that every day!

Cheryl and Beryl[edit]

  • Oh, now that is definitely a lake.
  • Er, it's a mirage.

Mr. Bill[edit]

  • Blinky! We're coming mate
  • Betty! Love!
  • Grub the rope!
  • Shake nose, boomerang returns, cheeky, right, left, wipe kick, easy there so are you gonna intoduced me to your girlfriend there.
  • Looks like koalas can fly!

Mrs. Bill[edit]

  • Cranky, Stop! Blinky's gone bushed I have to save him.
  • There's nothing out there but desert. It's just a myth!
  • [to Sir Claude] Get your paws off my son!
  • Kids! Where's Blinky?
  • You said something about a zoo, right?
  • Where are the kids?


Mayor Cranklepot: It's a disgrace! as your king, I demand punishment forthwith!
Betty: Cranky, you are not the king. You're just a jumped-up skink...
Blinky: Yeah, with termite breath. Ouch!
Mayor Cranklepot: Tell it to the claw, koalas. The whole town's behind me now, thanks to your little stunt. First thing tomorrow, I'm sealing up Goannasburg from the outside world. and then... (Cackles) I'm turning this tree in to my castle.
Blinky: You just try it, you stupid ant-licker!
Betty: Blinky! Where are your manners? Shut your snout, you stinking, scaly, stupid little ant-licker!
Mayor Cranklepot: OK Start packing koalas! I'll be back and you better be out!
Betty: Blinky Bartholomew Bill! you promised me you'd be good. Marcia was nearly squished.
Blinky: I know. she shouldn't have been standing there. but now's not the time for finger-pointing, we've gotta go save dad before Cranky shuts up the valley forever.
Betty: Blinky! Greenpatch needs us here. If we don't stand up to Cranky, who will?
Blinky: Dad will! I know which way he went, I saw his marker! Mum, come on. Mum?
Betty: It's been a year, love.
Blinky: Exactly! We have to go to the sea of white dragons and save him!
Betty: There's mo such place, Blinky. There's nothing out there but desert. It's just a myth!
Blinky: But... What if it's not?
Betty: I cant't lose you too, Blinky I'm sorry. But i forbid you to go.
Blinky: That's Not Fair. You might have given up on dad, but i haven't. And dad says YOU NEVER GIVE UP!
Betty: Blinky!

[Claude spots at Blinky drinks a bottle of water]
Sir Claude "The Cat": Koala [he ran towards the him and the bang the block of glass and he felt over the floor and Blinky help him up].
Blinky:Are you all right? Let me help you up. [Blinky slipping off the floor and Claude wakes up he spot at him] You're up!
Sir Claude "The Cat": Finally! I shall have my revenge!
Blinky: But, but I don't even know you.
Sir Claude "The Cat": Really? My sincerest apologies. Sir Claude. Purebred British Shorthair. (CHUCKLES) Eater of small animals. Tormentor of birds. And your worst nightmare, Koala.

[Blinky ups top of Croc Canyon finding his dad but he saw his father's hat on the brunch]
Blinky: Dad!, [he climbed the top on the rocks] Dad!, Dad!, It's me It's... [he saw his dad's hat on the brunch] Blinky. [he walked up and grabbed the hat off the brunch he looked at this hat and he sniffs] This... this is his hat.
Nutsy: Blinky.
Blinky: No, Dad. [he saw the swag] That's his swag. [he ran to towards the dark sky] Dad!, Dad!, Dad!, Where are you Dad!, [he looked down there was a pair of bones when Nutsy and Jacko saw it there.]
Jacko: Yahoo! Mr. Bill!, Oh?
Blinky: [sobs] No, Dad... It can't be.
Nutsy: Hey, those bones could be anyones
Blinky: This his hat.
Nutsy: You can't give up.
Blinky: Yeah, Dad you'se to say that too.
Nutsy: Come on Jacko.
Blinky: [he puts his father's hat away with the wind blows and he looked the moon at the sky] I'm sorry Mum.

[As Blinky on this cage and Blinky's dad is at the zoo]
Blinky: Let me out! [he saw a parrot was very sleeping] Hey hey buddy over here help me [Then Blinky hears male koala voices coming down the cage] I don't belong here I'm wild.
Bill Koala: Hey! Hey! new guy zip it! you don't to wake old feather-brain.
Blinky: You zip it! I have to get back to Greenpatch.
Bill Koala: Greenpatch? Blinky.
Blinky: Dad?
Bill Koala: Get out of here.
Blinky: Dad!
Bill Koala: Blinky Bill!
Blinky: Where are you Dad!
Bill Koala: I'm here son.
Blinky: Oh Dad! Extraordinary! what are you doing here I mean.
Bill Koala: Blinky! Blow me down! how did you get here are you okay son you first.
Blinky: What happen to you dad?

Sir Claude "The Cat": [To Blinky Bill] Playtime's over, Time to explore the afterlife
Betty: [to Sir Claude "The Cat"] Get your paws off my son. [She punches Sir Claude and saves her son]
Sir Claude "The Cat": Ah! Miaow
Blinky: Mum!
Betty: Oh, you are so grounded.
Sir Claude "The Cat": Miaow Ow!

Nutsy: [To Bill Koala] Take her up!.
Bill Koala: Yep i'm on it Come on you son of sinked, [they on the rope on the flyer and they up but Blinky to reaching Claude off the crocodile at the zoo.]
Blinky: [to Sir Claude "The Cat"] Quick! my friends will saved us.
Sir Claude "The Cat": Pah! who needs friends when you got nive lives [to kill Blinky again but he has been eaten by a crocodile] Huh? (squeaks) Mummy.

Mayor Cranklepot: [to the Greenpatch residents] Now bow, bow be your king on your knees reaches. [They bow to the new king but Blinky returns to Greenpatch with his father with Nutsy, Betty, Jacko, and Jorge along the fruit bombs with Splodge, Robert and Marcia].
Bill Koala: Hello Crankypants.
Mayor Cranklepot: [To Bill Koala] William you're alive.
Bill Koala: Ready Blinky.
Blinky: Operation goanna splat is go! [They splat Cranklepot] Extraordinary.


  • Koala to the Rescue.
  • Australia's Favourite Koala


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