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Blood is a first-person shooter computer game from Monolith Productions released in 1997. It was followed by two expansion packs that same year, Cryptic Passage and the Plasma Pak. It's sequel, Blood II: The Chosen, was released in 1998, and it received an expansion pack called The Nightmare Levels in 1999.



  • I live AGAIN!
  • Aah, fresh victims for the ever-growing army of the undead.
  • All I want's a friend.
  • Hmmmm... Is that gasoline I smell?
  • "I've got you... under my skin... ♫"
  • Miramux this... asshole...
  • Now kids, don't try this at home... hehehehehe...
  • Open for business.
  • I've got a present for you...
  • Oh... shake it baby...
  • Pay attention son, this is for your own good...
  • Ugh... I'm not that hungry. (upon finding rats cooking on a stove)
  • Small world, isn't it?
  • What kind of fool am I? that never fall in love...
  • Everybody loves somebody sometime ♪ ... not me, baby.
  • Do you think I'm sexy hey? You want my body... hehehehe...
  • Lambs to the slaughter...
  • Ah... the suffering.. the sweet suffering...
  • (Sarcastic) Help, Help! I'm being repressed...
  • How much is that doggy in the window? (bark bark!) ♫
  • Amateurs...
  • Are you gonna just stand there and bleed?
  • Fool! You are already dead!
  • Get off my train!
  • Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.
  • I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
  • I'm gonna paint the town re-e-e-ed...
  • I want Jojo! I want Jojo! Jojo! JOJO!
  • I've got two guns, that should be enough for all of you.
  • No-one wants to play with me.
  • Rest in pieces...
  • (upon finding the corpse of Ophelia) Ophelia? Ohhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Show yourself! SHOW YOURSELF!! (Shouted to Cheogh the gargoyle)
  • Sleep Ophelia (After Defeat the Gargoyle)
  • Son of a bitch must pay! (Said upon killing lots of enemies with TNT)
  • Strangers in the night, exchanging glances...
  • They're all dead, they just don't know it yet!
  • This is my boomstick!
  • What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?
  • I did it my way...
  • Heeeeeeeeee's... Johnny!
  • On the good ship Lollipop, da, da, da... Damn, forgot the words.
  • Out, out, damn spot! (When using a sink for the first time)
  • I like my hands bloody! (When using a sink for the second time)
  • Looks like my train's come in...
  • Nevermore... (Upon using the Draven tombstone)
  • And along came a spider and sat down beside her and said, "What's in the bowl... bitch?"
  • I'm gonna have to put you down!
  • Aah! It burns, get it off me, aah!
  • Please, when will the hurting stop! (Sarcastically said upon killing a mime in the House of Horrors level)
  • Good doggy. Play dead. (Upon killing Cerberus)
  • Over the lips, through the gums, look out tummy, here I come. (Said when entering the mouth-like door of the House of Horrors)
  • Forgive me, old friend. (reaches into the cocoon containing Gabriel) For truly, I say unto you, unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.
  • "In pace requiescar fortunato"


  • Welcome my servants, my slaves.
  • You have failed me, I disavow you all.
  • I have taken your love, now I'll take your life. Consider my power in a hollow grave.
  • I have awaited you.
  • You were always loyal to me, you most of all my child.
  • Because I knew you would return, can you not see? Every life you have taken has made you stronger, and now you have returned to me as a greater sacrifice than I ever could have wished. With they power you bring, I shall open the doors between the worlds, and inherit the Earth.

Plasma Pak[edit]

Blood II: The Chosen[edit]


  • You just made your second mistake! You stuck around!
  • When you get to hell, tell 'em I sent you, you'll get a group discount.
  • Another day, another corpse, another reason to pu-pum-pu pum (he sings)
  • Get ready for a surprise: Heeeeeere's Caleb!
  • Its Howdy Doody Time Kiddies, The Bad Man Is Here. (Bad Man is drawn out when said)
  • Good morning, and in case I don't get to see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
  • Hum. That's what i call a bbq.
  • Hum. That's what i call a fondue.
  • Walk now and live, stay and die!
  • So you're diying
  • I'm not a bad dream, I'm your worst nightmare!
  • Ohh, I'll do more than that. (In response to "You're thinking of Ophelia, how very touching")
  • Ophelia! That's it! It's time you died. (After Gideon whisks Ophelia away)
  • Let it burn! I never liked this place anyway!
  • Then I'll just have to keep on kicking your ass! (After the dying Gideon says: "It's not over! You will never truly defeat me!")
  • Uh! And I thought I was ugly! (Upon seeing the spider-Gideon)
  • Life's not fair, but neither is death, get used to it! (Upon finally killing Gideon)
  • Hello Mr. Fancypants, forgive me if I don't shake hands. (Upon meeting The Ancient One's true form)


  • Death is the only cure I know for being stupid.
  • [The rifts] can only be sealed by The One That Binds, this power lies within you, this reality will perish, unless you restore it.
  • Oh yes, Ophelia too, she was the first to come through.
  • Ohh, I wouldn't miss this for the world, then again, you might just end up destroying it.


  • Caleb? What the hell is this? (Spoken in a thick Creole accent)
  • Gabriella, it's a long story... (In reference that she was a man named Gabreil in Blood)
  • I need to come with you, find out what's going on!
  • The Cabal must be getting pretty desperate to be creating such creatures.
  • I'm not sure I can count on you anymore, this is becoming a bad situation.


  • Hmmm, prince charming I presume?
  • Cut me loose, and I'll give you a whole cherry pie!
  • He wants you to follow him, you dumb bastard!
  • Take the L out of "lover" and it's "over" baby! :: BLOOD::


  • This is Gideon, your guest conductor, hold on tight. The ride might get a little... BLOODY!
  • Don't have much luck with trains do you?
  • I shall now witness the fall of the Great Betrayer!
  • Time to die, Chosen one.
  • * Chuckles *, I thought you would come here.
  • Sorry to break up this lovely reunion Betrayer, but I have to keep you... motivated.
  • It's not over! You will never truly defeat me!
  • Oh, Caleb I've been expecting you, you predictable oaf! I won't be a minute, I'm just changing into something unpleasant!
  • You'll stick into something un... (he transforms to the spider-Gideon at this point) unpleasant
  • What do you think of my new look?! (upon transforming to a giant spider-Gideon)

The Doctor[edit]

  • Hmmm, that's unexpected! (In reference to Gabriella's resurrection)
  • Trust me, my calculations are perfect this time. (In reference to the past faulty Singularity Generator)
  • Hello, hello, hello, you may call me, Doctor. I have been having a lot of interesting experiments lately what with all the fluctuations in the cosmic substrate. But I must say, that I am especially looking forward to your dissection! Hee, hee, hee! Proceed to the main lab and we'll begin the experiment!

The Ancient One[edit]

  • Insect, we are The Ancient One, bow down before us.
  • You are all that stands between us and the Dominion? Pathetic.
  • All that is will no longer be, all that was has never been, all that was to come... oh... ah...
  • All that was to come will never happen!

The Nightmare Levels[edit]


  • So there I was, stranded in the icy wastes, low on ammo and out of rotgut, * burp*, and hunted by Cabal patrols. I could hardly see through the snow, but up ahead I saw a light, greenish kind of haunted, yeah, my kind of digs I remember thinking. So I trudged on up and, Whooah! Feeling funky here guys! (Talking about the events of the second episode of Blood before being whisked away in a portal)
  • What in the hell, what is this? Some kind of freaky time-warp acid trip?
  • A hedge maze? How delightful...
  • Ohhh, so cold!
  • Hmm, another portal. Damn I hate these things. I guess I don't have a choice though.
  • Where am I? Some kind of frat house... oh wait! No it can't be. Hee, hee, ha!
  • I don't think so sister!
  • JoJo? Well I'll be damned? Hey, could you do that tight-rope act real quick, I've always loved that one.
  • Ohh, my head, a church? Oh this really is a nightmare!
  • There is something evil down that mineshaft, I've got a bad feeling about this.
  • So you're the thing that has been dragging me through all these rifts, well you're going to pay, and my weenies had better not be burnt when I get back, huh?


  • [Caleb] always was terrible at telling stories.
  • What, no deep dark secret to reveal? No corny plot to expose?
  • I've got to destroy their photo albums!
  • There! I've done it! My past is erased, and I can join the Cabal!


  • Mmm, fudge!
  • Would you please pass the weenies?
  • Unemployment did not cover evil cultists in those days, so the only place an out of work tattooed man could find work was the circus. And so, for a time, I became JoJo. The previous JoJo passed on the revered mantle of "JoJo-ness" to me, and it was with proud grace that I strutted onto the stage on my first day. Then it was "bastard little dirt throwers", like yourselves, that taught me what it really was to be a freak. After a year of that, I was a prisoner to my own low self esteem. One day though, it all changed, Tchernobog spoke to me, and did bid me to free myself from this mortal mockery. And so I did, but it was not easy...


  • One time I had to stay in a spooky mansion... over night!
  • And that's it, it was scary.
  • Do you want me to tell you this story or not?
  • No, now shut up both of you! It was a cloudy night, and the air was filled with bog and swamp gas...
  • Looks like I'll be spending the night here, I might as well look around and see if I can find a bedroom.
  • Whatever, just get on with it, I'm tired.


  • Oh yes, hello. Surely you remember me, the power-mad and vainglorious Gideon? There was a time when I sought after the throne of the gods, well I suppose I got my wish. My undying soul is bound to this cranial prison for all eternity, no thanks to Caleb and his Chosen ones. Anyway, I suppose there is no reason to be bitter about it. I imagine that someday I may serve as a muse to some unfortunate playwright who happens to wander this way. Until then, gentle player, I'll amuse you with this little anecdote...
  • After defeating The Ancient One, The Chosen had a long walk home through the other world. They could handle the odd demon or two that wandered their way, but what they were not ready for was the horrible psychic terror that wanders the waste - The Nightmare! Fools that they were, The Chosen practically invited a visit from this devil by telling scary stories during one of their repasts. Observe...
  • And so our story comes to a close, Caleb was victorious yet again. It seems nothing can stop him. Sometimes it seems that the unseen hand of some otherworldly being is guiding his actions. The Chosen have many adventures ahead of them, stories to tell, battles to fight, and empires to forge. Perhaps someday I will be able to make my return. But until then I assure you Caleb will BURN!!!


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