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Blue Bloods (2010–) is an American television show, airing on CBS, about a New York City Police Commissioner's family and the situations that they face on a regular basis.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]


Samaritan [1.02]

Sgt. Renzulli: Hey, college boy, tell your brother the first rule of riding in my car.
Danny: Jamie, tell your boss I know Brooklyn better than a Manhattan cop.
Jamie: This is me keeping my mouth shut.

Erin: If anyone's going to punch my ex out it's going to be me.
Frank: I wouldn't mind being there to see that.

Privilege [1.03]

Renzulli: Lots of cops burn themselves out running down every half assed lead like it's the French Connection but never learning the secret to being a good cop.
Jamie: What's that, extra mayo?
Renzulli: I make the jokes around here, rookie.
Jamie: All right.
Renzulli: I'm talking about the art of doing nothing.
Jamie: Amazing you don't have your own command by now.
Renzulli: I'm serious. NYPD have spent millions of dollars of hours and manpower setting up stings and takedowns, but if they just taught more cops the art of observing
Jamie: For what, nannies and skateboarders?
Renzulli: Well, for instance, that yupster over there. The Mandles, 11 o'clock. What do you think he's doing?
Jamie: He's reading the newspaper.
Renzulli: No. That's what he wants his wife to think. What he's really doing is checking out those blondes doing tai chi.
Jamie: We can arrest him for having impure thoughts.
Renzulli: Okay, wise ass. See that?
Jamie: What?
Renzulli: The guy in the suit. Look at him. See him touching his hip like he's looking for something?
Jamie: Checking his wallet.
Renzulli: You wear your wallet on your hip? Huh? Guy's got a gun, Reagan.
Jamie: He does? Well, let's go toss him.
Renzulli: No.
Jamie: Why not? What, a gun collar? You crazy? Why not?
Renzulli: Because he's a cop, Reagan. Mike Respoli, works out of the 2-5. Plays on my softball team, center field. Okay, so I knew, but you didn't.

Danny: Where you going? Come here.
Vincent: Are you arresting me? What did I do?
Danny: Shut up. Hands in front.
Vincent: I didn't do anything.
Danny: That why you jumped out a window? Your car was at the scene of a rape last night.
Vincent: Rape? I didn't rape anybody. I was at the Yankee game.
Danny: Good, we'll get Jeter on the horn and find out.

Danny: I'm really liking the diplomat's kid for this.
Gormley: Well, right now your case is weaker than the Mets bullpen.
Danny: What do you mean?
Gormley: You got a parking sticker on a car, you got a rough sketch and you got a suspect with diplomatic immunity, which, as you know, is absolute.
Danny: It's not my fault I can't talk to the kid.
Gormley: Gotta take it up with 1 PP. They just called down. The commissioner has this.
Danny: Look, if I can get in this kid's apartment.
Gormley: The commissioner has this.

Officer Down [1.04]

Frank: I think you're stuck with the role of bad cop.
Erin: Which is ironic since I'm the only one in the family who isn't.

What You See [1.05]

Jack: Can we have cotton candy?
Linda: We'll see
Jack: We'll see like yes or we'll see like no?
Linda: We'll see like we'll see.

Smack Attack [1.06]

Danny: [walks into Allison's hospital room, sees her crying] What's going on here?
Jamie: She was asking what happened to her boyfriend, I didn't know what to tell her.
Danny: So you told her?
Jamie: I didn't know what to say...
Danny: [Annoyed] Wait outside.

Danny: [walks out of Allison's hospital room] Nice work kid, our only witness and you gotta turn on the waterworks?
Jamie: [ashamed] I'm sorry Danny.
Danny: [glares at him for a second, then loosens up] It's fine. She would have found out eventually anyway. Sometimes you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. I heard about what you did, saving her life. Good job kid.

Brothers [1.07]

Danny: Glad you stopped by. I've been meaning to give you these since I heard you got assigned the the twelfth.
Jamie: What is it?
Danny: Hold on. I'm going to show you. [goes to locker] You can always use an extra pair of collar brass.
Jamie: Thanks Danny.
Danny: On the other hand, you wanna carry something useful? You ever seen a slapper before? Nothing better in close quarters, take it.
Jamie: Where did you even get a thing like that?
Danny: See right there [points to initials]
Jamie: Are those grandpa's?
Danny: You didn't think all those things were mine, did you?
Jamie: Thanks, but no thanks. [hands Danny the item back]
Danny: Suit yourself. Just keep in mind Bambi, you're not in Cambridge anymore.

Danny: [Family dinner] Thank you for the blackjack grandpa, and thank you for not using it little brother. It came in very handy.
Jamie: I just hope it doesn't get you another IA investigation.
Danny: What did you say?
Jamie: You heard me.
Danny: No I didn't hear you, say it again.
Sydney: Jamie, he's just trying to get a rise out of you.
Jamie: Yeah well, he got one.
Danny: Yeah listen to your girlfriend, Jamie. Take it easy.
Jamie: Well, I will Danny, when you get off my back, okay?
Danny: Hey, I'm not on your back.
Jamie: You've been riding me ever since I got out of the academy.
Danny: You know, when I start riding you, you'll know about it.
Linda: Easy, kids.
Danny: [Jamie gets up] Where you going? Hey, sit down.
Jamie: If you want to talk to me, I'm going outside, okay?
Danny: Where you going? Sit down.
Jamie: If you wanna talk about it...
Danny: Sit down, Harvard.
[Jamie leaves]
Danny: [sighs] I'll go talk to him.
Frank: No, I'll talk to him.

Chinatown [1.08]

Danny: Hey, you okay?
Jamie: Yeah, I'm fine.
Danny: Have you given your statement to anybody?
Jamie: Yeah, I talked to uh I talked to this guy. [Points at another detective]
Danny: Jack, he says he gave his statement to this guy over here. [Points her in the other detective's direction, then turns to Jamie] What happened?
Jamie: Well, you know the uh, the triad, they kidnap illegal immigrants to try and squeeze money out of their families in China right?
Danny: Yeah yeah it's one of their many upstanding activities, why, what happened?
Jamie: I think that's what I saw. Two suspects had guns, but when I searched the guy, he didn't have it.
Danny: Are you sure they had guns?
Jamie: Yeah yeah he had it, he must have tossed it.
Danny: A gun's not going to last long on the streets of Chinatown, kid, what else?
Jamie: There was one other woman, a Chinese woman, she saw the whole thing, perp pushed her up against the wall, she might have had lacerations on her forehead.
Danny: I've gotta find two Asian women in Chinatown? Now what were you doing down here anyway, you're off duty?
Jamie: Just walking around, blowing off some steam after my tour.
Danny: Look, Internal Affairs is going to be up all over you, they're going to want to speak to witnesses, going to know who you were talking to, what you were doing.
Jamie: I got it, I got it.
Danny: Right, get your story straight.
Jamie: All right.
Danny: [Nods] I'm glad you're all right. [pats Jamie on the cheek]

Re-Do [1.09]

Jackie: What's this
Hugh: It's my website. It's not a crime. It's ironic.
Jackie: Or moronic.

Renzuli: That's not bad, Harvard. A real Dr. Phil moment.

After Hours [1.10]

Jackie: You enjoying yourself, Reagan?
Danny: How could I not be? Come on. We just took a statement from a six-four transsexual escort who thinks her Labradoodle was dognapped by her shrink. How can I not be having fun right now?

Danny: This is the New York that I love. The one you never see on a postcard.
Jackie: Now there's an untapped market: tranny hooker postcards.

Nicky: [reading from a fortune cookie] "A mysterious stranger is on his way."
Erin: No, he's not.
Nicky: Yes, he is.
Frank: Your grandpa has 36,000 armed men at his disposal, he's not.

Little Fish [1.11]

Jackie: Well, listen, here's what we're gonna do; We're gonna figure out who did this, and we're gonna string him up by his family jewels. It's not gonna bring her back, but it's gonna make you feel better.

Frank: Nothing undermines our way of life more than the taking of it.

Frank: If it moves you duct-tape it. If it squeaks you WD40 it. If it's stuck you hit it with a hammer.

Henry: It's the losses that keep you up at night.

Family Ties [1.12]

Frank: (speaking to Danny and Jackie about the car bomb and its ties to the Russian mob) I want Grushenko for this. They say his people have a code of silence. What they really have is a code of betrayal. That's how we got the brigades the first time and that's how we'll finish them now.
Chief Winston: Yes, sir.
Frank: No one's turning my city into Baghdad.

Hall of Mirrors [1.13]

Clerk: We use that for our accounting.
Danny: Well, Best Buy's having a sale. Get yourself a new one.

My Funny Valentine [1.14]

Jack: What's a greeting card?
Linda: That's something people used to send before e-cards, Honey.

Renzulli: But Valentine's Day. That's when I go all out, Kid.
Jamie: What's all out for you Sarge? Two for one Mondays at The Pig & Whistle?

Dedication [1.15]

Danny: The good son, huh?
Kevin: There's one in every Irish family.
Danny: True.

Jamie: Who sings that?
Renzulli: It's the Red Hot Sushi.
Jamie: Let's keep it that way.

Age of Innocence [1.16]

Jackie: So if you're single and unhappy at work you're a suspect for murder.

Danny: So the Dad kills Betsy and lets the son take the fall for it.
Jackie: I believe that. The way the guy was looking at me, he's a predator for sure.

Jackie: This guy's going to miss his maid in Rikers.
Danny: He may end up being somebody's maid in Rikers.

Danny: I swear if I have to look at one more businessman with a wheelie getting off an elevator I'm going to eat my gun.
Jackie: Shoot me first, please. It'd be a mercy killing.

Silver Star [1.17]

Mayor: I can't speak for you.
Frank: Recent history suggests otherwise.

Ray: Drink, Commissioner?
Frank: Love one Ray but if I did I'd have to read about being a candidate for Betty Ford in your next column, so no.

To Tell the Truth [1.18]

Frank: Family is what makes us strong.

Erin: Because once he finds out you can't help him anymore, he's going to trade you in like a used car.

Model Behavior [1.19]

Linda: All she sees is that I still wear the scarlet letter of New York City. The dreaded 718 Staten Island area code.

Frank: Everything has a cost, even the truth. But the reward for truth is a clear eye and a clear conscience.

All That Glitters [1.20]

Jackie: Do you Reagans ever take a day off?
Danny: Not if we can help it.

Cellar Boy [1.21]

Frank: Happy families are alike. Unhappy families are unhappy in their own way.
Nicky: Who said that?
Frank: Other than me? Tolstoy.

Nicky: Well, I'm glad I was born into this family.
Erin: Luck of the draw, Sweetie.

The Blue Templar [1.22]

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. :Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: (nods) His definition of a hero.

Frank: We all die son, it's just a question of when.

Season 2


Mercy [2.01]

Erin: This is like a movie set.
Jackie: Like Gidget goes to hell.

Frank: It's a hell of a lot easier to put yourself in harm's way than to ask others to do so. At least for me anyway.

Friendly Fire [2.02]

Danny: You've got nothing to feel guilty about.
Frank: What makes you think I feel guilty?
Danny: Because you've got a hero from Ziggy's in that bag with my name on it.

Frank: I don't like pandering on my best day.

Critical Condition [2.03]

Danny: Never date a girl with a gun.

Sean: Who is John Wayne?
Frank: That's sad.

Innocence [2.04]

Frank: She had a very convincing closing argument.
Erin: It must run in the family.

Danny: After this week there's not a person at this table who thinks they could ever be too overprotective.

A Night on the Town [2.05]

Franl: If a month comes and you can make rent or the car payment but not both, make the car payment because you can always sleep in your car but you can't drive your house.

Frank: You won't be poor exactly but you'll be paying for everything that used to come free so you'll feel strapped.

Black and Blue [2.06]

Danny: Look at how fast your hearts pumping. I think you might be our grand prize winner.

Erin: Since he was found in possession of four kilos of heroin and enough cocaine to levitate Manhattan, I think a guilty plea will settle things nicely.

Lonely Hearts Club [2.07]

Danny: Single guys love a girl that can cook you know.
Jackie: I use my oven as a dresser.

Danny: Great News. Our only witness is a towel.

Thanksgiving [2.08]

Jacob: I am innocent.
Erin: I am an assistant district attorney for the city of New York. Do you know how many times a day I hear those three words.

Henry: Now that is some big bird.
Linda: I think it weighs more than Sean.

Moonlighting [2.09]

Erin: I guess I owe you an apology.
Frank: Or at least a good bottle of Scotch.

Danny: Be like being rookies all over again.
Frank: Better not. It ain't rookie duty.

Whistle Blower [2.10]

Jackie: Maybe I can bring this rat over to my ex-husband's house.
Danny: Is he that bad?
Jackie: Yeah, he actually is.

Danny: Was it bring your sister to work day and nobody told me?

The Uniform [2.11]

Jamie: I never thought I was going to get rich being a cop. Even a Harvard graduate could figure that out.

Danny: So your uncle got that gun for protection, huh? What was he expecting, an army?

The Job [2.12]

Danny: The biggest mistake we can make is to pretend that my gun does not exist in this house.

Danny: It's Staten Island, we're not exactly known for turning the other cheek.

Leap of Faith [2.13]

Frank: My mother was a saint. My wife was a saint especially by the time she was chasing four kids under ten around the house.

Frank: The only thing harder than being a cop is being married to one.

Parenthood [2.14]

Jackie: You guys get together every week to eat and fight. You sure you're not Italian?
Danny: Nope Irish. We just drink a little more.

Danny: Somebody should protest the Mets calling themselves a professional sports team.

The Life We Chose [2.15]

Frank: Courage is not the absence of fear it is the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

Jamie: Law of the Reagan jungle, Jack. Protect your food at all times.

Women with Guns [2.16]

Jackie: The bedroom's right out of Better Homes and Bunkers.

Frank: If you got hurt on my watch, in my city, I'd never forgive myself.

Reagan vs. Reagan [2.17]

Danny: I feel like I look like my sister's creepy ex-husband.

Erin: Dragging my personal life into opening statements isn't personal?

No Questions Asked [2.18]

Frank: Then what are we waiting for?
Garrett: Your happy face?

Frank: This isn't going to work.
Garrett: What, you don't like the beard?

Some Kind of Hero [2.19]

Garrett: Care to share?
Frank: I'm not good at that.

Jamie: Have you ever eaten anything that's actually good for you.
Renzulli: Do Cocoa Puffs count?

Working Girls [2.20]

Erin: Thank you for coming, Sophia.
Sophia: The police didn't give me much choice.

Frank: She'd be twice the DMO Glaser was.
Garrett: Yeah, so would a house plant.

Collateral Damage [2.21]

Danny: Gangster justice is very efficient and it saves on tax payer dollars.

Frank: A smart cop can find room between a rock and a hard place.

Mother's Day [2.22]

Frank: You're late.
Garrett: It's Saturday. Technically I'm a day and a half early.

Danny: Erin can't do it she's a mother. We can't send her out to buy her own Mother's day dinner.

Season 3


Family Business [3.1]

Renzulli: By the power vested in me, I pronounce the two of you partners.

Danny: What'd you do partner, walk to Coney Island for the coffee?

Domestic Disturbance [3.2]

Danny: We haven't asked you any questions how do you know you've got nothing to say?

Jackie: Oprah couldn't get that girl to open up.

Old Wounds [3.3]

Jackie: What did you say to him in there?
Danny: Mostly lies. What I wanted to tell him was go ahead and shoot the son of a bitch and let's be done with it.

Frank: Quit reading my files.
Henry: Well, I'm retired. What else do I have to do?

Scorched Earth [3.4]

Renzulli: Put some effort into discerning between gang bangers and honest citizens.

Danny: Yeah, no comprende to you, too.
Jackie: Unbelievable.
Danny: What'd he say?
Jackie: This guy we've been risking our lives for, Valverde?
Danny: What about him?
Jackie: Not real. It's not Valverde.
Danny: What? He's a decoy?
Jackie: Yes.

Danny: Hate to have to pull you out on a Sunday, Jack. Just need to keep you in the loop.
Jackie: Ah, it's all right. I needed the distraction anyway. New boyfriend's a dope.
Danny: What's his problem?
Jackie: Patriots fan.
Danny: Dump him.
Jackie: I know.

Frank: Our job is to provide protection, we don't get to pick who for.

Risk and Reward [3.5]

Danny: That detective did his job and this isn't your country, smart ass.

Henry: Sometimes a kick in the ass is worth a thousand words.

Greener Grass [3.6]

Erin: Well, I'll deny it to my death, but Danny is the best.
Frank: Yeah, it's annoying, isn't it?
Erin: Beyond.

Linda: What do I do if that weird noise comes back?
Danny: Just turn up the radio.

Nightmares [3.7]

Lansing: I'm Detective Lansing. I just moved over from Internal Affairs.
Danny: Congratulations on getting sprung.

Lansing: You try giving up coffee.
Danny: You'll have to pry that from my cold, dead hands.

Higher Education [3.8]

Nicky: It's a party, mother. Not a drunken orgy.

Erin: Fine. Go. Get drunk. Have sex with Greg. Get a tattoo. You need bail money, call your grandfather.

Secrets and Lies [3.9]

Danny: You wish you could turn into Supergirl and just put the entire family inside your little force field and keep them safe.

Frank: I may not be a cop anymore but I still have friends in low places.

Fathers and Sons [3.10]

Frank: Well, there you go. Forty grand a year at Harvard finally paid off.

Henry: Anything less than a thank you from Danny Reagan and I will personally knock him on his behind.

Front Page News [3.11]

Frank: There's no mistake you can make that I already haven't been there, done that.

Danny: I'm just checking on my kid brother, Sarge. If anyone at IA got a problem with it they can bite me.

Framed [3.12]

Frank: Unless it's the proof that he's innocent, in which case it will be back there with the Poconos real estate ads.

Danny: I almost went to prison over this cheesecake. You've got to eat some of it.

Inside Jobs [3.13]

Frank: It's just our New York way of saying Howdy Stranger.

Danny: I'm not paid to drink the Kool Aid.

Men In Black [3.14]

Danny: Not for nothing but what happened to going easy?
Wolf: Your way's more fun.

Vinny: Do you think they see us?
Jamie: Yeah, I think so. I think they're just too stoned to care.

Warriors [3.15]

Erin: She thinks that I'm a terrible driver.
Frank: Well, you are.

Doctor: If you don't learn how to control your anger your anger will control you.
Danny: Put it on a bumper sticker, Doc.

Quid Pro Quo [3.16]

Danny: Our jobs are suppose to help people not screw them over.

Garrett:I don't know whose interest are being served here but it certainly isn't this departments.

Protest Too Much [3.17]

Jamie': Dad doesn't need my approval or yours.

Danny: Apparently she was still just a bank teller and not a bank robber.

No Regrets [3.18]

Jamie: It's not like you don't have any experience with crazy people
Erin: You grew up in a house full of them.

Frank: Don't do that to my people. Baker's not a cocktail waitress at CoCo Beach she's an NYPD detective.

Loss of Faith [3.19]

Baker: Some days you just have to turn them off.
Frank: Easier said than done.

Jamie: It's like... it's like every fifth guy fits the description.
Vinny: No kidding. I feel like I'm eyeballing for one of my cousins.
Jamie: Yeah. Hey, look, you want a coffee?
Vinny: Oh, no, thank you, man. I'm... I'm jumpy as it is.
2-7 Cop: Pedro Mendoza, police!
Jamie: Hey, Vinny. Colors. Vinny. Hey, Vinny, colors. Vinny, colors! Hey Vinny, colors.
Vinny: Hey! Hey!
2-7 Cop: Don't move!
Jamie: Hey, we're on the job! We're on the job! We're on the job. We're plainclothes.
Vinny: Where are you from?
2-7 Cop: 2-7.
Jamie: 2-7.
2-7 Cop: You should not be in plainclothes!
Vinny: You need to get your freaking eyes checked! Is that me?
2-7 Cop: From 20 yards, yeah.
Jamie: We're out of the 12th. Just calm down, guys, all right?
2-7 Cop: Sorry.
Vinny: I get it. I get it.
2-7 Cop: I'm sorry.
Vinny: All good, brother. We need to get this guy. This is insane.

Frank: You know everything that I know.
Jamie: That's never the case.

Ends and Means [3.20]

Jamie: He rigged the car. Why would he do that?
Frank: Because he got grounded when he was seven.

Danny: You operated on the guy twice. What is it now, a heart transplant?

Devil's Breath [3.21]

Garrett: Seeing her will just make it harder.
Frank: It's suppose to be hard.

Carter: I came to New York to ask her to marry me.
Danny: I'm assuming she said no.

The Bitter End [3.22]

Danny: In most places they call that a badge but in New York they call it a shield. You know why? Because a shield is used to protect people.

Frank: Doing the right thing may be hard but it sure as hell isn't complicated.

This Way Out [3.23]

[Frank delivers a press conference on the NYPD sweep of the Bitterman Projects]]
Frank Reagan: At 0600 hours this morning a joint task force consisting of the Detective Bureau, the Narcotics Division....[police cars screech to a halt on the street. Hundreds of uniformed and ESU officers rush into the Bitterman Projects in formation] ....ESU, the Warrant Squad, the Gang Division and patrol - armed with warrants for arrests on charges including conspiracy to murder in the cases of Police Officer Vincent Cruz and Mayor Carter Poole, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, enterprise corruption....[A gangbanger is shown running down a stairwell, only to run into an ESU team coming up the stairs]....racketeering and a number of other serious charges-- conducted a sweep of the Bitterman Housing Projects....[An ESU team led by Danny and Baez raids Santana's unit, handcuffing Santana and one of his mistresses]... arresting 47 members and associates of the Los Lordes criminal organization, including their head. [Police officers escort several groups of Los Lordes members out of the buildings, shackled to each other] These arrests were made with information given by the residents of the Bitterman Projects, at their own risk, with no promise of reward, other than full NYPD cooperation in restoring law and order to their community. [Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli shake hands with Hector Santiago's father] I would like to note that this operation was carried out with the full input, and by design of, Mayor Carter Poole, with the explicit intent of conducting the investigations and arrests in such a manner as to build trust between the NYPD and the Bitterman community-- a trust that has been absent, on both sides, for far too long. [Danny and Baez load Santana into the back of a squad car]

Season 4


Unwritten Rules [4.01]

Eddie: An eye for an eye.
Jamie: Leaves the whole world blind.
Eddie: Last time I checked Gandhi wasn't a cop.

The City That Never Sleeps [4.02]

Jamie: I'm not saying working midnights is fun but I don't think you can call yourself a New York City cop until you've survived a few.

To Protect And Serve [4.03]

Jamie: (talking about being a Reagan) Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it just puts a target on your back.

The Truth About Lying [4.04]


Lost And Found [4.05]

Jamie: Even when you do what seems like the right thing it can still turn out wrong.

Growing Boys [4.06]

Linda: I'm going to need to see those ticket stubs.
Frank: My thought exactly.

Kelly: You're putting kids in harm's way.
Frank: These kids live in harm's way. We're trying to do something about that.

Drawing Dead [4.07]

Eddy: Don't take this the wrong way, you drive just like my grandmother.
Jamie: Well you drive like my brother when he was 14.

Justice Served [4.08]

Eddie: Chicks like dating firefighters. Do you ever see a beefcake calendar with NYPD? You don't.
Jamie: Maybe I'll start one.

Bad Blood [4.09]

Maria Baez: He's my brother and I'm the only one who gets to kill him.

Mistaken Identity [4.10]

Danny Reagan: (coming up to a group of skinheads and flashing his badge) Kevin Conklin?
Kevin Conklin: (sarcastically) Wow- you're good.
Danny Reagan: (nodding to Conklin's friends) You two- why don't you go take a walk? (they glance at Conklin) Come on, beat it. (they leave)
Maria Baez: Get up- get your hands out of your pockets. (Conklin does so, smirking) Someone tried to blow up the mosque down on 10th- you know anything about that?
Kevin Conklin: I know it's a good start. Too many damn Osamas around here. Think they own the place.
Maria Baez: You were spotted in the area a few hours before the explosion.
Kevin Conklin: That rat's nest is on my way to work.
Maria Baez: You've got quite a mouth on you, Kevin.
Kevin Conklin: (smirks) You know, I got a place upstairs that's a real mess. You got your mop and bucket in the car, chiquita? (grins insolently; Maria gives Danny a look)
Maria Baez: (steps forward and quickly frisks Conklin) We have Department guidelines for dealing with verbally abusive subjects. We're supposed to find a way to make a connection.
[Suddenly, she grabs the front of his jacket and knees him in the groin, hard)
Danny Reagan: Well, I'd say you made a Hell of a connection there.
Maria Baez: (cuffing Conklin) Subject tried to put his hands on me.
Danny Reagan:(smirks) I saw the whole thing.
Kevin Conklin: (weakly) That's a damn lie!
Danny Reagan: Don't worry, tough guy- we won't tell the boys that the cleaning lady kicked your ass.

Ties That Bind [4.11]

Mickey: How'd you get the shiner, Reagan? Step out of line with Linda?
Danny: Yeah, left my socks on the floor again.

Danny: It's not like I was an angel. I mean every time Mickey got in trouble I was right there with him.
Erin: Yeah, which is why Dad never liked you hanging around him and always kept you on a short leash.

The Bogeyman [4.12]

Jamie: As my father told me, you can't save every puppy in the pound.

Unfinished Business [4.13]

Frank: Just remember what Sister Margaret Mary always said.
Danny: Are you really going to tell me to play well with others?

Frank: You didn't seem eager to protect me from that reporter.
Garrett: Sometimes I think it's the reporters that need protecting.

Manhattan Queens [4.14]

Frank: One of the great things about parents Nicky is that you can learn from their mistakes.

Danny: Never take a bottle to a gun fight.

Open secrets [4.15]

Jamie: Sometimes people don't appreciate the way you try to keep them safe.
Henry: Until something goes wrong.

Insult to Injury [4.16]

Jamie: Your feet spread apart, hands on the hood.

Henry: Is that true young man, because your ability to sit down for a week hangs in the balance?

Knockout Game [4.17]

Jamie: Just because a case is closed doesn't mean you've got closure.

Frank: Let's appeal to the sense of pride in the professional criminal.

Righting Wrongs [4.18]

Frank: I need someone I can trust and someone who is capable. I'm not asking. It's an order.

Baez: I think beauty is from the soul, besides I'm already smoking hot.

Secret Arrangements [4.19]

Jamie: You work together long enough either you hate each other…
Eddie: Or we make out on the sidewalk?

Eddie: He's only ever seen me in my uniform. I look like a 12 year old boy dressing up for Halloween.

Custody Battle [4.20]

Danny: Reagan family rule #1: Reagans can talk smack all night long. Outsiders talk smack, there's going to be a fight.

Jamie: When it comes to sticking up for his kids, my old man doesn't take any prisoners.

Above and Beyond [4.21]

Eddie: Ah, another day of crime fighting. We should get capes.

Exiles [4.22]

Baez: You're running a sting and your lead actor jumps off a building, I call that bad.

Season 5


Partners [5.01]

Erin: You have to remember that I was there for your first crush. Theresa Mancini and she was bossy and opinionated and it's kind of your thing.

Gormley: I'm thick headed irish mutt who barged in here without thinking about the consequences or at least that's what my wife told me.

Forgive and Forget [5.02]

Frank: You've got a badge in your pocket and a gun in your holster you damn sure better not have a drink in your hand.

Erin: It's always personal for him. That doesn't give him the right to use me as a punching bag every time he doesn't get his way.

Burning Bridges [5.03]

Frank: I kind of went off road at the press conference.
Garrett: You kind of drove into a ditch.

Frank: Is there an or else here? Is excommunication on the table?

Excessive Force [5.04]

Frank: How much mercy am I required to show?
Cardinal: Well there isn't any metric that I know of. You show as much mercy as you can. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

Cardinal: May I quote Scripture?
Frank: Not unless you want to put me to sleep.

Loose Lips [5.05]

Baez: He give you anything?
Danny: Yeah, a stubborn attitude.
Baez: A Reagan. I'm shocked.

Tina: Look, I'm fine.
Jamie: Those bruises on your face say different.

Most Wanted [5.06]

Nicky: Mom, I'm a Reagan. Something good happens that just means something bad is right around the corner.

Danny: Hey, what's with all the dancing? This ain't no disco.

Shoot the Messenger [5.07]

Danny: The only Rottweiler causing me any pain is my new CO.
Frank: Carver's a good cop.
Danny: Carver is a ball buster.
Frank: Carver is a good, tough cop. District Attorney McCoy is a ball buster.

Garrett: Just for the record, you've done hundreds of interviews, Frank. I'd think by now you'd know how to hold your tongue.
Frank: I'm doing that right now.

Power of the Press [5.08]

Baez: We work together, we catch hell together.

Nicky: A lot of people don't trust cops. It's a fact.
Henry: Let them try living without us for a week.

Under the Gun [5.09]

Danny: We don't go to bed angry in this house Linda.
Linda: Tonight we do.

Garrett: When you and Donald Stein part after a meeting, who kisses whose ring?
Frank: Neither, it is a bear hug and a my best to your family.

Sins of the Father [5.10]

Danny: A broken heart is no excuse for what you did.

Frank: I can't let it go at a discount.

Baggage [5.11]

Eddie: My kingdom for an empty bench where I can devour my cheeseburger.

Garrett: Public perception's going to be we're launching missiles at a gopher.

Home Sweet Home [5.12]

Jamie: I just want to say how blessed we are to have this food, this house and four generations of Reagans sitting around this table. We should never take that for granted. That's an order.

Frank: Where are you going?
Henry: Out.
Frank: What are you 16?

Eddie: You once told me you can't save every puppy in the pound and now you're the one getting too close.

Love Stories [5.13]

Danny: I hate wearing my dress blues. How about that?

Garrett: Why don't you pretend that Danny's last name isn't Reagan and decide if he deserves a medal based on the merit's of the case.

The Poor Door [5.14]

Eddie: Guy's a real box of rocks.
Jamie: You don't got to pass a test to become a criminal.

Eddie: Oh you need help. Thirty seconds ago you were trying to kill us. Now you need help.

Power Players [5.15]

Eddie: This was a really bad guy, so why do I feel so guilty?
Jamie: Because you're a good guy.

Eddie: I killed a guy before he killed me. I don't want a damn medal.

In The Box [5.16]

Garrett: You have no right to judge me for what I do or try to do for helping my boy.

Baez: You have a gun pointed at my face, of course I’m not going to try anything.

Occupational Hazards [5.17]

Jamie: So you’re all for the benefit of the doubt as long as there is no doubt.

Baez: He said jump, you said on who?

Henry: I'm all for benefit of the doubt, so long as I'm dead certain who benefits from the doubt.
Jamie: What does that mean?
Henry: It means I wanna be sure the person is innocent before I let him or her off the hook.
Jamie: So, you're all for the benefit of the doubt as long as there is no doubt.
Henry: Exactly.

Bad Company [5.18]

Danny: When we were calling the wheel looking for someone who spoke Serbian you were the only one in the entire department who fit age and physical profile.
Eddie: I hope that means young and hot.

Jamie: (about Eddie) She's the best. She's tough as nails. I trust her with my life.

Through the Looking Glass [5.19]

Erin: Don't give me that, you play like a girl look, because I play like a girl who grew up with three brothers.

Garrett: A wise man told me that policing is about positively affecting one person at a time for the better.

Payback [5.20]

Senator McCreary: Jess Weinstein, my Deputy Chief of Staff. She masterminded my last campaign. She's sharp as a tac.
Frank: Until she becomes as dumb as a box of rocks with one of my officers.

Danny: The kid couldn't kill an ant.

New Rules [5.21]

Danny: There comes a time to rule by fear and not by the book.

Sean: But you told us that you busted that guy then Aunt Erin let him go.

The Art of War [5.22]

Danny: Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan. You know why she's here? To keep me from snapping your neck.

Frank: What are you trying to do, join the family business?
Linda: Well, as another Reagan once said, Honey I forgot to duck.

Danny: We good?
Erin: You're good.
Danny: I'll get the video equipment.
Erin: Just one thing. I thought you had that mother on 24-hour protection.
Danny: We do.
Erin: Then how did she get banged up like that?
Danny: Detail must have slipped away for a minute.
Erin: Do not tell me you willfully allowed that woman to be beaten by a known gang member.
Danny: Okay. I didn't.
Erin: Danny Reagan.
Danny: But I did willfully allow her to sit down with the makeup team from the decoy unit.
Erin: That's a makeup job?
Danny: Mm-hmm.
Erin: She lied.
Danny: To save his life.

Season 6


Worst Case Scenario [6.01]

Frank: It took a long time for this city to get its swagger back. Wouldn't that be a victory here?

Absolute Power [6.02]

Mayor Poole: Who are you trying to protect?
Frank: Nobody in particular, just the standards of this office.

Baez: Why don't people get killed in high end spas or nice handbag stores?
Danny: What fun would that be?

All the News That's Fit to Click [6.03]

Danny: Yes, hello, Michael Hicks? Congratulations! My name is Richard Mollo. I work with the New York Mets. And you, sir, have won a wonderful prize of a luxury suite to any New York Mets home game of your choice for this season. No, congratulations. Okay, all you got to do is meet me between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. tonight at the box office at Citi Field and you can collect your prize. Yes, ask for me-- Richard Mollo. I'll see you then. Throw the pitch, make the catch.

With Friends Like These [6.04]

Danny: Can't save everyone.
Jamie: We can try.

Back Stabbers [6.05]

Sgt. Delgado: Well, I never forgot the advice of my training officer, Lt. Gormley. Never bitch about a problem without pitching a solution.
Frank: He does have a way with words.

Rush to Judgement [6.06]

Reverend Potter: I've been waiting a long time for this. Frank Reagan coming to me hat in hand.
Frank: I don't wear hats.

Eddie: How did it go?
Jamie: It wasn't the Spanish Inquisition but not for lack of trying.

The Bullitt Mustang [6.07]

Mr. Kyle: You have to understand this is a boutique hotel.
Danny: Got it.
Mr. Kyle: With a reputation for utmost discretion.
Danny: Got it. I'll be discreet, I promise. I left my bullhorn and machine gun in the car. (knocks) Police! Open up! Mrs. Cairo, open up! Okay, would you do your thing, Mr., uh, Kyle?
(Mr. Kyle unlocks and opens the door Danny enters as music is playing loudly)
Danny: Mrs. Cairo? Detective Reagan. (shuts off music) Just want to ask you a few questions.
Mrs. Cairo: You have no right! (throws glass vase with flowers at Danny)
Danny: Hey! Hey! I'm a detective!
Mrs. Cairo: So, my husband had me followed again?! Well, you tell him he's wasting his time.
Danny: I'm a detective. Detective Reagan, NYPD.
Mrs. Cairo: You're a police detective. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Geez, are you okay?
Danny Yeah, I'm okay. You missed. Is anybody else in that bedroom?
Mrs. Cairo: No
Danny: How about you-- are you all right?
Mrs. Cairo: I'm not supposed to be on my feet. I just had my boobs, ass and tummy done.
Danny: Oh.
Mrs. Cairo: And I had nothing to do with that damn car going missing. Assuming that's why you're here.

Unsung Heroes [6.08]

Baez: Everything okay?
Danny: Nothing is.

Garrett: Most north eastern liberal arts institutions are not known for respect or appreciation for agencies of law enforcement.
Frank: Preaching to the choir is for showboats and sissies.

Hold Outs [6.09]

Jamie: Here, have a seat. You know when we add these four goons to the three my partner and I locked up the other day, it's like damn near arrested half your gang. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, huh?
Rainey: What?
Jamie: Just saying. Not a great week for you as boss, but maybe there's something you can do to fix that.
Rainey: Here we go, hmm? Time for Let's Make a Deal. Guess what? Rainey don't deal.
Jamie: You could save you and your boys a lot of jail time if you come clean about what's really going on.
Rainey: You know what, man? I don't even, like, understand a single thing you saying.
Jamie: Sure you do. You're smarter than you play. Why would you and your crew hit the same block six times in a month?
Rainey: I ain't saying nothing.
Jamie: If someone else is behind this, maybe we could trade up Get you and your crew a year, maybe just probation.
Rainey: You know what, man? You're right. I am smart. Smart enough to know that the most we gonna get is six months, probably three if we wear ties to court. (chuckles)
Jamie: Yeah, you're right, except there's this little known section of the penal law that I discovered when I was at law school. It's called "enterprise corruption.
Rainey: Hmm.
Jamie: I won't bore you with the details, but basically what it says is, since you've repeated the same crime multiple times, minimum for you is five years upstate.
Rainey: Please. (laughing) You ain't go to no law school. You just a cop.
Jamie pulls out his Harvard law school ID Card and places it on the desk
Jamie: (handcuffs rattling) Let's go.

Erin: Thanks for coming down. Please, have a seat.
Louise: You know, uh, I've been thinking about what you said about what hand Granderson used and all. I think I was right the first time. He reached in with his right hand, and he shot Victor with his left.
Erin: Great. That's great. That's very helpful. Can you tell me who Richard Hart is?
Louise: What?
Erin: Who is Richard Hart?
Louise: I don't I don't know anyone by that name.
Erin: That's interesting. Because you make quite a few phone calls to him.
Louise: Okay, I know him, but he's just a friend.
Erin: Yeah. I think he's your boyfriend. And for quite some time, based on those phone records.
Louise: Oh, God. Okay. Yes, he's someone I've been involved with. Look, I'm not proud of it.
Erin: Which is why you never told this office or the police?
Louise: I knew how it would come across. Husband is shot dead and wife is having an affair. I mean, we all know what that would look like.
Erin: Like you had your husband killed so you can start a new life.
Louise: That is not what happened.
Erin: I think it is.
Louise: Okay. I think I need a lawyer.
Erin: Yeah.That's probably a good idea. But the truth is I think it's a little late for that.
Louise: Oh, no.
Erin: Yeah, bad move getting involved with a two-time felon. See, one more felony conviction and Richie goes away for life. Unless he cooperates.
Louise: Richie loves me. He wouldn't say a thing.
Erin: Yeah. He said everything. About how you two carried out the murder of your beloved Victor, as well as killing Robin Dunn, the only eyewitness that could contradict your testimony.
Louise: (gasping) Wait. Wait. This was all Richie's idea. I will tell you anything you need to know.
Erin: Yeah. He thought you might say that. Which is why he was smart enough to record all your phone conversations. You're under arrest.

Flags of Our Fathers [6.10]

Frank: Battle for Peace is an oxymoron.
Garrett: Emphasis on moron.

Frank: That flag that you consider a prop and a stunt has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice. You're spitting on their graves.

Back in the Day [6.11]

Garrett: Broadway Frank Reagan and his merry band of head knockin', hard drinking, stewardess banging, mad dogs. There'd be no high moral ground left to you. There'd be no coming back.

Garrett: What I do know is if that book gets published, you're handing your enemies a bat to beat you with, with nails sticking out of the business end.

Cursed [6.12]

Danny: Did you forget how to dial a phone, Ronnie?
Ronnie: I didn't know anyone was gonna do anything last night. Last time I saw those guys, Sal was telling us all to get out.
Danny: Right, and you all just went home and watched The Bachelorette, is that it?

Stomping Grounds [6.13]

Henry: I know you don't like the man or care about what happens to him.

Danny: This thing is going to haunt you until you put it down.

The Road to Hell [6.14]

Cop: I got four under for criminal possession of a controlled substance.
Nicky: It's not my drugs.
Cop: I got three more saying the same thing. [pulls out Nicky's ID Card and sees her last name] Tell me you're not that Reagan?
Nicky: My grandfather's the PC, if that's what you mean.
Cop: Sarge? I think you need to get the CO down here.

Sid: The barricaded situation is over. The hostage was released unharmed, and the perp, the perp gave himself up without incident.
Frank: Good, I want the duty captain's 49 when it comes in. Sid, you come up with anything on what happened at my church?
Sid: I had CSU dust the rectory lock box for prints. Uh, they lifted some latents. When latent ran the prints, they got a hit on one Mason Reyes, 20, from Bay Ridge.
Frank: Priors?
Sid: He was arrested for grand larceny two years ago, assault a year ago, and drug possession eight months ago when he was 19. He was released on bail. You want to know who posted it?
Frank: Who?
Sid: Father Quinn. You want Reyes picked up?
Frank: No, not yet.
[Garrett Enters]
Frank: You're up late.
Garrett: Nicky's been arrested for drug possession. Cocaine. Apparently, two grams were found in the car she was driving. Plain sight. There were three other kids in the car with her, including the kid the car was registered to.
Frank: Anyone claim ownership?
Garrett: No. She's being held at the 5-1 in the Bronx.
Frank Those drugs are not hers.
Garrett: But your feud with the Bronx DA? For him, Christmas just came early.
Frank: Well, there's no way that son of a bitch is gonna use my granddaughter for headlines.
Garrett: That's gonna take a team of wild horses.
Frank: Then put one together.
Garrett: I'll see what I can do.
Sid: I know Captain Bennett at the 5-1. I'll give him a call.
Frank: Thank you.
Garrett: You know you can't go up there. There's no detour, no excuse, no piece of business you can invent that has you just dropping by the 5-1.
Frank: I know that.

Baez: Well, they all didn't kill him. Someone's lying.
Danny: Let's just arrest them all. Then we'll see who can break first.
Erin: You can't do that. It will weaken my case down the line. A defense attorney will use that to cast doubt, by saying even the police had no idea who was responsible.
Danny: Thing is, why the hell would they all take credit for it? I mean, just to cover for somebody else?
Erin: It's pretty ingenious. I mean, if they all stick to their claim of doing it, we can't try them all for murder.
Baez: So we thinking they all got a tutorial in how to get away with murder?
Erin: Unless they're all playing “I Am Spartacus.”
[Jamie arrives at the 54th Precinct]
Danny: What the hell are you doing here?
Jamie: No one's hurt. Nicky's been arrested.
Erin: What? Where? For what?
Jamie: In the Bronx, drug possession. I can drive you.
Danny: Go. Go, you got to go.

Fresh Start [6.15]

Adrian: I was jogging.
Erin: Jogging? In jeans, a hoodie, and work boots.

Mayor Poole: Sorry to keep you waiting, Frank.
Frank: It's what we do, you and I.

Help Me Help You [6.16]

Garrett: You'll play nice?
Frank: Right up until nice doesn't work.

Frank: It's hard to do the right thing when you don't know what the right thing to do is.

Friends in Need [6.17]

Danny: You're the best cop I know, alright, and you can teach him things that I can't.

Anthony: I'd arrest my own mother if I thought she was scamming cops.
Erin: Your own mother?
Anthony: But with lots of backup.

Town Without Pity [6.18]

Danny: Well, the good news is none of us is ever going to end up alone.
Erin: Not while another one of us is still standing.

Jamie: What if I told you I found some of the money?
Harry: I'd say forget the brisket, you're taking us to Peter Luger's for family dinner.

Blast From the Past [6.19]

Baez: Been there, done that, lost the t-shirt.

Frank: I am not going to put the other 35,000 men and women of this department through the ringer for one cop's crusade.

Down the Rabbit Hole [6.20]

Frank: You know, my granddaughter's growing up. She's almost an adult so I'm just gonna butt out.

Frank: It's not an order it's a valuable suggestion or I could suggest it right over your head.

The Extra Mile [6.21]

Erin: Sometimes my job is like a game of chess and I need to be five moves ahead.

Anthony: I know it's a hard choice. The right ones usually are.

Blowback [6.22]

Danny: Officer Russell should have taken the one and a half seconds that stood between a knife and his throat and asked this Diego Perez character, Hey, how you feeling?

Frank: You're three times as likely to die from a stabbing as you are a gun shot.

Season 7


The Greater Good [7.1]

Garrett: I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out the risk.
Frank: Maybe you should take the afternoon off then.

Henry: Do you usually get just what you're asking for? Do any of us?
Frank: Less and less.

Good Cop Bad Cop [7.2]

Erin: You know, it's not okay.
Jamie: What? What's not okay?
Erin: That we're constantly telling people that we can't help them when it's our job to help.

Danny: In my experience, you run from cops means guilty.
Terrell: In my experience you don't run from the cops you're an idiot.

The Price of Justice [7.3]

Nicky: So just because he supports the NYPD he can break the law whenever he feels like it?
Frank: No.
Nicky: It certainly sounds like it.

Frank: I appreciate your generosity, you know that.
Sy: Then show me the respect.
Frank: By disrespecting the law?

Mob Rules [7.4]

Frank: You need to start picking your battles.
Jamie: Which is what I'm doing here.

Frank: You could fill this floor with guys who worked with Sid.
Anthony: But I'm the one who's here.

For the Community [7.5]

Erin: The truth as a hustle.
Danny: Everything is a hustle; the key is to not be the sucker born every minute.

Eddie: Adrianna, my psychic, she told me that my soulmate has long hair, a beard, and a piercing in his left ear.
Jamie: So your soulmate's a pirate.

Whistleblowers [7.6]

Frank: This isn't about smart. Smart's highly overrated sometimes.
Danny: I've been saying that since 4th grade.

Egan: I've got two words for you - child pornography.
Erin: What's that supposed to mean?
Egan: Two words that together run neck and neck with child molester as the charges that bring everybody, and I do mean everybody, together.

Guilt by Association [7.7]

Jamie: I hate jumpers.
Eddie: At least if he jumps it's in the East River.
Jamie: No splat.
Eddie: Yeah.

Frank: Why are you lurking by the elevator?
Garrett: I'm not lurking.
Frank: You lurking always means bad news or a plea to keep my mouth shut.

Personal Business [7.8]

Eddie: I know, I know, we need to stop meeting like this. (she enters, Jaime looks bewildered) So, uh, I think we need to clear the air.
Jaime: Yeah.
Eddie: I've been thinking about what you- you said about me being... jealous of Tara.
Jaime: I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry-
Eddie: Yeah, well- the thing is, it's true.
Jaime:... What are you talking about?
Eddie: I was. Jealous of Tara. Just like I'm jealous every time you go on a date with somebody, every time you tell me how some girl is hot.
Jaime:... Eddie-
Eddie: Could you please not talk? This is, you know, this is really hard, so just let me get it off my chest.
Jaime: Okay.
Eddie: (takes a deep breath)... I have feelings for you. I have for a long time. (pause, Jaime stares at her) There, I said it. I do everything I can to make them go away. Because, I mean, you're not even close to my type, and you are a complete Boy Scout, and you make me crazy most of the time. You're also... the best person I think I've ever met. (starting to tear up) And you're the best friend I've ever had.
Jaime: Look, I-
Eddie: Is that you talking?!
Jaime: Sorry.
Eddie:... I know that you're my partner, and I don't want to do anything to screw that up. I just, I needed... to tell you that you're so much more than that. And if I didn't tell you, it was gonna get really weird.
Jaime: (teasingly) 'Cause this doesn't make things weird at all. (Eddie punches him in the arm, he laughs and raises his hands defensively) I'm kidding, I'm kidding! (pause) Cards on the table? I have feelings for you, too. I think you know that. But, we've been down that road before, and it's a bad idea for... a lot of reasons.
Eddie: I know.
Jaime: It can really cloud your judgement, and... totally screw up a partnership.
Eddie: Yeah- totally. I just, you know- I just wanted to be honest. (Jaime nods) Are we good?
Jaime: Definitely.
[Eddie walks past him, pauses, then turns back and kisses him; Jaime returns the kiss and they embrace for a moment]
Eddie:... Good talk. (swats him teasingly) See you tomorrow.

Confessions [7.9]

Eddie: Do you ever think about what we might be missing out on?
Jamie: Yup. Do you ever think what we might be giving up?
Eddie: Yup.

Eddie: This place?
Jamie: What?
Eddie: Jamie, people are dancing here. You don't like dancing.

Unbearable Loss [7.10]

Frank: That even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop on the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.

Henry: My first C.O. once told me that if there's a conversation you've been avoiding, then that's the one you need to have.

Genetics [7.11]

Frank: Jack, the fact that you even considered the Core says something. It means you're thinking about what can I do for my country, not just what I can do for me.

Garrett: So the recruits were in a tough spot.
Frank: Relatively speaking.
Garrett: Relative to what?
Frank: Being under fire in 120 degree heat in the middle of the desert is a tough spot, taking a test in an air conditioned classroom, not so much.

Not Fade Away [7.12]

Ernie: You always said if there was ever anything you could do for me when I get out…
Danny: That's something I say a lot. That's not actually something I mean when I say it.

Ernie: How the hell do you call this a safe house? The roaches are big enough to mug somebody.

The One That Got Away [7.13]

Sid: Diplomatic immunity should not be a free pass for brutality.

Jamie: And he likes you because?
Eddie: Because who wouldn't?

In & Out [7.14]

Gormley: Guys like Don Kent don't come along every day.
Frank: And in Don's case they get assassinated for it.

Jamie: We've been riding together for three years and I'm just finding out about this now.
Eddie: Because I knew you'd freak out.
Jamie: There are some things that just aren't right, Eddie, and this is one of them.
Eddie: My grandparents lived in Philly and we used to go to the games.
Jamie: Seriously, the Flyers! You're not even allowed to mention that name in my father’s house.
Eddie: Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit?
Jamie: No.

Lost Souls [7.15]

Jamie: I'm excited every single shift. How many people can say that?
Frank: A lucky few.

Manager: Nobody here would bother to waste a word on the guy, let alone a bullet.
Baez: It was a knife.
Manager: Whatever.

Hard Bargain [7.16]

Frank: How's the arm, Rodney?
Rodney: I still can't straighten it all the way and it still hurts when it's about to rain.
Frank: Well it was good of you to come.
Rodney: I didn't do it for you. I did it for me, to show I'm not the man I used to be.
Frank: Well you did the right thing. Will you accept my thanks?
Rodney: Just be careful of the elbow.

Eddie: Are you all right?
Woman: I'm just clumsy. I fell in the shower.
Eddie: You got this bruise falling in the shower?
Man: Where are you going? I told you I wasn't done talking - Oh hello officers, is there a problem here?
Eddie: We're just checking that everything's all right.
Man: Oh, I'm sorry. My kids...
Nicky: If it's just your kids, why are you holding a broken necklace in your hand?
Jamie: We got this, all right?
Man: I was fixing it. This is against the law?

Shadow of a Doubt [7.17]

Garrett: I made my mea culpa like you would have.
Frank: How so?
Garrett: Like I was scraping out my eyes with a rusty fork, so thanks for the years of leading by example.

Danny: The confession's the easy part. The part I can't figure out is why they always try to run.
Jamie: It's that ugly mug of yours.

A Deep Blue Goodbye [7.18]

Linda: What will you do when you retire?
Frank: Besides just being a burden to my children?
Danny: I thought that was a hobby.
Erin: Not that you're not good at it.
Frank: Thank you very much. One thing I know for sure, on Sundays, I'll be right here and I hope all of you will be too.

Frank: The creed of every significant relationship and organization that informed my life could be boiled down to tow the line, obey the rules.
Abigail: And don't rock the boat. You're the boss. The boss isn't supposed to rock the boat. The boss is supposed to steady the boat.

Love Lost [7.19]

Jamie: How is it you can make even my being a good cop into a bad thing?
Danny: I didn't say it was a bad thing.
Jamie: You'll be happy to know they switched us up for punking another pair of partners.
Frank: I'll be happy to know?
Jamie: Well no, not you.
Frank: You just forgot who was at the table.

Henry: So who died?
Danny: A 33-year-old woman with a four-year-old kid.
Erin: A 40-year-old dermatologist from the upper West Side.
Frank: And a 16-year-old in East New York.
Henry: I didn't mean it literally.
Frank: You just forgot who was at the table.

No Retreat No Surrender [7.20]

Jamie: You take a shot at the king, you better not miss.
Frank: My aim is true.
Erin: He's got the heavy artillery.
Henry: You can't fire him but he can fire you.

Frank: Either way, AG or the press, we end up looking like weasels, and by we I mean me.
Garrett: So we sit on our hands.
Frank: Not saying that, but I don’t want to make some kind of clever move that backfires and ends up washing the Mayor's hands for him either.

Foreign Interference [7.21]

Garrett: You know what this is about, right?
Carleton: A Christian and Muslim walk into a bagel store.

Garrett: We both knew this issue would land on our desk sooner or later.
Frank: It didn't just land, it was placed by the mayor.

The Thin Blue Line [7.22]

[Mayor Carter Poole tells Frank he intends to resign]
Frank:...Is there anything I can say?
Mayor Poole: (smiles)... You can give me your word. That you'll be just as hard on my successor, as you were on me.
Frank:... You have my word. (they shake hands) Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
Mayor Poole: Thank you, Commissioner.

Garrett: The mayor wants you to handle the announcement solo.
Sid: Poole never missed a victory lap in his life.
Garrett: Until now.
Frank: It's about me taking the weight for six dead bodies.
Sid: But we caught the guy.
Frank: Yeah, but it comes soaked in blood and the mayor wants to keep his shoes clean.

Season 8


Cutting Losses [8.1]

Mayor Dutton: She was clearly under the influence.
Frank: To put it mildly.
Mayor Dutton: Well, how would you put it?
Frank: Officer Olivet was trying to reason with someone who had snorted enough jet fuel to win the ninth race at Belmont.

Frank: Of all my kids, I think he's the most like me.
Henry: When we lost Mary you checked out completely.
Frank: I was stuck in quick sand.
Henry: I remember.
Frank: You know what got me out?
Henry: Work? Purpose?
Frank: My kids became my purpose.

Ghosts of the Past [8.2]

Frank: Are you asking me to boycott the parade?
Joseph: I wouldn't be so bold, Commissioner.
Frank: But you would?
Abigail: All day long, Sir.

Jamie: No matter the cause, a politician is a politician.
Eddie: You can't deny that he's helping people.
Jamie: I can't deny that's the soap he's selling.

The Enemy of My Enemy [8.3]

Frank: You remember civics class back in the day?
Regina: Yeah.
Frank: The three branches of government.
Regina: Yeah.
Frank: Okay. In this city, I'm judicial, you're legislative, she's executive.
Regina: Are you actually giving me a civics lesson right now?
Frank: Regina! We stood witness when she was sworn in! That means you and I agreed to uphold the duties of our offices under her administration. That's what I'm gonna do. I am going back to City Hall to see the Mayor to make one more push. It would be helpful if you came with me.
Regina: Why would I do that?
Frank: Because one day you may well be mayor, and you sure as hell gonna want people to respect your office.

Frank: You're trying to use this to pave your way to Gracie Mansion.
Regina: I'm backing your plan because it's a good plan. My base doesn't want this. They're probably gonna be outside my office with pitchforks and torches. None of them wants more cops.
Frank: The smart ones would.
Regina: The smart ones?
Frank: You know what I mean.
Regina: There are no smart ones. The smart ones all left. What's left is the real ones, and none of them thinks cops are heroes.

Out of the Blue [8.4]

Frank: If you think you are owed an apology, I'm sorry.
Garrett: I never thought, “owed.”
Frank: Well, whatever, there it is.
Garrett: Take it or leave it.

Danny: You ever disrespect my wife again that blade will go through your throat like a stick of butter. You got it?

The Forgotten [8.5]

Danny: Finding myself making breakfasts and lunches and talking about emotions are things I never really had to do as a father.
David: I can't picture you in an apron.
Danny: I can't cook a TV dinner, but in many ways it's been the best opportunity of my life. An opportunity that I might not have taken, probably wouldn't have stepped up for if not…

Mayor Dutton: Remember when you compared yourself to those old buildings, they're an eyesore until they get torn down and then they're beloved?
Frank: Well, that was just a metaphor.
Mayor Dutton: Well you know what really happens? A couple of people bitch for a couple of weeks and then life just goes on. No one is indispensable, certainly not me, but not you either.

Brushed Off [8.6]

Danny: You were right. I've been all screwed up in the head lately and it's put me on the back foot, and I should have told you but I didn't, so I'm sorry.
Baez: Do you want to talk about it?
Danny: I'm pretty sure I just did talk about it.
Baez: I guess a few drops of blood from a stone is progress.

Danny: What's happening to us?
Erin: Turns out we may have flaws.
Danny: Speak for yourself.

Common Ground [8.7]

Danny: It's weird, but I still feel like I'm married, you know?
Faith: I did too, for a long time.
Danny: When does it stop, feeling like you're married?
Faith: When you decide it's okay to start living again.

Eddie: Did you see the look on her face? She fell in love the second she saw that baby, it was instantaneous. I just thought, some day I want to experience what that feels like.
Jamie: Me too.

Pick Your Poison [8.8]

Mayor Dutton: What's the course of action?
Frank: A period of suspension.
Mayor Dutton: Define period.
Frank: A length or portion of time.

Danny: Cause when I see a bunch of look-a-like, dress-a-like, dirt bags carrying pipes and bats and sticks and such, I see a gang.
Kyle: We're a force for good.
Danny: No, you're everything you claim to hate only you're too stupid to see it.

Pain Killers [8.9]

Nicky: So, given no choice, would you put the welfare of your family above the law?
Frank: Yes, I would.
Danny: Thank you.
Frank: But when the dust settled I would walk down to the local precinct and turn my self in because nobody's above the law, and without the law, nobody is safe.

Frank: You don't get to be the arsonist and the fire fighter.
Governor: What's that mean?
Frank: It means you don't get a big thank you for cleaning up a mess you made.

Heavy is the Head [8.10]

Abigail: What I knew is that you're a hard guy but not a mean or petty one, at least I thought I knew.
Frank: I hope you know.

Eddie: I know you, and I know you can come up with something.
Jamie: I'm not some kind of criminal justice magical genie.

Second Chances [8.11]

Frank: I've heard one side called fascist and cruel, the other called fairy tales for snowflakes. Neither is true. The middle ground has gone missing.
Erin: How do you get it back?
Frank: I don't know.

Erin: How can you say I'm wasting resources?
Anthony: Because you're looking for a guy who doesn't want to be found for his son who doesn't care about finding him. Pretty much defines wasting resources.

The Brave [8.12]

Anthony: When Sophia grows up I hope she's just like you, and not because you're a hottie.
Erin: A hottie?
Anthony: Not because you're good looking, but because you're smart, you know what you want, and you know how to go after it. And you're a good mom because you taught Nicky to be the same way.

Erin: Okay, so you guys want to stop sugar coating it now?
Frank: Nobody's sugar coating it.
Erin: Really?
Frank: Yeah.
Erin: Because I don't hear anyone talking about the stinkers and the jumpers, the crack addicts and the child abusers. Not to mention the anti-cop sentiment that is your thank you these days.

Erasing History [8.13]

Nicky: I think you're taking this personally.
Frank: A flag just like that one draped your uncle's coffin. Yeah, it's personal.

Nicky: I feel like such an idiot.
Frank: Then remember that feeling and learn from it.

School of Hard Knocks [8.14]

Principal: This is my fault.
Danny: It’s not your fault.
Principal: It is my responsibility to keep my staff safe.
Danny: There was nothing you could have done!
Principal: Then why am I here?

Danny: I don’t envy you, dealing with that crew every day.
Teacher: They grow on you.
Danny: Yeah, like a tumor. You think any of them are gonna come forward?
Teacher: I’d be very surprised. They don’t trust cops.
Danny: We got that.
Teacher: To be fair, the only time you guys show up is when someone gets shot or someone gets stabbed.
Danny: Not for nothing, but that’s kind of the job description.
Teacher: It’s not an accusation, Detective. It’s reality.

Legacy [8.15]

Danny: Somehow, where the job used to seem noble, as a single parent now, it just kind of seems selfish.

Danny: The one thing I've learned is that life is beautiful, and it's sad but sometimes it's just practical. Money counts.

Tale of Two Cities [8.16]

Anthony: I know him.
Erin: You don't. Nobody knows anybody, Anthony. That's the one thing we all come to learn in this business.
Anthony: He's a stand up guy, Erin.
Erin: Well, he wouldn't be the first stand up guy to fall down.

Sean: Can't we just be like a normal family and you guys just ask us about school or something?
Jack: Or talk about the good things that happened this week?
Danny: It's tradition.
Jamie: Because there's almost nothing to learn from success. Failure, on the other hand, is the best teacher you'll ever have.

Close Calls [8.17]

Erin: Do you believe him?
Frank: Yeah, I think I do.
Erin: That “think” kind of waters it down.

Frank: Erin's taking a look.
Lenny: That's good.
Frank: I didn't ask her to over look, just look.

Friendship, Love, and Loyalty [8.18]

Baker: Something occurred to me today. You are the only member of this department to have presided over a line of duty death both as the commissioner and as a fallen officer's father.
Frank: Meaning?
Baker: That maybe you should hold off meeting with the mayor until...
Frank: Until I'm calm. That'll be never.

Danny: Amir's friend ID'd the shooter.
Erin: Yeah, but DeSilva was already in the back seat of the squad car when he was identified as the shooter.
Danny: So what?
Erin: So identifying him while he's in the backseat of a police car already handcuffed is suggestive. There's no way I can get a conviction.

Risk Management [8.19]

Kelly: It gets resolved the way most disputes do. Nobody gets everything they want.
Frank: Perps do. It's free money.
Kelly: It's nickels on the dollar.
Frank: They're still free nickels.

Eddie: I'm just saying it's kind of boring.
Jamie: Baseball is boring. Seriously?
Eddie: Yeah, the games are like nine hours long. Nothing actually happens.
Jamie: Baseball is a metaphor for life.
Eddie: Yeah, and I'm not going to spend my lunch watching a bunch of grown men in pajamas…

Your Six [8.20]

Erin: It's okay if you don;t like Jack. A lot of people don't, including my entire family and, for the better part of the last eight years, me. So, if you don't like him, just say you don't like him.
Anthony: Okay, I don't like him.

Erin: Why thank you, I left my English to Brooklyn dictionary at home.
Anthony: Wow, you’re just a boatload of one liners today.

The Devil You Know [8.21]

Frank: I know it was like throwing pebbles but sometimes if pebbles is all you've got that's what you throw.

Sid: They couldn't put out a joint statement saying the sky is blue.

My Aim Is True [8.22]

Danny: We having company or something kid?
Jamie: Um...
Frank: What's going on?
[Eddie enters the room and holds Jaime's hand]
Erin: Oh.
Eddie: Hey everyone!
Jack: Hi
Henry: Hello
Danny: Hello
Nicky: Hi
Frank: Officer Janko.
Jamie: Just "Eddie" today dad.
Eddie: Actually not "just Eddie" today.
Jamie: Well since this morning, the future Mrs Jameson Reagan.
Erin: What! Get Out!
Henry: You're kidding!
Nicky: Oh my goodness! Congratulations!
Danny: Way to go.
[Reagan family cheers]
Danny: About time.
[Erin gives Danny a look]
Danny: I didn't know anything
Frank: Well i'll be dammed
Henry: Francis
Frank: Congratulations
Jamie: Thank you
Erin: Wow
Eddie: Right
Danny: Just this morning
Jaime: Uh yeah
Danny: Wow
Frank: Well at least i know one wedding present you're getting. Your choice of precincts to transfer to.
Erin: Well gee dad every bride's dream
Frank: Hey. I'm just sayin'.
Jamie: Actually, uh, we both really like the house that we're already in.
Frank: Oh
Henry: But you know that you can't work together anymore.
Jamie: Well, that's what we thought, too, Pop.
Henry: You thought
Eddie: Well, assumed.
Jamie: But I looked it up. And there's nothing in the Patrol Guide-- or any of the books, for that matter-- says married cops can't be partners on the job.
Henry: Nowhere
Jamie: No
Henry: Wow
Jamie: But I knew that you and Dad would be for that rule, even if it wasn't actually a rule.
Frank: But the rule does make enormous sense.
Nicky: Why?
Frank: Well, a couple partnered together on the job can create conflicts.
Eddie: Yes but
Frank: But
Jamie: Hear us out? Consider if two people willing to swear the following to each other could still be good partners on the job.
Danny: Swear the following what?
Eddie: Vows that we wrote to each other
Danny: You wrote vows already? - Okay.
Jamie: Turns out she's been working on 'em for a while, so I just
Eddie: Turns out so has he.
Jamie: So.
Eddie: I will always have your back.
Jamie: If you fall behind, I'll wait up.
Eddie: I'll earn your respect, and pay you respect every day we have.
Jamie: I'll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Eddie: Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
Jamie: No retreat, no surrender.
Eddie: No retreat, no surrender. [chuckles]
Jamie: You can count on me.
Eddie: And you can count on me.
Frank: Welcome to our family, Eddie.
Eddie: Thank you. Dad.

Season 9


Playing with Fire [9.1]

Frank: There is no way, no way, you are saying couples riding together is a good idea.
Abigail: There’s a lot of valid reasoning in forbidding it.
Frank: Thank you.
Abigail: But maybe to Jamie’s side, there’s also no data or evidence, much less an actual rule. It’s just a tradition.
Frank: Some traditions are born of common sense.
Abigail: Yes, like Catholic priests being forbidden to marry because common sense tells us you couldn’t possibly tend the flock unless your personal life was utterly devoid of the comfort of human touch and companionship.
Frank: Not the same thing, Abigail.
Abigail: No, it’s not the same thing but it’s not that distant a cousin either.

Eddie: Your Dad clearly has a problem with us riding together.
Jamie: You can’t just cave every time you don’t agree with somebody in my family.
Eddie: And you can’t ignore it like this is going to go away. Do you really want to hide the fact that we’re engaged from the department and fight with your Dad just to ride together?
Jamie: I thought that’s what we both wanted.
Eddie: I just want you.

Meet the New Boss [9.2]

Jamie: I’m Sergeant Reagan. I’m the new boss. If you pay me respect, you’ll get it back with interest. If you give me grief, you won’t know what hit you. Any questions?

Danny: Knowing my old man, he doesn’t want to waste the additional manpower on his own safety. Right?
Gormley: Right, so don’t go blabbing about this over Sunday dinner.

Eddie: Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! I’m glad you’re all very excited but this is my wedding, ours, and we’re going to make all the decisions. The flowers, the guest list, dress, band, menu, all of it. Your job, all due respect, is to show up and have a blast. If anybody can’t live with that, I’ll send you pictures. Okay?

Mind Games [9.3]

Frank: This place was created in the wake of 9/11.
Garrett: Why am I here?
Sid: We’ve been asking ourselves the same thing.
Abigail: Yeah, boss.
Frank: I am getting to that. Look, I was assuming that all three of you would be in my office at the same time. You were delayed so you were deleted from the drill.
Garrett: Yeah, I felt pretty deleted.
Frank: You made that very clear but there wasn’t an option. No one talks of this place outside of this place. This facility was designed for only the most indispensable men and woman of the NYPD. I have come to realize that title and rank are not the only things that go into indispensable. You are. You are. You are.

Jamie: Our vows.
Eddie: Yeah, I don’t want them to just mean something on our wedding day. I want them to mean something today and tomorrow and every day after that.
Jamie: I will always have your back. If you fall behind I will wait up.
Eddie: I will earn your respect and pay you respect every day we have.
Jamie: I’ll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Eddie: Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
Jamie: No retreat, no surrender. You can count on me.
Eddie: You can count on me.

Blackout [9.4]

Frank: What the hell’s got into you?
Sid: Same thing that was always there. Same thing you hired me for. I stick up for our cops even when everyone else has fled the scene.

Anthony: Since when have orders stopped you?
Erin: Since they’ve been coming straight from the DA complete with sarcasm and not so veiled threats.

Thicker Than Water [9.5]

Frank: In a few days you’re going to be gone from this place, starting out in the world on your own. Make the world your own. Take what is useful from your time with us, your years around this table, but don’t think you have to become us.
Henry: But if you do…
Frank: You do. If you don’t, you don’t. It’s your life, not ours. And I like to think that your Dad, and your Aunt, and your Uncle, do what they do because they were drawn to it not because they were pushed.

Jamie: Sean’s trying to be a problem so that Jack will decide to stick around and keep his kid brother in line.
Danny: And you know this how, Mr. Freud?
Jamie: Because I did the same thing when you left for the Marines.
Danny: Well, what happened? You get a B-minus on your test?
Jamie: A-minus. It was a dark time.

Trust [9.6]

Frank: If Danny Reagan says you are too tough a cop, it’s like Keith Richards saying you have a substance abuse problem.

Henry: I was starkly aware of how good I have it. How good we all have it having each other. I’m just feeling especially blessed.

By Hook or by Crook [9.7]

Erin: Pop told me I took the press conference personally. I was expecting you to act more like a protective father than the P.C.
Frank: And what do you think?
Erin: That my mistake was acting like a respectful daughter, letting you have the last word.

Erin: You know how many times you and Jamie have come to me for search warrants or subpoena and you haven’t had everything to get it?
Danny: About as many times as you’ve said no.

Stirring the Pot [9.8]

Frank: How many times is that son of a bitch going to send you to take his heat?
Erin: You mean the District Attorney?
Frank: Yeah, if he’s going to pursue this ridiculous marijuana policy he ought to have the balls to show up himself.
Erin: Well, in that case, the right son of a bitch is here. It’s my policy, not his.

Erin: Every once in a while, as often as we can, there needs to be a green zone.
Nicky: But how do you just put aside whatever…
Erin: With a lot of effort because it’s important. Because it may just be the best tradition this family has.

Handcuffs [9.9]

Erin: He’s thirty, Anthony.
Anthony: Okay, how old is she?
Erin: Twenty-two.
Anthony: Is he a good guy? Is he nice?
Erin: He’s thirty.
Anthony: Does it seem like he treats her good?
Erin: It seems like he’s thirty.

Frank: A tit for tat response would just be like a slap on the wrist in return for a punch in the face. What are we going to do, call them names?
Jamie: But this shock and awe, Dad, it seems like one step forward, two steps back in community relations and I’ve got mixed feelings about that.

Authority Figures [9.10]

Frank: This is an internal affair. We keep our own council. We speak as one and only after we’ve decided where we’ve landed. You got that Lieutenant?
Sid: Loud and clear. We let Harvey swing in the wind.
Frank: Watch it, Sid.

Garrett: Little piece of advice.
Sid: No thanks.
Garrett: When you yell, “end of story” to a group of reporters, you’re telling them right then and there that there’s more to the story.

Disrupted [9.11]

Diner owner: I found out who tipped them off. It was one of our grill guys. I fired him.
Frank: How come you just stood by and said nothing?
Diner owner: It all happened so fast.
Frank: Saying get out would be faster.

Jamie: Try not to grip the steering wheel like you're gonna break it in two.
Cop: Sorry, Sergeant.
Jamie: Don't worry. Soon this'll be second nature to you and you'll be able to focus on what's important.
Cop: What's that?
Jamie: Where to go to lunch.

Milestones [9.12]

Frank: That uniform looks good for you. You wear it well.
Rachel: Thank you sir. Proud to wear it.

Rachel: Stop beating yourself up.
Frank: I will as soon as I leave here because I will know I have done everything I could to make things right. Can you say the same thing?

Ripple Effect [9.13]

Maggie: When I brought up your wife before, I didn't know it would strike such a chord.
Danny: Not for nothing, but everyone knows how she died. It was all over the news. You could have looked it up.
Maggie: But I didn't. And she didn't die. She was murdered.
Danny: I don't need your help, okay? I don't need to communicate with the dead. My wife knows how much I love her.
Maggie: She says she loves you more.

Maggie: You know, I find the people who don't believe in my gift are the ones who are most afraid of it.
Danny: I'm not afraid of your gift. Like I said, I have work to do.
Maggie: Who's Linda? Is that your wife?
Danny: You know, you should probably go.
Maria: Danny -
Danny: No. You should go.

My Brothers Keeper [9.14]

Danny: This is just between us.
Henry: Like hell it is! You two represent our family in public. And until now the two of you have never done anything to disgrace this family.
Jamie: Nothing's gonna change til someone fixes this.
Henry: All right. You made the right call, but you crossed the line. And you, you toed the line but writing him up was the wrong call. Now you two are supposed to be brothers. Act like it!

Frank: My sons are having an argument and they need to settle it like grown-ups.
Danny: I tried, but this one won't listen to reason.
Jamie: I'll listen to reason when I start hearing some.
Danny: Stop hiding behind those stripes.
Jamie: I'm not wearing them now.
Danny: All right, let's go outside and settle this like we used to.
Frank: That's enough! If you two can't follow the rules of this table, both of you can leave.

Blues [9.15]

Danny: You're not going anywhere, are you?
Erin: Nope. And when Dad calls, you promise to pick up?
Danny: He won't call. Bet you 20 bucks.
Erin: You're on.

Baez: How are you holding up?
Danny: It's not my first shoot.
Baez: The kid was young, that's all.
Danny: He tried to stab me!
Baez: No one's saying it's not a clean shoot.
Danny: Then what are we talking about?

Past Tense [9.16]

Anthony: First off, tell me what this crap is about you being my brother.
Leo: Half-brother, actually.
Anthony: Then you're only half insane.

Jamie: What the hell, right?
Eddie: People have pranked you before, but...
Jamie: Who hates me this much?

Two-Faced [9.17]

Jamie: What if it gets back that I'm investigating them? I'll lose trust, trust that i've worked hard to build.
Eddie: You want them to trust that you'll always look the other way? Is that the message you want to send?

Frank: You know how I know I'm still an optimist?
Lenny: No, how?
Frank: When I hear you're back in town, I don't go 'Oh no. What does he want?' I go 'Oh good. Lenny's back.'

Rectify [9.18]

Danny: What exactly do you do all day?
Sloane: Exactly what it looks like I do. I sit here and check and recheck forms all day.

Jamie: You're about to become the daughter-in-law of the PC and the former PC. You're just going to have to accept that some people are going to try to use you.
Eddie: For what? To win a softball game?

Common Enemies [9.19]

Anthony: You both need to change the playbook.
Erin: What does that mean?
Anthony: You always dig your heels in and won't listen to anyone and think you're always right. And you. I know why this case got under your skin but you can't come in here guns blazing and with no respect for the DA's office or the position Erin's in. Neither of you listens to the others. So what the two of you need to do is talk it out and you'll see that you're both wrong.

Anthony: You were way out of line with your sister.
Jamie: You were out of line now.
Anthony: You think your sister wanted to let a murderer walk any more than you did?
Jamie: Don't come into my precinct and school me on my sister.

Strange Bedfellows [9.20]

Anthony: What did you call me?
Danny: A square badge.
Anthony: You saying I'm not a real cop?
Danny: You said it, not me.
Anthony: I was a cop when you was still in high school. I never once tried to pin my screw-ups on a fellow cop.

Frank: Since when are you shilling for the governor?
Erin: I'm not shilling.
Frank: Well, lobbying for.
Erin: A couple of months ago I asked him to put through a sex trafficking bill.
Frank: Asked, or traded for?

Identity [9.21]

Eddie: It's always a scam with him.
Jamie: Yeah, but he seemed genuine. And I've already put wheels in motion for him to get it.
Eddie: Without telling me?
Jamie: BEFORE telling you.
Eddie: Is there a difference?
Jamie: It's up to you, but my whole family's gonna be there and I thought maybe yours could be too.

Henry: Donna, I don't have to report this.
Donna: Yes, you do. Or I will. Alexis has been given every opportunity in life and this is what she does.
Henry: But she's your granddaughter.
Donna: Who belongs in jail. You take this tape and you press charges.

Something Blue [9.22]

Maria: Danny's having doubts.
Erin: Doubts? Why?
Maria: Because when we arrested her she swore up and down she's not guilty.
Erin: Don't they all?
Maria: That's what I said.
Erin: What am I missing here? What's different about this one?
Danny: I believed her, that's what.

Priest: Are you ready?
Jamie: Yes.
Priest: Are you absolutely sure?
Jamie: Why are you asking?
Priest: Because I have only lost three marriages to divorce and I don't want any more dents in my record.

Sid: Chain of command.
Baker: Excuse me?
Sid: Chain of command. I'm a lieutenant. Anything that goes to the boss has to go through me first.
Garrett: Actually, it goes through me.
Sid: You're a civilian.
Garrett: Here we go again.

Season 10


The Real Deal [10.1]

Maggie: I have no ulterior motive except to catch the person who murdered Emily Miller.
Baez: Why are you doing this? You're not a cop.
Maggie: I had a daughter who was murdered when she was in college. It took me a long time to get over it, and the way I did was by giving back.

Realtor: And a roof deck health club with SoulCycle classes, 24 hour doormen and... (Laughs) onsite parking. Sergeant, what do you think?
Jamie: I'm sure we could afford it if we were in, say, Topeka, Kansas.
Realtor: No, that's not nec...
Jamie: Which we are not.
Eddie: Jamie.
Realtor: Guys, this unit is $1,500 a month, but...
Jamie: Which is ridiculously low.
Realtor: As I explained, these are new buildings, ground-floor opportunities. Being as you two are the exact kind of couple that the developers are looking to attract, there are significant enticements on the initial two-year lease.
Eddie: Well, that makes sense.
Jamie: Well, discounts 'cause we're cops, right?
Realtor: It's a little more complicated than just being cops.
Jamie: Well, we're not just any cops, we're the son and daughter-in-law of the police commissioner, which means anywhere that we rent automatically becomes one of the safest buildings on the safest blocks in the city.
Realtor: (Sighs) A little friendly advice, from a woman who has been married twice, it's hard enough without looking gift horses in their mouths.
Eddie: I bet that's true.
Jamie: But not for us. But thank you.

Eddie: Marriage is about compromise, okay? And compromise is, by its very nature, transactional. You give something, you get something. So... I'm gonna work midnights. And you are gonna quit looking the gift horse in the mouth.
Jamie: That's not what I'm doing.
Eddie: Our C.O. referred her to us. You think he doesn't know what services she provides?
Jamie: I'm sure he does, b-but what if it's a test?
Eddie: A test for what?
Jamie: Integrity. To see if these two are going around with their hands out.
Eddie: No.
Jamie: Okay, not a test. But a way to have a drop on the son and daughter-in-law of the PC in case he ever needs it.
Eddie: Wow, are you cynical all of a sudden.
Jamie: I could say, "Wow, are you gullible," but I won't.
Eddie: You just did.

Anthony: And who the hell is she?
Erin: High priced defense attorney for guilty clients.
Defense Attorney: I see you still haven't changed. You're still a cold hearted bitch.

Naughty or Nice [10.2]

Erin: You know who's not angry when they lose? People who are used to losing. Losers.
Nicky: Where did you get that? G Gordon Liddy?
Erin: No. Much closer to home.

Jamie: Are you still pissed that I got the decoy op instead of you?
Eddie: No.
Jamie: Good. Cause neither of us had a choice. We're cops. We take orders. That's always how it's gonna be. That's the job.
Eddie: All I'm saying is as your former partner, don't play the hero.

Frank: You're lawyering me. I hate that.
Erin: You're patronizing me. I hate that.
Frank: So you're just following orders, is that it?
Erin: I'm just doing my job.

Baez: A man's dead and you're making jokes?
Vincent: We all gotta die sometime, cupcake.
Baez: That's Detective Cupcake to you.

Behind the Smile [10.3]

Danny: Not for nothing, but it sounds like Jill's husband killed her, not you.
Chen: No. We killed her by forcing her to abide by our ways.
Danny: And you hate cops so much you wouldn't even call us for help?
Mrs. Chen: I told him to but he wouldn't.
Chen: It was our duty to take care of her! She was our daughter!

Rookie: Start again?
Jamie: Yeah, get right back on the horse.
Rookie: But what happens the day after that and the day after that? It's only my third day out of the academy.
Jamie: It happens. You got scared. But I see a good cop in you.
Rookie: But you've also seen rookies die.
Jamie: That's not the point.
Rookie: That's exactly the point. If I got, my wife gets the flag. Not you.

Another Look [10.4]

Frank: Wilson Ortega dedicated years of service as a Special Agent of the FBI. He deserves to come to my office at a time of his choosing.
Garrett: So we're not going by the book?
Frank: We are. But it's a different book.

Natalie: Can't you just show me a picture or something?
Baez: ID from a line-up is more likely to hold up in court.
Natalie: If I ID him, how long will he be in jail?
Baez: A long time.
Natalie: I don't know. I'm not comfortable.

All: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.
Henry: So how long was Detective Gee on the job before he retired?
Danny: 23, 24 years.
Henry: Then he goes civilian and then he comes back?
Danny: You know. You miss the rush.
Eddie: Oh, I so don't get that.
Danny: Why?
Eddie: You're a pro athlete, sure.
Jamie: Or you're a geezer rock band going on a farewell tour.
Jamie: Matadors? A lot of them start their so-called final appearances in their 30s, keep going till they're 50.
Eddie: But that's the same thing! The rush of the crowd. Cops, we don't get a rush of the crowd. We get a crowd screaming "Get the hell outta here!"
Frank: Maybe it's the satisfaction of service. Some of us find a nugget most days.
Eddie: Well, I guess there's that.
Frank: Yeah. You don't think that's possible?
Eddie: No, I'm sure it's possible.
Nicky: What's the thing you say to me all the time? Something, something, a day in your life
Erin: Find something you love to do...
Nicky: And you'll never work a day in your life. -
Frank: There you go.
Eddie: Uh-huh.
Sean: I think I'm with Eddie on this one. I mean, there are a lot of things that I really love to do, and they don't really pay.
Danny: Not true. They're paying knuckleheads on ESPN right now for skateboarding and playing video games.
Henry: So there's hope for you yet.
Sean: Ha, ha.
Eddie: I just mean it feels like a very long time since I had an outcome that felt like voilÃ.
Jamie: What, like, rescuing a cat from a tree type thing?
Frank: Or reuniting a scared little kid with his family?
Eddie: Well yeah.
Frank: Well, see? There's the nugget.
Jamie: Yeah, forget voilà .
Erin: We're both in a business where no one walks away all, "Yes! "
Frank: The only victories are in making it a little less terrible for somebody.
Jamie: Taking a rock out of their backpack.
Danny: And when you can truly say things could've been worse well, sometimes that's the rush.

The Price You Pay [10.5]

Frank: You walk away, you're letting them win.
Mackenzie: They already have.

Mackenzie: If you ask me, that judge should be investigated.
Frank: I can't do that. It would look like I'm strong-arming him.

Glass Houses [10.6]

Frank: Guy who wrote 100 Years In Solitude...
Jamie: Gabriel Garica Marquez.
Frank: Thank you. Anyway, he said that everyone has three lives: public, private, and secret. I have always thought that should be taught at the Academy. It would help police understand motive.

Sam: I'm good.
Erin: You're good? Walking around, breathing, just surviving, that's your bar?
Sam: I set my own bar. I ain't gonna be no cop.

Higher Standards [10.7]

Jack: A Reagan in crisis only goes to one place, and I knew this church was your favorite. How are you doing?
Erin: Honestly, if I had been separated from Nicky for the first five years of her life, I don't know that I could ever get over it.
Jack: You're the strongest woman I know.
Erin: I wish I was as tough as everyone thinks I am.
Jack: It's okay to ask for help, you know.
Erin: What do you think I'm doing here?

Henry: This is my greatest fear.
Danny: Getting mugged again?
Henry: No. A beating I can take. It's the things I can't fight back against that scare me. Like dementia.
Danny: You seem sharp as a tack to me.
Henry: Yeah, you are, til one day you aren't.

Friends in High Places [10.8]

Frank: If you stop anyone on the street and ask them who the NYPD and FDNY commissioners are, what would they say?
Abigail: Frank Reagan and... I don't know.
Frank: Exactly. If I were the Commissioner of I Don't Know, I'd have a chip on my shoulder too.

Jamie: Ninety nine times out of a hundred, I go by the book. I make that call to IAB.
Eddie: I know.
Jamie: The one time I didn't was when it came to you.

Grave Errors [10.9]

Eddie: Did Jamie do something to you?
McNichols: Not your husband.
Eddie: My father-in-law?
McNichols: Frank Reagan is a hypocrite and a fraud. He sits up there in 1PP saying we're all one big family, but he doesn't give a rat's ass about any family except his own, and certainly not mine.

Danny: Buddy Malone.
Joe: Joe.
Danny: Joe what?
Joe: Joe None Of Ya Business.
Danny: I think your brother-in-law was in my unit. Larry Get Out Of My Face.

Bones to Pick [10.10]

Anthony: Bullets just bounce off of me. I'm a superhero.
Erin: What?
Anthony: I'm kidding. It was the bulletproof vest.

Anthony: You want to give me a coronary?
Erin: Oh, did I scare you?
Anthony: Yeah, lurking behind a cabinet like a lurker.

Careful What You Wish For [10.11]


Where The Truth Lies [10.12]

Walter: You know, Frank, maybe you should heed your own advice and avail yourself of one of our programs to unload what's bothering you.
Frank: I have one of those already.
Walter: Oh? What's that?
Frank: My family dinner table.

Walter: It's more complicated. Things were going on that I am not at liberty to stay.
Frank: So you're going to let me blame myself?
Walter: You're going to blame yourself You're going to carry this around with you. But there was nothing we could do.
Frank: I refuse to believe there is nothing we can do to prevent suicides.
Walter: We've prevented dozens of suicides.
Frank: We didn't prevent this one. One is one too many. It always will be.

Reckless [10.13]

Frank: Bodycams?
Garrett: Connor was in uniform but is a detective from the 36. So he wasn't required.
Frank: Cell phone video?
Sid: There isn't any.
Frank: There's always one. Find it since we shouldn't be talking to our undercover.

Baez: Danny, this guy is all over the news.
Danny: Why? What did he do?
Baez: More like what didn't he do. He's accused of sexually assaulting his models. There's been at least 20 complaints.
Danny: So beauty killed the beast, huh.

Fog of War [10.14]

Frank: Tell me one thing that lasts forever.
Addison: Sir?
Frank: Nothing does.

Addison: I can deal with the ones who blame me, but the ones who look at me with pity, like I'm damaged goods...
Frank: Transfer to another house.
Addison: Everyone knows what I did.

Vested Interests [10.15]

Kay: You'll be there for me?
Frank: Of course. Maybe we'll take in a movie.
Kay: They don't make movies for you and me anymore.
Frank: So we'll go to my house and watch Turner Movie Classics.

Frank: Look, Mr. Kay. I assume you know the guy who did this was caught and charged.
Kay: I don't get it. I just don't get it. How can he... now he's coming back. Now he's coming back and he's...
Frank: Well, it's the law now. It's a crime in itself if you ask me.
Kay: What kind of city are you running where the assailant can return to the scene of the crime?

The First 100 Days [10.16]

Frank: I have seen a drop in crime over the last decade. My polling favorables are better than yours.
Chase: You running for something?
Frank: Just my job. And change may be the only constant but not all change is equal.
Chase: That's some pedestal you put yourself on.

Baez: You were gone a long time for nothing.
Danny: I was zooming in, looking at the telescopic view...
Baez: Okay.
Danny: What?
Baez: I think you were flirting with that girl in TARU you think is cute.
Danny: I think you're jealous.

The Puzzle Palace [10.17]

Carson: He had a lethal cocktail of drugs in his system which led to the fall down the stairs.
Danny: Convenient.
Carson: Not for him. He's dead.

Anthony: The DA should know you can't rush a case like that.
Erin: That doesn't make any difference to the families of the victims.
Anthony: So we'll get Costa on something else.
Erin: Yeah, the next double homicide he commits.
Anthony: Hopefully not that.

Hide in Plain Sight [10.18]

Monsignor: Couldn't you just tell me he was innocent of what I asked?
Frank: Is that really what you wanted?

Monsignor: It's the men in my position who have had a hand in moving the rotten apples to another barrel. So my word is diluted.
Frank: Why are you so certain he is innocent? If you want an investigation, we do it my way. The cop way.

Family Secrets [10.19]

Eddie: I thought you were gonna tell me to step back.
Jamie: Yeah, well, I've learned that if you're on the edge of the cliff about to jump off, I can't tell you to take a step back. My best bet is to take your hand and jump with you.

Anthony: He only has no criminal history because he hasn't been caught. Isn't that right, Mr. Acosta?
Acosta: If that's true, it's only cause I'm better at my job than you are at yours.
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