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Blue Bloods (2010–) is an American television show, airing on CBS, about a New York City Police Commissioner's family and the situations that they face on a regular basis.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Samaritan [1.02][edit]

Sgt. Renzulli: Hey, college boy, tell your brother the first rule of riding in my car.
Danny: Jamie, tell your boss I know Brooklyn better than a Manhattan cop.
Jamie: This is me keeping my mouth shut.

Erin: If anyone's going to punch my ex out it's going to be me.
Frank: I wouldn't mind being there to see that.

Privilege [1.03][edit]

Officer Down [1.04][edit]

Frank: I think you're stuck with the role of bad cop.
Erin: Which is ironic since I'm the only one in the family who isn't.

After Hours [1.10][edit]

Det. Curatola: You enjoying yourself, Reagan?
Danny: How could I not be? Come on. We just took a statement from a six-four transsexual escort who thinks her Labradoodle was dognapped by her shrink. How can I not be having fun right now?

Danny: This is the New York that I love. The one you never see on a postcard.
Det. Curatola: Now there's an untapped market: tranny hooker postcards.

Little Fish [1.11][edit]

Det. Curatola: Well, listen, here's what we're gonna do; We're gonna figure out who did this, and we're gonna string him up by his family jewels. It's not gonna bring her back, but it's gonna make you feel better.

Frank: Nothing undermines our way of life more than the taking of it.

Henry: It's the losses that keep you up at night.

Family Ties [1.12][edit]

Frank: (speaking to Danny and Jackie about the car bomb and its ties to the Russian mob) I want Grushenko for this. They say his people have a code of silence. What they really have is a code of betrayal. That's how we got the brigades the first time and that's how we'll finish them now.
Chief Winston: Yes, sir.
Frank: No one's turning my city into Baghdad.

Age of Innocence [1.16][edit]

Jackie: So if you're single and unhappy at work you're a suspect for murder.

To Tell the Truth [1.18][edit]

Frank: Family is what makes us strong.

All That Glitters [1.20][edit]

Jackie: Do you Reagans ever take a day off?
Danny: Not if we can help it.

The Blue Templar [1.22][edit]

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. :Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: (nods) His definition of a hero.

Frank: We all die son, it's just a question of when.

Season 2[edit]

Critical Condition [2.03][edit]

Danny: Never date a girl with a gun.

Thanksgiving [2.08][edit]

Jacob: I am innocent.
Erin: I am an assistant district attorney for the city of New York. Do you know how many times a day I hear those three words.

Leap of Faith [2.12][edit]

Frank: My mother was a saint. My wife was a saint especially by the time she was chasing four kids under ten around the house.

Frank: The only thing harder than being a cop is being married to one.

Parenthood [2.13][edit]

Jackie: You guys get together every week to eat and fight. You sure you're not Italian?
Danny: Nope Irish. We just drink a little more.

The Life We Chose [2.14][edit]

Frank: Courage is not the absence of fear it is the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

Season 3[edit]

Front Page News [3.11][edit]

Frank: There's no mistake you can make that I already haven't been there, done that.

No Regrets [3.18][edit]

Jamie: It's not like you don't have any experience with crazy people
Erin: You grew up in a house full of them.

This Way Out [3.22][edit]

[Frank delivers a press conference on the NYPD sweep of the Bitterman Projects]]
Frank Reagan: At 0600 hours this morning a joint task force consisting of the Detective Bureau, the Narcotics Division....[police cars screech to a halt on the street. Hundreds of uniformed and ESU officers rush into the Bitterman Projects in formation] ....ESU, the Warrant Squad, the Gang Division and patrol - armed with warrants for arrests on charges including conspiracy to murder in the cases of Police Officer Vincent Cruz and Mayor Carter Poole, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, enterprise corruption....[A gangbanger is shown running down a stairwell, only to run into an ESU team coming up the stairs]....racketeering and a number of other serious charges-- conducted a sweep of the Bitterman Housing Projects....[An ESU team led by Danny and Baez raids Santana's unit, handcuffing Santana and one of his mistresses]... arresting 47 members and associates of the Los Lordes criminal organization, including their head. [Police officers escort several groups of Los Lordes members out of the buildings, shackled to each other] These arrests were made with information given by the residents of the Bitterman Projects, at their own risk, with no promise of reward, other than full NYPD cooperation in restoring law and order to their community. [Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli shake hands with Hector Santiago's father] I would like to note that this operation was carried out with the full input, and by design of, Mayor Carter Poole, with the explicit intent of conducting the investigations and arrests in such a manner as to build trust between the NYPD and the Bitterman community-- a trust that has been absent, on both sides, for far too long. [Danny and Baez load Santana into the back of a squad car]

Season 4[edit]

Unwritten Rules [4.01][edit]

Eddie: An eye for an eye.
Jamie: Leaves the whole world blind.
Eddie: Last time I checked Gandhi wasn't a cop.

The City That Never Sleeps [4.02][edit]

Jamie: I'm not saying working midnights is fun but I don't think you can call yourself a New York City cop until you've survived a few.

To Protect And Serve [4.03][edit]

Jamie: (talking about being a Reagan) Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it just puts a target on your back.

Lost And Found [4.05][edit]

Jamie: Even when you do what seems like the right thing it can still turn out wrong.

Drawing Dead [4.07][edit]

Eddy: Don't take this the wrong way, you drive just like my grandmother.
Jamie: Well you drive like my brother when he was 14.

Justice Served [4.08][edit]

Eddie: Chicks like dating firefighters. Do you ever see a beefcake calendar with NYPD? You don't.
Jamie: Maybe I'll start one.

Bad Blood [4.09][edit]

Maria Baez: He's my brother and I'm the only one who gets to kill him.

Mistaken Identity [4.10][edit]

Danny Reagan: (coming up to a group of skinheads and flashing his badge) Kevin Conklin?
Kevin Conklin: (sarcastically) Wow- you're good.
Danny Reagan: (nodding to Conklin's friends) You two- why don't you go take a walk? (they glance at Conklin) Come on, beat it. (they leave)
Maria Baez: Get up- get your hands out of your pockets. (Conklin does so, smirking) Someone tried to blow up the mosque down on 10th- you know anything about that?
Kevin Conklin: I know it's a good start. Too many damn Osamas around here. Think they own the place.
Maria Baez: You were spotted in the area a few hours before the explosion.
Kevin Conklin: That rat's nest is on my way to work.
Maria Baez: You've got quite a mouth on you, Kevin.
Kevin Conklin: (smirks) You know, I got a place upstairs that's a real mess. You got your mop and bucket in the car, chiquita? (grins insolently; Maria gives Danny a look)
Maria Baez: (steps forward and quickly frisks Conklin) We have Department guidelines for dealing with verbally abusive subjects. We're supposed to find a way to make a connection.

[Suddenly, she grabs the front of his jacket and knees him in the groin, hard)

Danny Reagan: Well, I'd say you made a Hell of a connection there.
Maria Baez: (cuffing Conklin) Subject tried to put his hands on me.
Danny Reagan:(smirks) I saw the whole thing.
Kevin Conklin: (weakly) That's a damn lie!
Danny Reagan: Don't worry, tough guy- we won't tell the boys that the cleaning lady kicked your ass.

The Bogeyman [4.12][edit]

Jamie: As my father told me, you can't save every puppy in the pound.

Open secrets [4.15][edit]

Jamie: Some times people don't appreciate the way you try to keep them safe.
Henry: Until something goes wrong.

Secret Arrengements [4.19][edit]

Jamie: You work together long enough either you hate each other…
Eddie: Or we make out on the side walk?

Eddie: He's only ever seen me in my uniform. I look like a 12 year old boy dressing up for Halloween.

Custody Battle [4.20][edit]

Danny: Reagan family rule #1: Reagans can talk smack all night long. Outsiders talk smack, there's going to be a fight.

Jamie: When it comes to sticking up for his kids, my old man doesn't take any prisoners.

Above and Beyond [4.21][edit]

Eddie: Ah, another day of crime fighting. We should get capes.

Season 5[edit]

Partners [5.01][edit]

Erin: You have to remember that I was there for your first crush. Theresa Mancini and she was bossy and opinionated and it's kind of your thing.

Loose Lips [5.05][edit]

Baez: He give you anything?
Danny: Yeah, a stubborn attitude.
Baez: A Reagan. I'm shocked

Most Wanted [5.06][edit]

Nicky: Mom, I'm a Reagan. Something good happens that just means something bad is right around the corner.

Occupational Hazards [5.07][edit]

Henry: I'm all for benefit of the doubt, so long as I'm dead certain who benefits from the doubt.
Jamie: What does that mean?
Henry: It means I wanna be sure the person is innocent before I let him or her off the hook.
Jamie: So, you're all for the benefit of the doubt as long as there is no doubt.
Henry: Exactly.

Power of the Press [5.08][edit]

Baez: We work together, we catch hell together.

Baggage [5.11][edit]

Eddie: My kingdom for an empty bench where I can devour my cheeseburger.

Home Sweet Home [5.12][edit]

Jamie: I just want to say how blessed we are to have this food, this house and four generations of Reagans sitting around this table. We should never take that for granted. That's an order.

Frank: Where are you going?
Henry: Out.
Frank: What are you 16?

Eddie: You once told me you can't save every puppy in the pound and now you're the one getting too close.

The Poor Door [5.14][edit]

Eddie: Guy's a real box of rocks.
Jamie: You don't got to pass a test to become a criminal.

Eddie: Oh you need help. Thirty seconds ago you were trying to kill us. Now you need help.

Power Players [5.15][edit]

Eddie: This was a really bad guy, so why do I feel so guilty?
Jamie: Because you're a good guy.

Eddie: I killed a guy before he killed me. I don't want a damn medal.

Occupational Hazards [5.17][edit]

Jamie: So you’re all for the benefit of the doubt as long as there is no doubt.

Baez: He said jump, you said on who?

Bad Company [5.18][edit]

Danny: When we were calling the wheel looking for someone who spoke Serbian you were the only one in the entire department who fit age and physical profile.
Eddie: I hope that means young and hot.

Jamie: (about Eddie) She's the best. She's tough as nails. I trust her with my life.

Through the Looking Glass [5.19][edit]

Erin: Don't give me that, you play like a girl look, because I play like a girl who grew up with three brothers.

Season 6[edit]

With Friends Like These [6.04][edit]

Danny: Can't save everyone.
Jamie: We can try.

Hold Outs [6.09][edit]

Jamie: Here, have a seat. You know when we add these four goons to the three my partner and I locked up the other day, it's like damn near arrested half your gang. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, huh?
Rainey: What?
Jamie: Just saying. Not a great week for you as boss, but maybe there's something you can do to fix that.
Rainey: Here we go, hmm? Time for Let's Make a Deal. Guess what? Rainey don't deal.
Jamie: You could save you and your boys a lot of jail time if you come clean about what's really going on.
Rainey: You know what, man? I don't even, like, understand a single thing you saying.
Jamie: Sure you do. You're smarter than you play. Why would you and your crew hit the same block six times in a month?
Rainey: I ain't saying nothing.
Jamie: If someone else is behind this, maybe we could trade up Get you and your crew a year, maybe just probation.
Rainey: You know what, man? You're right. I am smart. Smart enough to know that the most we gonna get is six months, probably three if we wear ties to court. (chuckles)
Jamie: Yeah, you're right, except there's this little known section of the penal law that I discovered when I was at law school. It's called "enterprise corruption.
Rainey: Hmm.
Jamie: I won't bore you with the details, but basically what it says is, since you've repeated the same crime multiple times, minimum for you is five years upstate.
Rainey: Please. (laughing) You ain't go to no law school. You just a cop.
Jamie pulls out his Harvard law school ID Card and places it on the desk
Jamie: (handcuffs rattling) Let's go.

Erin: Thanks for coming down. Please, have a seat.
Louise: You know, uh, I've been thinking about what you said about what hand Granderson used and all. I think I was right the first time. He reached in with his right hand, and he shot Victor with his left.
Erin: Great. That's great. That's very helpful. Can you tell me who Richard Hart is?
Louise: What?
Erin: Who is Richard Hart?
Louise: I don't I don't know anyone by that name.
Erin: That's interesting. Because you make quite a few phone calls to him.
Louise: Okay, I know him, but he's just a friend.
Erin: Yeah. I think he's your boyfriend. And for quite some time, based on those phone records.
Louise: Oh, God. Okay. Yes, he's someone I've been involved with. Look, I'm not proud of it.
Erin: Which is why you never told this office or the police?
Louise: I knew how it would come across. Husband is shot dead and wife is having an affair. I mean, we all know what that would look like.
Erin: Like you had your husband killed so you can start a new life.
Louise: That is not what happened.
Erin: I think it is.
Louise: Okay. I think I need a lawyer.
Erin: Yeah.That's probably a good idea. But the truth is I think it's a little late for that.
Louise: Oh, no.
Erin: Yeah, bad move getting involved with a two-time felon. See, one more felony conviction and Richie goes away for life. Unless he cooperates.
Louise: Richie loves me. He wouldn't say a thing.
Erin: Yeah. He said everything. About how you two carried out the murder of your beloved Victor, as well as killing Robin Dunn, the only eyewitness that could contradict your testimony.
Louise: (gasping) Wait. Wait. This was all Richie's idea. I will tell you anything you need to know.
Erin: Yeah. He thought you might say that. Which is why he was smart enough to record all your phone conversations. You're under arrest.

Cursed [6.12][edit]

Danny: Did you forget how to dial a phone, Ronnie?
Ronnie: I didn't know anyone was gonna do anything last night. Last time I saw those guys, Sal was telling us all to get out.
Danny: Right, and you all just went home and watched The Bachelorette, is that it?

Season 7[edit]

Personal Business [7.8][edit]

Eddie: I know, I know, we need to stop meeting like this. (she enters, Jaime looks bewildered) So, uh, I think we need to clear the air.
Jaime: Yeah.
Eddie: I've been thinking about what you- you said about me being... jealous of Tara.
Jaime: I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry-
Eddie: Yeah, well- the thing is, it's true.
Jaime:... What are you talking about?
Eddie: I was. Jealous of Tara. Just like I'm jealous every time you go on a date with somebody, every time you tell me how some girl is hot.
Jaime:... Eddie-
Eddie: Could you please not talk? This is, you know, this is really hard, so just let me get it off my chest.
Jaime: Okay.
Eddie: (takes a deep breath)... I have feelings for you. I have for a long time. (pause, Jaime stares at her) There, I said it. I do everything I can to make them go away. Because, I mean, you're not even close to my type, and you are a complete Boy Scout, and you make me crazy most of the time. You're also... the best person I think I've ever met. (starting to tear up) And you're the best friend I've ever had.
Jaime: Look, I-
Eddie: Is that you talking?!
Jaime: Sorry.
Eddie:... I know that you're my partner, and I don't want to do anything to screw that up. I just, I needed... to tell you that you're so much more than that. And if I didn't tell you, it was gonna get really weird.
Jaime: (teasingly) 'Cause this doesn't make things weird at all. (Eddie punches him in the arm, he laughs and raises his hands defensively) I'm kidding, I'm kidding! (pause) Cards on the table? I have feelings for you, too. I think you know that. But, we've been down that road before, and it's a bad idea for... a lot of reasons.
Eddie: I know.
Jaime: It can really cloud your judgement, and... totally screw up a partnership.
Eddie: Yeah- totally. I just, you know- I just wanted to be honest. (Jaime nods) Are we good?
Jaime: Definitely.
[Eddie walks past him, pauses, then turns back and kisses him; Jaime returns the kiss and they embrace for a moment]
Eddie:... Good talk. (swats him teasingly) See you tomorrow.

The Thin Blue Line [7.22][edit]

[Mayor Carter Poole tells Frank he intends to resign]

Frank Reagan:...Is there anything I can say?
Carter Poole: (smiles)... You can give me your word. That you'll be just as hard on my successor, as you were on me.
Frank Reagan:... You have my word. (they shake hands) Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
Carter Poole: Thank you, Commissioner.

Season 8[edit]

My Aim Is True [8.22][edit]

Danny: We having company or something kid?
Jamie: Um...
Frank: What's going on?
[Eddie enters the room and holds Jaime's hand]
Erin: Oh.
Eddie: Hey everyone!
Jack: Hi
Henry: Hello
Danny: Hello
Nicky: Hi
Frank: Officer Janko.
Jamie: Just "Eddie" today dad.
Eddie: Actually not "just Eddie" today.
Jamie: Well since this morning, the future Mrs Jameson Reagan.
Erin: What! Get Out!
Henry: You're kidding!
Nicky: Oh my goodness! Congratulations!
Danny: Way to go.
[Reagan family cheers]
Danny: About time.
[Erin gives Danny a look]
Danny: I didn't know anything
Frank: Well i'll be dammed
Henry: Francis
Frank: Congratulations
Jamie: Thank you
Erin: Wow
Eddie: Right
Danny: Just this morning
Jaime: Uh yeah
Danny: Wow
Frank: Well at least i know one wedding present you're getting. Your choice of precincts to transfer to.
Erin: Well gee dad every bride's dream
Frank: Hey. I'm just sayin'.
Jamie: Actually, uh, we both really like the house that we're already in.
Frank: Oh
Henry: But you know that you can't work together anymore.
Jamie: Well, that's what we thought, too, Pop.
Henry: You thought
Eddie: Well, assumed.
Jamie: But I looked it up. And there's nothing in the Patrol Guide-- or any of the books, for that matter-- says married cops can't be partners on the job.
Henry: Nowhere
Jamie: No
Henry: Wow
Jamie: But I knew that you and Dad would be for that rule, even if it wasn't actually a rule.
Frank: But the rule does make enormous sense.
Nicky: Why?
Frank: Well, a couple partnered together on the job can create conflicts.
Eddie: Yes but
Frank: But
Jamie: Hear us out? Consider if two people willing to swear the following to each other could still be good partners on the job.
Danny: Swear the following what?
Eddie: Vows that we wrote to each other
Danny: You wrote vows already? - Okay.
Jamie: Turns out she's been working on 'em for a while, so I just
Eddie: Turns out so has he.
Jamie: So.
Eddie: I will always have your back.
Jamie: If you fall behind, I'll wait up.
Eddie: I'll earn your respect, and pay you respect every day we have.
Jamie: I'll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Eddie: Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
Jamie: No retreat, no surrender.
Eddie: No retreat, no surrender. [chuckles]
Jamie: You can count on me.
Eddie: And you can count on me.
Frank: Welcome to our family, Eddie.
Eddie: Thank you. Dad.

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