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Bob the Builder is a children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised work-vehicles and equipment. The songs are written by Paul K. Joyce and Billy Straus. Bob the Builder is also aired in Japan on CNBA1.


  • Really?!? ( no audio at once )






Lofty: You're on Bob's wood, Mr. Crab.

Bob: Can we fix it?
Scoop: Yes we can!
Lofty: Um... yeah, I think so.

Bob and Farmer Pickles: It's better to do one job well than two jobs... not so well.

Tubb: Swimmin'!

Bob: Can we build it?
Lofty: Yes we can!
JJ: (touched) Oh he called me Dad...


Bob: I a builder.



'Breakfast's ready, Tom!' 'Shoo! Shoo! That's my breakfast!'



Bob: Night-night, Pilchard.
Bob: I have to win that competition and Sunflower Valley!
Bob: I had a night nightmare last night.
Muck: It was on the other side.
Dizzy: Oh, no! Spud must have done it wrong!
Scoop: We'll have to tell Bob.
Dizzy: Right now, before the concrete goes hard. Hurry!

Season 1[edit]

Bob Saves the Porcupines [1.06][edit]

Bob: [shocked] Oh, no! They're porcupines on a road!
Scoop: [alarmed] Rolley, watched out!
Both: [to Rolley] STOP!

Buffalo Bob [1.08][edit]

Bob: Thanks for the ride, Travis.
Travis: You're welcome, Bob.
Bob: See you later! How did you do that at the gmy at the treadmill? Well, it can't be helped. Okay, then. Bye.

( phone beeps )

Wendy: Bad news.
Bob: I don't know!

Bob's Barnraising [1.13][edit]

( music playing, thuder rumbling and door closes )

Season 2[edit]

Clocktower Bob [2.10][edit]

Bob: Okay, team.

( evil clocktower dings and phone dails )

Season 8[edit]

Ballroom Bob [8.07][edit]

Bob: Oh, I'll never get to Mrs. Percival now.

( phone dails )

Season 9[edit]

Season 10: Project: Build It (2005-2008)[edit]

Bob's Big Plan [10.18][edit]

Bob: I'm a builder, not an architect.

( owl hoots )

( projector whirrs )

Bob: Breakfast's ready, Tom! Shoo! Shoo! That's my breakfast!
Bob: Well, let's hope so. ( yawns and sighs ) Night-night, Pilchard.

( doomy music plays )

( sheep baas )

Scoop: ( gasps ) That tree wasn't there before!
Muck: It was on the other side.
Dizzy: Oh, no! Spud must have done it wrong!

( yawns )

Bob: I'll have to wake up.

( rooster crowing )

Bob's Fresh Start [10.19][edit]

Bob: Hi! Bob the Builder here. Now, the team and I are off a new adventure in Sunflower Valley!


The Knights of Fix-a-Lot (US version)[edit]

Spud: Books, books, and more books. No sign of any armor.
Librarian: Excuse me...
Spud: [alarmed] AAAGGGHHH!!!
Readers Ssssshhhhhh!
Librarian: Sorry, so sorry! Didn't mean to startle you, but can I help? Are you looking for something in particular?
Spud: Uh... I'm looking for armor, knights of old and stuff.
Librarian: Ah, yes, of course. Most interesting subject. But do you think... Well, it's a rule in the library to keep, you know, quiet.
Spud: [shocked] Quiet?! Why's that?
Readers: Sssshhhh!
Librarian: Sorry, so sorry! Because there are people here trying to read.
Spud: Well then, they've come to the right place. You can't move for books. [picks up the books while the readers shush] BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS!!!!
Reader: Sssshhh!
Librarian: Ssssshhhh!
Spud: Oh!
Librarian: Sssshhh!
Spud: [follows the librarian on tiptoe, whispering] Heh, heh, heh.
'Reader: Oh, for goodness sake.


Episode Reactions[edit]

Bob's Egg and Spoon Race[edit]

Molly: Go, Dad! Go!
Skip: Come on, JJ!
Trix: Faster! Faster!
JJ: Whew made it!
Skip and Trix: Yeah!

The Berry Bitty girls cheered.

"Good job balancing that egg!" Strawberry said.

"Thanks!" JJ smiled.