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Bobby Robson, 1988

Sir Robert William "Bobby" Robson, CBE (18 February 1933 – 31 July 2009) was an English footballer and football manager. His career included periods playing for and later managing the England national football team.


  • What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.

"Sir Bobby Robson: his most memorable quotes," 2009[edit]

Bobby Robson in "Sir Bobby Robson: his most memorable quotes" at, 31 July 2009.

  • When Gazza was dribbling, he used to go through a minefield with his arm, a bit like you go through a supermarket.
  • Manchester United dropped points, Liverpool dropped points, Chelsea dropped points, Everton dropped points, so in a way we haven't lost anything at all really, although we dropped all three.
  • I'm not going to look beyond the semi-final - but I would love to lead Newcastle out at the final.
  • He never fails to hit the target. But that was a miss.
  • Eighteen months ago Sweden were arguably one of the best three teams in Europe, and that would include Germany, Holland, Russia and anybody else if you like.

About Bobby Robson[edit]

  • He would talk to me like I was the best player in the world and I went out at St James’ Park feeling like I was going to play like the best player in the world. I am 5ft 6 or 5ft 7ins tall but I am telling you this: when I put that kit on and I was standing in that tunnel with Bobby Robson, I felt like I was Didier Drogba.
  • Bobby Robson is one of those people who never die, not so much for what he did in his career, for one victory more or less, but for what he knew to give to those who had, like me, the good fortune to know him and walk by his side.

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