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Body Double is a 1984 neo-noir erotic thriller film about a struggling actor whose obsession with spying on a beautiful woman leads to a deadly sequence of events.

Directed by Brian De Palma. Written by Robert J. Avrech and Brian De Palma.
You can't believe everything you see. Taglines

Holly Body

  • I do not do animal acts. I do not do S&M or any variations of that particular bent, no water sports either. I will not shave my pussy, no fistfucking and absolutely no coming in my face. I get $2000 a day and I do not work without a contract.
  • Weirdo, so many weird people I should never have moved to Hollywood! Fucking freaky actors, that's what there is here. Masochistic directors! I should have known when he didn't even know what a cumshot was.



Sid Goldberg

  • The X Cinema, L.A.'s classiest X-rated movie house. This week see the film everyone's talking about: "Holly Does Hollywood." And does it well. Screw magazine says, "Holly Body keeps this business where it belongs - in the gutter." In the words of Eros magazine, "The 'Gone With The Wind' of adult films." "'Holly Does Hollywood'" in a hedonist's heaven." Hustler magazine gives it "Hustler's highest rating." "10 Nominations including Best Picture," Critics Adult Film Association. Starring Holly Body. "Holly Does Hollywood" - Now playing at the X Cinema. And for you home viewers, you can pick it up right now at Tower Records all-night video sale.

Male Porno Actor

  • I'm not just a stunt cock, I'm an ACTOR!

Jim McClean

  • As far as I'm concerned, you're the real reason Gloria Revelle got murdered. If you hadn't have been so busy getting off by peeping on her, if you'd have called the police about the Indian, Gloria Revelle would still be alive.


[after Jake’s humiliation in an acting class]
Jake Scully: What a fool I am.
Sam Bouchard: C'mon, Jake, you're too hard on yourself. These guys, they can't get a job, they put an ad in the trades, they call themselves teachers. What do they teach us? How to be more fucked up than we already are!

Jake Scully: [after discovering his girlfriend's infidelity] Christ, I keep seeing it: Carol lying there. Her face was glowing.
Sam Bouchard: Her face was glowing?
Jake Scully: Yeah.
Sam Bouchard: How do you do that? How do you get a girl's face to glow? I got sixteen years of good humping, not once did I even get a glimmer, let alone a fucking glow! Glowing?

Theatre Director: What have you been doing lately?
Jake Scully: Well, I just started a low-budget independent horror film, Vampire's Kiss. I play the vampire.
Theatre Director: Vampire's Kiss? It sounds interesting.
Jake Scully: Before that I did Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew.
Theatre Director: Sounds interesting. Anything else?
Jake Scully: You mean anything good?

Frank: Rubin fired you.
Jake Scully: What?
Frank: You know, fired. Like, you don't have a job. He gave me some bull shit about "artistic differences." Now, what the hell happened?
Jake Scully: Nothing. How can he do that?
Frank: They're doing it right now, Jake.
Jake Scully: Well, can't we do something? Maybe I should talk to Rubin?
Frank: No, you better forget it. They've already hired another guy.
Jake Scully: How do you know?
Frank: He's my client.

Det. Jim McLean: Scully, I got a real problem with you.
Jake Scully: What do you mean?
Det. Jim McLean: I mean, you're my only witness to this murder, and you're a peeper. In my book, that's a pervert and a sex offender.
Jake Scully: What do you mean, a sex offender?
Det. Jim McLean: Save it! I ask the questions.

Jake Scully: I like to watch.
Holly Body: Makes you hot, doesn't it?
Jake Scully: Yeah.
Holly Body: Makes me hot too. Why don't you come over here and I'll show you how hot?

Jake Scully: [to Holly after shooting a scene together in an adult film] You were great out there. I'll buy you a drink.
Holly Body: A drink? I don't even know you.

Jake Scully: You're fantastic. Really. Sensational. And I'll tell you something else. You've got a terrific...
Holly Body: Body.
Jake Scully: Smile.
Holly Body: Smile?

Jake Scully: I'm not a film producer or a rich kid.
Holly Body: No, you're a jerk!

Jake Scully: The truth is a woman was murdered.
[Holly laughs]
Jake Scully: Holly, it's not funny a woman was murdered! Look, you and I were set up by a murderer! He wanted to be sure that I witnessed the murder, that's why he hired you to do your routine. He wanted to make sure that I was watching and that I would keep watching. Holly are you listening to me?
Holly Body: Yes. I don't understand what you said.

Jake Scully: Do you understand?
Holly Body: Yes, I understand. I understand you're sick and you're a liar and you need professional help, and I do not like being yelled at.
Jake Scully: I'm sorry.
Holly Body: I should have known the minute you told me I had a terrific smile, no real porn producer would tell me that in a million years.
Jake Scully: Holly, just come with me to the police.
Holly Body: The police? Are you crazy? You listen to me, you weirdo. I'm gonna leave now and don't try to follow me home because I have friends who will break your legs!


  • A seduction. A mystery. A murder.
  • Do you like to watch?
  • Brian De Palma the modern master of suspense invites you witness - A seduction. A mystery. A murder.


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