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Boo is a 2005 film about a group of college students who get trapped in a haunted hospital on Halloween.

Directed and written by Anthony C. Ferrante.
You Don't Have A Ghost Of A Chance  (taglines)


Jessie Holden: Look, I see things.
Freddy: What kinds of things?
Jessie Holden: Things that I wish would go away.


  • You Don't Have A Ghost Of A Chance


  • Trish Coren — Jessie Holden
  • M. Steven Felty — Jacob
  • Jilon VanOver — Kevin
  • Nicole Rayburn — Marie
  • Josh Holt — Freddy
  • Michael Samluk — Allan
  • Rachel Melvin — Meg
  • Dig Wayne — Arlo Ray Baine/Dynamite Jones
  • Happy Mahaney — Emmett
  • Dee Wallace — Nurse Russell/Jessie's Mom
  • Taylor Hurley — The Ghost Girl

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