Boo Boo Runs Wild

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Boo Boo Runs Wild is a stand-alone special parody of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, The Yogi Bear Show. It was originally aired on Cartoon Network on September 24, 1999, along with A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith, a similar Yogi Bear-themed stand alone special. Despite Boo Boo being the arguable star of this short, it is title carded as "A Ranger Smith Cartoon". The short is dedicated to Ed Benedict, the original character designer for The Yogi Bear Show and other Hanna-Barbera properties of the 1950s-1960s.


  • Huh? Wha? 12 o'clock? It's too soon for noon!


  • Gosh, Yogi, we're indecent!

Ranger John Smith[edit]

  • [putting up all sorts of signs] Man, keeping order in the forest is hard work! Ah, but it'll be worth it when I see the happy little eyes of the thankful woodland creatures...
  • Why wasn't it you, Yogi? Why didn't you go wild? It would have been easy then!
  • Wait till they get a load of my new rules, WHOA NELLIE! If I know Yogi, he won't last too long. And when he transgresses, I'll have him right where I want him!


Yogi: Boo-Boo?
Boo-Boo: [after slowly snapping from hearing Ranger Smith's latest regulations] I can't take it anymore, Yogi! "Don't do this! Don't do that!" Anytime we want to do something fun, or natural, indecent... there's a new rule. And I'm plenty TIRED OF IT!"
Yogi: Easy, Boob.
Boo-Boo: NO EASY! NO EASY! I'm a bear, Yogi... not a man. I was born a bear, and I'm going back to my bear roots! I'll no longer dress in the man's attire! And I'll no longer speak in the man's tongue! From now on, it's going on all fours and grunting for me!

Ranger John Smith: [on the phone] Hello.
The Chief: SMITH!
Ranger John Smith: Oh, hi, Chief! What's up?
The Chief: There's a rogue bear running amok! He's setting a bad example for the other animals!
Ranger John Smith: Y-yes, sir, I know. I was just considering options to alleviate the matter.
The Chief: OPTIONS? You will take the ONLY course of action in this matter! You know what the Rangers handbook says to do about bears!
Ranger John Smith: [sweating] Y-y-y-yes, sir.
The Chief: Then do it, NOW! [hangs up]
Ranger John Smith: I'm sorry, Yogi. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do my duty. [grabs a shotgun]
Yogi Bear: You can't do it, sir! Not to Boob!
Ranger John Smith: Out of my way, Yogi.

Ranger John Smith: [holds up his gun] I'm sorry, Yogi...
Yogi Bear: I can't let you do it, sir! [grabs the gun barrel]
Ranger John Smith: Let go, Yogi! You think I want this any more than you? I hate this thing! I'm a RANGER, Yogi, first and foremost! Can you understand that? This isn't just for Boo-Boo's sake - what about all the other bears? What of them? What if they follow Boo-Boo's example? Are we going to let the forest go to ruin for the sake of one little bear we both love? Tell me to let the bears down! [Yogi thinks] Oh, your own kind, Yogi!... Step aside, Yogi Bear. Let's be done with it.


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