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Book of Dragons is a computer-animated/2D-animated short film based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Steve Hickner.


Hiccup: [opening lines] Remember what life used to be like on Berk? Dragons. You had to be crazy to live here. But we're Vikings. Crazy is what we do best. And I guess I had enough crazy in me to do something no Viking had ever done before. I trained a dragon. Life on Berk hasn't been the same since. And now my friends and I have the greatest job in the world. We're Dragon Trainers. Living with dragons, it ain't easy. It brings a new adventure every day and there's so much to learn. Because if you wanna train dragons you have to know dragons. So if you hurry, you can join us in the Great Hall. We're just about to start a new class.
Astrid: So that's a Gronckle!
Hiccup: Correct! And you cannot tell its head from its tail.
Astrid: Right, right!
Fishlegs: Oh, and Gronckles do not like to be scratched under their chins. I found it out the hard way.

Astrid: I bet he didn't know that the Nightmare can set itself on fire. And if there's one thing you don't want, it's an angry Nightmare. That's why we tried a more gentle approach.
Hiccup: Instead of wrestling a Monstrous Nightmare, just give them a little respect. A gentle hand on his snout.
Gobber: Looks like you kids have made some breakthroughs. All right, Fishlegs. Why don't you tell us about your dragon?
Fishlegs: Meatlug's my Gronckle and Gronckles are tough, rock-eating, Boulder Class dragons.
Astrid: But how do you train a Gronckle?
Hiccup: A Gronckle won't stay mad at you, if you just feed him a little Dragon Nip.
Fishlegs: Yeah! And like all dragons, Gronckles are rumored to have five stages of maturity. The first stage is the egg. Then the tiny teeth. The short wing. The broad wing. And the last stage is the titan wing, which is extremely rare.

Gobber: The Boneknapper. This odd creature collects the bones of dead dragons and makes itself an unusual coat of armor. The best way to deal with this brutal bag of bones is to subdue it with force and fear and firepower!
Fishlegs: Sure, right. That's what you did, Gobber.
Gobber: All right, all right, all right. You give a Boneknapper whatever it's looking for and it's just like an overgrown puppy dog. Look, why don't we go on to the next class of dragons?
Fishlegs: Finally, Strike Class!

Hiccup: Every dragon this class is characterized by blazing speed, vice-like jaw strength and extreme intelligence. I give you the Skrill. This elusive creature is highly secretive and is known to ride lightning bolts. Found only during electrical storms, it can shoot bursts of white fire. If you get too close to a Skrill, your hair will stand on end. Let's see what else is in the book. The Night Fury. Speed, unknown. Size, unknown.
Gobber: I guess this book really does need updating.
Hiccup: The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.


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