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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is a sequel to the cult film The Blair Witch Project and concerns the reaction to the first film. In this film, a group of four teenagers led by Jeff Patterson go into the Black Hills, the home of the Blair Witch, to see if the legend is really true. They get more than they bargained for... on a massive scale.

Evil Doesn't Die. (taglines)

Elly Kedward/The Blair Witch[edit]

  • (Upon being accosted by a redneck) Oh yeah? Suck this.
  • (To Peggy) Am I going to have a problem with you, too?
  • Well, can you tell the bitch at the cashier to do her fucking job!
  • (To Peggy) Keep your change!
  • (Repeated line) Earth, Air, Fire, Water!
  • Widdershins! Undo the Evil.
  • (Reciting) Naiga kcab era sdik eht. (Reversal of The kids are back again)
  • (To Stephen) But you can't understand, because you're so afraid! Just like those pathetic little children from the Blair Village.
  • (To Kim) I can smell fear on you!

Jeff Donovan[edit]

  • (About The Blair Witch Project) I couldn't see the movie when it first came out, because I was... (Pauses) In hospital. But since I was released, I have seen it, like, seventeen times.
  • (About tourists in Burkittsville) And when people come to my town, they come up to me and hug me, like, they say "It's real, man" and I'm like "Yeah, I know it's real too, dude." We've got a bond, man, like a connection.
  • (About Kim) She's a little weird. She thinks she's psychic or some shit.
  • That's right, my friends. For two glorious days and nights we will be walking the same path that the Witch herself once walked. Following the same path where her victim's blood was split, possibly using your own souls in the process.
  • (About their destination) The ruins of Rustin Parr's house.
  • (To a tour guide in the woods) Your balls will fall off in three days!

Steve Parker[edit]

  • (About his girlfriend Tristen's death) It was all an accident! I swear to Christ it was all an accident!!
  • (Upon being asked if Tristen will be OK) I don't know.
  • Look, I'm just really stressed out, OK!?!
  • (To a German tourist) Just give us till dawn and we're out of here. We're cold, we're tired, and we're a little freaked out. We saw something at the Coffin Rock today.

Sheriff Cravens[edit]

  • (To tourists running into the Black Hills) Get out of those woods and go home! Because there's no goddamn Blair Witch!
  • (About the corpses of the German tourists) Their bodies were laid out in the shape of a Pentagram! Does that sound familiar?


Tristen:(Describing the death of Elly Kedward) They did it, the little Buster Boys! They did it, they did it, the little Buster Boys! They did it, the little Buster Boys from the Blair Village! Them going out into the woods to see if she was still alive, and then they pressed their palms into her flesh! And when they saw she was still alive, they set their dogs onto her, and they ripped her, and when they saw she was still alive, they tied her, and left her hanging from the big tree! (Calms down; speaks to Stephen) Stephen, you must think I'm going crazy!

Tristen: (About Elly) But don't you think it's strange, how they banished her from Blair?

Erica: Banished my ass! They dragged her out into the woods in the middle of winter and tied her to a fuckin' tree to die!

Police officer: (To Stephen) You're not makin' a believer out of me, son.

Tristen: (About Elly) You've spoken to her!?!

Erica: Not yet. But that's why I'm here.


  • Evil Doesnt Die.
  • you can't go forward until you go back... the blair witch experience more terrifying than ever
  • the terror continues...


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