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Boomerang is a 1992 American romantic comedy film directed by Reginald Hudlin. The film stars Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham, a hotshot advertising executive who also happens to be an insatiable womanizer and male chauvinist. Thus, he is hardly prepared when he meets his new boss Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens).

The film features supporting performances by Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence, David Alan Grier and Chris Rock.

A Player Who's About To Be Played. (tagline)


Jacqueline: I didn't ruin your life. You ruined your life.

Jacqueline: When I seduce you... if I decide to seduce you, don't worry. You'll know.

Angela: What do you know about love? What could you possibly know about love? You know, I'm sick and tired of men using love as if it's some disease you just catch. Love should have brought your ass home last night.

Marcus: Check it. Like Jet magazine. This is my mack daddy vibe I am giving you. In all its splendor.

Mr. Jackson: Now, Marcus. I hear a girl down at the office got you pussy-whipped.
[smacks on fingers]
Mr. Jackson: You got to reverse it. Don't be pussy-whipped. Whip that, pussy. Like this here, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Mr. Jackson: I bet we've eaten everything on a pig from the rooter to the tooter.

Bony T: Now check this out, man. I've been working here about 9 days. You know, been on time most of the time, even when it rains. Don't you think it's about time we talk promotion?
Marcus: HAHAHA!
[hearty laugh]
Bony T: Marcus. Come on, man. I get my own office, man. Bring my hos in here, we have a little party, set this muthafucka off, man!

Yvone: She dumped you, huh?
Marcus: Yeah.
Yvone: [sighs and smiles] I guess I should feel happy, but I don't.
[smile turns seductive]
Yvone: So, you want to come over for a cup of coffee?
Marcus: [gives Yvone a wry look] Not even if Jesus was pouring.
Yvone: [gets pissed and makes a chuffing noise] Some motherfuckers don't know a *good thing* when it's standing in front of them! Why don't you just *lift* your black ass over the edge then, fuck you!
[storms back in the house]

Yvone: I hope you catch a disease and your dick falls off!

Jacqueline: Hey, um. You're not getting serious on me, are you?
Marcus: What are you talking about? Am I getting serious? What is that?
Jacqueline: You know, do you want this to grow into a relationship where we're together ALL the time? God.
Jacqueline: Stuff like that. Are you?
Marcus: Whoa, excuse me. I know you're not telling me that New Orleans was a fling.
Jacqueline: No, no, no. I had a great time in New Orleans. You know I had a great time in New Orleans.
Marcus: So, what's the problem?
Jacqueline: I just think New Orleans was New Orleans, and we should leave it at that.


  • A Player Who's About To Be Played.


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