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Nemtsov sacrificed a lot for politics, for a freer Russia — and I’m not just talking about his life, his mortal life. ~ Jay Nordlinger

Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov (9 October 195927 February 2015) was a Russian physicist, politician, and liberal dissident. Nemtsov's conflict with Putin's government, based on Nemtsov's criticism of an increasingly authoritarian, undemocratic regime, came to be centered on the widespread embezzlement and profiteering ahead of the Sochi Olympics, as well as on Russian political interference and military involvement in Ukraine. He was assassinated in 2015.


  • When we in Russia establish law and order, when the country has an established independent judiciary, I will be the first to go to Brussels and Strasbourg and lobby for the law to be repealed, because we will deal with our scoundrels ourselves, and we won’t need any Magnitsky Law.
  • The system always breaks down in Russia when irreconcilable contradictions develop within the ruling clan.
  • [T]he truth is that Putin is war and crisis.
  • Vladimir Putin would have voted for Yanukovych. He's fucking crazy, Vladimir Putin, just so you understand.
    • Владимир Путин голосовал бы за Януковича. Он ёбнутый, Владимир Путин, чтобы вы поняли. [1]

Quotes about Nemtsov[edit]

  • In the tightly controlled and airproof “vertical of power” that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia, even a handful of dissenting voices in legislative institutions—especially when they are loud and persistent—can present a serious threat to the system. Such was the voice of the late Boris Nemtsov.

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